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Ceasefire : Ethiopian PM explains why his government declared it, withdraw forces from Tigray

Ethiopian PM Abiy explained why ceasefire was needed. He said his government spent 100 billion birr in the Tigray region after the conflict started – which is more than tenfold of the regional budget from the Federal government


Ethiopians have been perplexed for the past two days after the Ethiopian Defense Force withdrew of Mekelle and most parts of the Tigray region following what was described as an immediate and unilateral ceasefire . For many, it appeared as if it happened instantly and against the anticipation of Ethiopians. 

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces reportedly entered Mekelle on Monday, following the withdrawal of Ethiopian Forces from the region. However, reports that cite government sources indicate that the key TPLF leaders have not yet entered the capital Mekelle as of Tuesday. 

There have been speculations about a backdoor negotiation between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government and the TPLF regarding what many believed was a sudden and unplanned withdrawal.

According to social media sources, PM Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday in the evening met with over 100 reporters in the capital Addis Ababa to talk about the election and the ceasefire in Tigray region of Ethiopia.

He is cited as saying that his government spent over 100 billion Ethiopian birr for humanitarian assistance in the Tigray region, and the spending is said to be ten times higher than the region’s total budget from the Federal government. 

However, he said, a good portion of the assistance was clandestinely delivered to what he called Junta ( he is referring to TPLF leaders and their forces) via residents in the region.  A family with two children claimed to have five or seven children to receive aid with a family size of seven and the Junta used to get aid that way, he added. 

Despite all that, he said, the international community did not want to recognize the humanitarian assistance that the Ethiopian government was making in the region. 

“The pressure on the Ethiopian Defense Force from domestically and the pressure from the international community triggered the question as to why the Ethiopian and to whom the sacrifice is paid,” Abiy Ahmed reportedly said. 

Furthermore, he said that the TPLF devised a strategy of protracted war to weaken Ethiopia and a change of strategy was needed in order not to die with a group that is dying. 

Several countries that were putting pressure on the Ethiopian government  see the unilateral decision on the part of Ethiopian government a right move, and the prime minister said he has received phone calls from many leaders. 

Other international actors also see merit in the ceasefire. In a statement issued on June 29, The African Union chairperson,  Moussa Faki Mahamat, hailed the ‘ ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ in the Tigray region by the Federal Government of Ethiopia as a right step towards the resolution of the conflict.” 

There are, however, concerns for the safety of Ethiopians who are from different parts of the country. A report by VOA Amharic service on Wednesday said parents whose children are in different universities in the region are concerned as they could not get information about their situations. They are appealing to the TPLF forces, to the Ethiopian government and to the international community to help them reunite with their children. 

Meanwhile, the TPLF is claiming that Ethiopian government forces withdrew from the region after losing a series of battles. Spokesperson of TPLF, Getachew Reda, also told reporters that TPLF forces will continue the offensive in the direction of Eritrea with the aim to control Asmara and in the Amhara region too. 

TPLF supporters have been celebrating on social media what they call military triumph while throwing ethnic slurs against the rest of Ethiopians. 

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  1. From what I know of diehard ethnicists like the tplf, there is no respite from insulting, denigrating, shivering, salivating hatred, spewing bravados…you name it, and I wonder why. You know the answer is in the ecology of the area…

  2. It is reported that TPLF leaders have decided to march all the way to Asmara and the rest of Ethiopia. This could be possible. All they need is committed loyal and reliable beasts of burden from Amhara, Oromia, Eritrea and other regions just like their predecessors did in the 1980’s. They find clones of Tamrat, Gemeda, confused philosopher Letta and some sellout Tekle from Asmara, it is going to be like ‘ Honey, I’m home!’ Then they will hand out ‘republics’ like candy. First the populations of both Amhara and Oromia have to be brought down to size. These two are just too many to manage. What is the best way to achieve that, you may ask? There are extremist bigots among these two ethic groups. You just raise an army, arm that to the teeth and have them go after each other throats. You will be sitting in the front row enjoying the show, the gladiators fighting to the death. So when you realize that their size has come down to size according to the plan, you would tell them the fight is over. Shake hands and make up!!! Why not? It is a proven method. It had worked for 27 years!!! Boy, these two, these two Oromos and Amharas! I hate’em!!! These two people allegedly have population of about 45 and 35 million respectively. That should be brought down to manageable 10 million each max. I don’t wanna do that because you loud mouth folks are going to accuse me of committing genocide. I will let them kill each other down to size. Boy, I hate these two people! I detest them like a nagging sickness, dude!!! And I am not racist!!!

  3. There is strategy from tplf and West to set ethippia in continuous war before tge election result that legitimizes ethiopua as sovereugn state. Aby will be more and more in danger. Right now U.S foreign is talking to Italy under pretext there is ” lsis” in Africa therefore need to stop “lsis” by Nato/ltaly to attack Ethiopua. This method is ltalys revenge against ethippia from its independence. The problem with ethiopians they are too busy talking/ attacking eachother instead of what the plot of US/ Egypt is. What would Chona and Russia do? They have non interference policy, the strategy seems to get the government exhausted every direction and ubable to control the coubtry, in the process, Sudan/ Egypt/ Israel will control Tigray and Nile, give Addis to Olf. Eliminate Aby

  4. Regarding: “There are, however, concerns for the safety of Ethiopians who are from different parts of the country…” The ethnic cleansing has already started by the TPLF and / or TPLF supporters. Just had a call to a small town in Southern Tigray. 30-40 people have been killed there in the past three days just on the ground of not being Tigrayans.
    In this context I wonder what actions the TPLF / TDF leaders, who at least are academically eductated, are undertaking to stop their hot-blooded supporters killing innocent people, to prevent them from applying vigilante justice.

    • The mistake of the idiots ethiopians, they like to generaluze and atrack in lump sum of certain groups, l.e, ethnic groups. They dont do tgeir math, we all know tplf and shabia who were tiny click, had over 30 years power in Tigray, killing and torturing Tigrayans to pursuade them to betray Ethiopians. If 100 milliion people was controlled by tibt Tplf for 27 years, how can you blame entire Tigrayans to free themselves from Tplf? Tplf right now ethnic cleansing other Tigrayans who are opposing Tplf. The government befire leaving tigray, should have armed law abiding, pro Ethiopuan Tigrayans l.e, endertans, university students, etc and others to protect tgemselves! The weakening decisikns from government could be Shabia factor, as shabia wants weak Tigray. The more Tigray us isolated, the more it will become breeding ground for foreigners against mot even Eritreabut Ethiopia. The foreigners will make Tigray their office to control Nile. The ” humanitarian for Tigray” agenda from foreigners is exactly this plan, tgrough their ngo. Clinic etc, they will remain thete would enable them to control Tigray for Nile. Yes, Ethiopia is drfeated from recent withdrawal from Tigray because, the govt just showed, it ismot in control of ethiopias integrity meaning borders. We know Eritrea is sovereign and has its protection from ethipia and will he back to Derg era, Tgrayans will be antime rebels there again to be trained. However it is not necessary, Shaba Factorhas always existed in Tugray of course wgat is Tplf? Ut is Shania factor. Most keaders of tplf by blood or other means have connection to eritrea/ shabia; G Kiristos, Adanom, Sebhat are alive and well who are eritreans. Theother bad apples to focus on besides Tplf are Adwans. The rest of Ethiopuans are forced, maimed yortured to he Tplf. The term Weyane came from Adwa who has years of revenge against ethiopia by not able to rule ethiopia. Well, tgey had 27 years of chance. Government should have focused on tplf and adwans and arm the pro ethiopians andvit didnt di it. As usual, foreigners are wotking hard to bla the hovernment damned if they fo damned if tgey dont. Foreigners blamed et government for being in tigray, and now tgey are blaming the hovernment for withdrawing. Mo matter what, will blame tge goverment because the foreigners want to topple it and make ethiopia yugoslavua, but obviouslythey dont say tgat in public.

  5. TPLF is murdering innocent civilians for not being Tigrayans and/or not supporters of TPLF the moment they got their criminal feet in Mekelle . The international mouth peace of criminal TPLF now are all silent in the face of this horrific bloodshed. Where are all those crying wolves that have been crying loud for TPLF that was ousted from its 27 years of murderous ruling power in Ethiopia for its heinous crimes against humanity?
    The government has done a good job in taking out its troops since TPLF id diminished to low level hit and run criminals. It is no longer a threat although TPLF is still an armed criminal group that hides behind innocent civilians and children and use them as a human shield. The government can clean this kind of cruel criminals with the help of Tigrayans themselves that is determined to live in peace with other Ethiopians by eliminating crime and problems in Tigray.

    • Wrong saying ” tplf murdering Tigrayans gor mot being tigrayans” . What else can they be but Tigrayans? But tplf is murdering Tigrayans to separate them from their brothers/sisters Ethiopians. Tigrayans now their being cleaned bt tplf and foreigners to usher in foreigners. Tigray land is Tigray land, the foreigners asking their independent like Eriteea are not their friend, they will just become client state taking their histor and Nile share .

  6. Tigray will be the nleeding hround of fireigners we know tplf or foreigners are using tigrayans for inernational media and at the same time, killing them and blaming ethiopian govermment. Tplf and foreigners are ethnic ckeansing Tigrayans and then they will have close proximity to take over Nile, that is the hoal and akso take over Tigray as the owner of King Solomon so that foreigners can claim the land is also Solomons. This has been the plan all along, tge same foreigners are duping Ethiopians to support them against Egypt but it is them allying with Egypt fo 50 years and bleefing Ethiopia. That is why, the hovernment not controling Tigray means ushering in these foreigners who are by the way in Tigray for ” humanitarian” reason, and once they take hold of Tigray, the foreigners will help tgem war with Gonder to take back Welkait,etc, in reality, that Tifray and Nile woll be hone soon. Tolf is not Tigray hut mercinary, that is why it never invested in Tigray and amassed billions only for its family. Tpf is working for foreigners and not for Tigray. Tplf is enemy of Tigray. For sure, Eritreans are facilitating this as they are mow sovereign state and they dont care, yhey are out of ygeinion. Many Eritreans work in Egypt and Wesy for past 27 years for facilitating this. Tigray will mow be buffer zone between “Eyhiopia” and Eritrea. The recent reconciliation between isayas and aby is brought about by the same foreigners who want yo control Nile and Tigray. That is why if the hovernment cant control Tigray, soon the foreigners are already irganizing in Sudan to move in by air and land.


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