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Ethiopia : conflicting information as government introduce unilateral ceasefire

As Ethiopia announces unilateral ceasefire in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, there are also conflicting reports that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) army, now calls itself as Tigray Defense Force, took control of Mekelle 

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Ethiopian government on Monday announced a unilateral ceasefire in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. And no precondition is set for it. 

“All Federal and regional civil and military institutions are instructed to implement the ceasefire in accordance with guidelines from the government, ” said the statement from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration. 

The decision came on the same day after the interim Tigray region administration reportedly asked for a ceasefire in consideration of the sowing season in the region to enable farmers to undertake their farming activities. 

The news came as a surprise to many Ethiopians. And there is a noticeable expectation that the government will explain the matter to the public. 

Over the weekend, Pro-TPLF supporters, mostly based in the diaspora, claimed victory against the Ethiopian Defense Force members. They went to the extent of claiming that four divisions of the army were taken as captive by TPLF forces. 

A report by the New York Times, on Monday, said that the TPLF forces have entered Mekelle, seat of the regional government where the interim regional government was operating. 

“A senior interim official who had been installed in Tigray by the federal government confirmed that Tigrayan forces had entered the city and had seized control of the airport and telecommunications network. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid reprisals,” reported the New York Times. 

Dimtsi Woyane, TPLF  media, also announced that TPLF forces entered Mekelle on Monday in the evening. 

The Ethiopian government has not yet confirmed if the Ethiopian Defense Force withdrew from Mekelle.

Many of the key TPLF leaders were killed during the military operation in December 2020 and dozens are in police custody.  The statement from the Ethiopian government said that the hunt for criminal members of the TPLF, and the investigation of those who are in custody, will continue. 

The United States government has been putting pressure on Ethiopian government, calling for the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from the region, an end to the conflict and a political settlement for it. 

In May of this year, the Ethiopian parliament designated TPLF as a terrorist force. The war in the region started when TPLF forces attacked several bases of the Northern Command on the night of November 24, 2020. Some commentators speculate that the designation as a terrorist force might complicate negotiation with the TPLF forces. 

Meanwhile, on Monday United Nations Secretary General, Mr. António Guterres, said he spoke to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. He said, “”I have just spoken with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, and I am hopeful that an effective cessation of hostilities will take place in Tigray. It is essential that civilians are protected, humanitarian aid reaches the people in need and a political solution is found.” 

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  1. There is a very important part missing in this “ unilateral ceasefire “ which is throughly explaining what “ unilateral ceasefire “ means to the illiterate TPLF terrorists.

    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅኽ: ዕደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::

  2. A friend just called me that TPLF fighters have entered the capital Mekele. It seems that they had not encountered any resistance from the federal forces. It was Citta Aperta for them and entered it. TPLF supporters here have gone to the extent that there is only one outcome expected from this ‘victory’: The complete cessation of Tigray and the declaration of it as a sovereign republic. Hearing this sudden development these college orphan professors have declared war on the ‘Neftegna’ Amhara people. They are calling for the destruction of the ‘Neftegna’ system that does not exist. Listen to me you human rights advocates. These professors are inciting more than 45 million of my Oromos to go after those ‘Neftegna’ Amharas. There are more than a million citizens of the Amhara heritage who live in the Western Hararghe alone. They are a minority among 10 million others. These professors are calling for the genocide of innocent people who are poor farmers and low income urban dwellers. British, Swedish, Norwegian, Australian and American governments must and have the obligation to restrain their ‘orphan’ citizens who are calling for the demise of innocent group of people. I have said this on numerous occasions before. There is nothing different economically that distinguish the need of my Oromos from that of the Amharas. Nothing! They both yearn for a government that represent them and tackle their grinding poverty. Who in Oromia said ‘I want black milk from a green cow’? Who in Amhara said ‘I want green milk from an orange cow’? Someone in these governments should have a sit down with these bigots and tell them to watch their loose lips. I am telling you there will be an all out massacre of innocent people on a massive scale never seen before.

    • Isnt this the attempt for genocide itself? The disirganized, of ethiopuans within and outside is prove that these bad apples bought and paid for are in comfort zone while ethiopuan diasporans in majority ended up hidung in fear. If they dont struggle for their rights meaning stop the bad apples calling for genocide, then, they will lose from all corners. Look for 27 years especially ethiopuans died without fighing in waters, by tplf, by unecessary war with eritrea, etc. Even if you are silent , thinking the storm will pass with out affecting you, it will stull come for you

      • Such incitements no matter how they sound menacing, it is very difficult to make a case out of it in a court of law. They are usually wedged between ordinary talk and the freedom of speech protected by law in most of these developed nations. Even in some of these countries where hate speech is outlawed they are having problems in prosecuting those who were caught making vile speeches or posted as such. You have to be caught saying or writing ‘kill Jews’ ‘kill Romani(gypsy) people’ to be convicted for hate crimes. These bigots among us are not that stupid. They are ‘well’ educated to be college professors and know the way out through the mazes of the legal system in the countries they live. Some of these low life bigots are said to be men of letters in law. There isn’t that much for any hosting governments to do anything about it. We have to learn to live with them. What peace and harmony mongering individuals can do is expose the vile nature of statements by this hate gripped demons. I’m not also sure if the current policies of some of these host nations are against such hate speeches and postings. The policies can be something predicated on the conviction that Ethiopia has become so big that it has reached to a point where it is not or will no longer be able to carry its own weight with more than 80 different ethnic groups in a union. May be, maybe, there are just ‘too many niggers’ in one room. It could be a policy forged by rogue officials in foreign affair offices of these nations but that is the way it looks like. I would not be surprised if the goons of TPLF declare a republic and some of these rogue officials jump on the band wagon and give them the diplomatic recognition. Knowing this is in the pipe line every one of us should be prepared to see it happening. The fate of that nation, that gem of the colored, its fate, and its death warrant has already been signed in the capitals thousands of miles away.

        • Look” Ethiopia is so big” talk is nothing of those rogue people witin U.S administration, is soft war and nothing but racism , colonization attempt, and most of all Nile factor. These professors you talk about is justnothing colonization education that woul install these foreign educated professors, to continue colonization or in todays terms, neoliberalis., aka nrocolomization. In other words,it is to replace Tplf with Olf. Once again, it is Nole factor that they are working now with Sudan to invade Ethiopia/ Nile and control it. I it is always Resource baby behond this debacle. What is astonishing is yhat, how they are able to convince the userr ful Idiots against theirown interest and people. Ya we kmow, it is the threat

  3. Know that the U.S is itself facing challenges, its true great America’s royal leaders, Kennedys have been decimated, and still ni one is accountable. U.S was at a peak of democracy, equality and in the way becoming true global leader that we were used to until the bad apples within stopped that. Today, the bad apples are trying to further affect the nation. Its teue children l hope will rise and restore what the U.S it used to be plus its natural economic growth

  4. This “news” only goes to show the effectiveness of Tplf propaganda machine. Tplf has always excelled in disorienting lazy Ethiopian elite with a confusing narrative at the same time delivering a winning underdog story to irresponsible and immoral Western media. Where is Abiy in all this? Talking about coming glory days once he won the elections! Abiy is the anti-thesis of Tplf in more ways than one. Abiy will keep public information under wraps and keep everyone second-guessing. He seems to relish that mode in order for him to justify his negligence and magnify his importance. Btw, does anyone here know why Ethiopian ambassadors are maddeningly quiet?

    • You said well. Lazy Ethiopians of diaspora, who said,” dont like politics” for 27 years. The sad fact is that tjose few that are trying to protect ethiopia including the government, font know how to mibolize for ethiopia around tge world, or need yo criticize them to be more activists. They dont need to he told, theyjustmeed to organize everywhere and counter the disingormation.

  5. As usual another episode of very sad story where brothers killing brothers, a never ending tragedy that has been bedeviling that gem of the colored for decades now. I hope and pray that The Almighty Our Creator Shall send down His spirit of peace and reconciliation on the leaders of these warring factions so level heads will win the day. The youth of that country does not deserve to be marched into awaiting inferno. War drum beaters have taken his cellphone away from him and handed him AK47’s and RPGs jso he can kill/maim his other brother. What a sad lot!!!


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