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Ethiopia : Election result points to landslide win for PM Abiy Party

Ethiopia’s ruling Prosperity Party is declared a winner as the June 21 election result is released

PM Abiy Ahmed casting his vote in Beshasha, his birth place, during the June 21 election (Photo : screenshot from the video)


The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia on Saturday announced the result of Ethiopia’s sixth general election. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s ruling party, Prosperity Party, a party recycled from former ruling coalition Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), won well over 410 seats for the national parliament. 

The result released by the Electoral Board shows that the Prosperity Party won 22 of the 23 seats in the capital Addis Ababa – which raised an eyebrow.  One seat is said to be won by an independent candidate. Among the issues that are casting a doubt about the result is that opposition parties that are said to have a considerable support base in the city – like Balderas for True Democracy (Balderas) and Ethiopian Citizens’ for Social Justice  Party (EZEMA) did not win a single vote. 

In the Oromia region, elections took place in 170 constituencies and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s party was declared in 167 constituencies. Individual candidates won the remaining 3 seats, according to the result from the Election Board.  There are still eight more constituencies where elections did not take place due to security situations and logistical reasons. In those areas, the election is scheduled to take place in early September. 

In Amhara region, Prosperity Party is declared a winner in 114 of 138 constituencies. The opposition National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) won five seats. There are five constituencies where elections are yet to take place in the region due to security issues and one constituency will count votes again due to complaints. 

In Afar region, Prosperity won 6 of the eight seats for the House of People’s Representatives. In the Benishangul Gumuz region where there has been a persistent security problem, the prosperity party won three seats. There are constituencies that will undertake an election in September 2021. 

Gambella region of Ethiopia has three seats for the national parliament and they are all won by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s party. 

Sidama, the newest regional state, has 19 constituencies. Prosperity Party is declared a winner in all of them, according to the results from the electoral board. 

In the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s region, Abiy Ahmed’s party claimed 75 of the 104 seats for national parliament. This is where the opposition Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party (EZEMA) won 4 seats. A region based opposition, Gedeo People’s Democratic Party, won two seats. 

Overall, it is a landslide win for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s parties. 

The ruling party and some other entities have been trying to frame the election itself as “Ethiopia’s win” mostly because of foreign pressure on Ethiopia. 

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia seems to be celebrating the election and the result despite dozens of complaints by opposition parties about irregularities which is said to have delayed the result. 

In an event organized before the result of was released, Chairperson of the Board, Bertukan Mideksa, said “the election a special feeling because it was undertaken under challenging circumstances,” 

Many opposition parties have not yet reacted to the result of the election, which will be announced officially shortly in the presence of president Sahlework Zewde. 

European election observers were not deployed. However, African Union Election Observer Mission called the election credible and peaceful.

Ethiopia Election Result

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  1. Hello Everyone!!! Shhhhhhhhh! I am whispering to you. Keep the noise down. BBC has not said anything new about Ethiopia for days until today. Finally it seems that well paid activist reporters at BBC have got Ethiopia off its case for a moment. Shhhhhhh!!!! Baby BBC is having its beauty rest. Quiet!!!! Please join me while I am humming with Nolwenn Leroy’s lullaby ‘Song of The Sea’ that goes like:

    Hush now, mo stóirín
    Close your eyes and sleep
    Waltzing the waves
    Diving in the deep

    Now join me in the soothing chorus:

    Oh won’t you come with me
    Where the moon is made of gold
    And in the morning sun
    We’ll be sailing!!!

    Shhhhhhhhh!!! Baby, see ya in the morning!!! Shhhhhhhhh!!!!

    My yaazamaan sahibi from Al-Qahirah just shot me an email telling me how el-Sisi and his lieutenants are hopping mad about BBC saying nothing damaging about the old country for days. They are accusing BBC of dereliction duty and demand an immediate refund of millions they had poured in the pockets of every activist BBC reporter.

    For now there is ‘Do Not Disturb. Baby Napping’ sign on the door. Nolwenn! Hit it!!!

    Castles in the sand
    Cradles in the trees
    Don’t cry, I’ll see you by and by


  2. Quote: European election observers were not deployed. Unquote

    It is way, way, way about time that Africa be COMPLETELY FREE AT LAST from EUROPEAN Colonialism of any nature. HALE – LUYA!!!!

  3. I am delighted the election was concluded peacefully and without precedent, to the dismay of internal and external enemies but to the delight of Ethiopians who voted in droves against all odds. Stable Ethiopia is paramount at this critical time, and development initiatives started over the last three years must continue without interruption. And that was exactly what the voters wanted and got. Congratulations to all!

    Aside from the above, the experience from the good and bad of the time had brought to the fore the numerous talented and dedicated Ethiopians, both internally and externally, who are the future of the nation. Birtukan Mideksa and her team, and many volunteers who worked with the Election Board, exemplify that pool of talent. Of course, the dedication and persistent support by the diaspora Ethiopians on this and other existential threats will not be forgotten; I am confident the Ethiopian government had taken note of that and would, in the future, capitalize on that pool of talent.

    Experience of the time had also demonstrated the need to rethink foreign relations, and the necessity of self reliance in all aspects of governance. Excessive dependence on foreign aid is not sustainable and is not good; it can be used against the country in times of need as demonstrated by the actions of USA and European Union. Never rely on big power foreign donations and/or ‘technical assistance’; those should rather be subservient to home grown resource mobilization (note GERD) and talented domestic professionals.

    Voters have given PM Abiye and his government the mandate to improve their livelihoods, keep the nation at peace, reform the federal system away from the deliberate ethnic based cancerous politics of the now defunct TPLF, uproot the culture of corruption, improve government services, and continue to build strong security and defense services. I also would like complete overhaul of the public bureaucracy to create smaller but more efficient government. That may entail firing long serving but mentally dead employees and replacing them with much younger and brighter talent. It may also entail using the private sector to provide some of the government services that used to be done by the inefficient and corrupt system (wit: long lines and days/months to get services deliberately to extraction bribes, decayed and lost files, crumbling infrastructure for lack of maintenance, none responsive and disrespectful public employees, etc). The possibly resultant budgetary savings can be reallocated to strengthen the security and defense services.

    I am delighted to note PM Abiye’s intent to mobilize talent from among all Ethiopians (opposition, diaspora) to participate in his government. That is a mark of confidence, and determination to rid the country of internal division grounded on personal gains rather than what is good for the country. I see bright hope Ethiopia.


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