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United States demands “affirmation” that Ethiopia will not to change borders

United States continues to put immense pressure on Ethiopia over internal affairs. This Time the US state department demands “affirmation” that Ethiopia will not change borders – internal or external


In what seems to be a new turn to its belligerence, the United States is now dictating Ethiopia not to change internal borders. It is also demanding the full withdrawal of Eritrean and Amhara regional state special forces from the Tigray region, as the U.S calls it. 

According to the latest statement from the State Department, the United States seems to consider Wolkait and Raya regions – regions which the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) incorporated into Tigray after taking central government in 1991- as parts of Tigray region.  

The statement from the state department came after Secretary Blinken on Tuesday spoke with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, which he disclosed in his Twitter message.  He wrote :  

“I spoke with Prime Minister @AbiyAhmedAli today. Eritrean forces need to withdraw fully from the country, and we must ensure full, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access to all populations in need.” 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed did not remark about his phone conversation with the US Secretary of State. 

In the statement from the State Department, issued on July 6 2021, the U.S. demanded an affirmation from Ethiopia that Ethiopia is not changing domestic administrative arrangements. 

It said that Mr. Blinken urged Ethiopian Prime Minister to commit to, among other things, “an affirmation that neither the internal nor external borders of Ethiopia will be changed by force or in contravention of the constitution.” 

Military government in Sudan has invaded Ethiopian territories after the Ethiopian Defense Force deployed in the border was withdrawn due to the law enforcement operation in the Tigray region in November 2020. 

The reference to external borders in the statement from the U.S. state department could be related to Eritrea. 

Another point that the U.S. is pushing for, and the U.S. thinks it is urgent, is “inclusive political dialogue.”   Ethiopia has declared a unilateral ceasefire on June 28 and withdrew soldeirs from the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

TPLF has rejected the unilateral ceasefire as it expressed interest in pursuing “enemy” forces into Eritrea and the rest of Ethiopia.  According to citizen report emerging in social media, TPLF already attempted military incursion into what is called the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

This week, TPLF disclosed that it has more than 30,000 forces in Sudan. They crossed the Ethiopian border in December 2020 , as asylum seekers, after they lost the war to the Ethiopian Defense Force.  A considerable portion of TPLF forces who crossed to the Sudan were linked to the Maikadra massacre. 

Meanwhile, Ethiopia’s state of emergency task force this week disclosed that the TPLF is unleashing widespread attacks, including summary executions of innocent civilians, in Mekelle and other cities in the region after the Ethiopian government declared a unilateral ceasefire and withdrew forces from the region. 

The task force did not specifiy number of people killed so far. Geez Media, a local media with links to the region, reported on its facebook page that In Adigrat only more than 200 civilians are massacred by TPLF forces. 

The TPLF has not yet seen international condemnation regarding extensive rights vioaltions it is engaged in the region after the withdrawal of Ethiopian Defense Force.  

TPLF has also made public its intention and interest in continuity of conflict in the region when it unveiled plans to pursue enemy to Eritrea and different parts of Ethiopia. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea, as also announced that the TPLF has embarked on extensive revenge killings in the region. 

Yemane Gebremeskel on Tuesday tweeted, “TPLF is on a rampage of revenge killings & wanton massacre of civilians, including in “refugee” camps.  Yet, these atrocities & all TPLF illicit acts continue to be grossly shunned by the politicized UN agencies (OCCHA, UNHCR etc.), certain governments & affiliated media outlets” 


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  1. It is very interesting to know where all this theatrics is heading. It is apparent that the Tigray region will not be able to feed itself with the arable land it has now. Vast area of its territory is so denuded after being worked up over centuries. Meanwhile the population has been ballooning after residents there kept multiplying like worms just as in all other regions of the country. They either have to move out of their territory or incorporate fertile lands from other regions. Both either these two will not be possible without a calm and collected dialogue. I don’t think that will be possible as long as the goons of the TPLF are riding on their backs of those upright people and are allowed to keep the sole ownership of authority to call the shots. This is the time to just calm down and start dialogue brothers and sisters in earnest. Both sides should stop feeding the conveyor belt with their youths for a senseless and destructive madness called war. There was no winner in this conflict. Mothers on both sides are now crying for their young children who lost their lives in this senseless bloody conflict. Nobody should be proud of this stupid war or brag as a hero.

  2. Make that: This is the time to just calm down and start dialogue between brothers and sisters in earnest.

  3. The declared policy of USA towards Ethiopia seems to be grounded on its conviction that Ethiopia now has confident, bright and young leadership that is committed towards regional peace, integration, and economic development for all. The corollary to that is USA would rather see Ethiopia and other neighboring African nations in constant state of conflict, poor, and beggars for alms from it and other similarly toned nations of Europe. Weak and unstable Africa provides fertile ground for the continued exploitation of her resources by US and European countries in concert with their government; Africa posses over 60% of scare resources of the world. Leaders bent on protecting their nation’s interests are targeted for elimination, as happened to Patrick Lumumba in the 1960s.

    Ethiopia is on the right path of history, and blatant attempt by the US and white cohorts of the world to dictate how Ethiopia should govern herself should be taken as determination to do even much better, not to discourage.

    The US and its European allies (save few) are also determined to stop the rapid rise of China economically, which by itself is admission of their own failures to innovate and lead the world by example. And Ethiopia’s close relationships seems to have the ire of USA also. I surmise China is determined to keep innovating and growing economically, and so should Ethiopia.

  4. Ethiopia should notify the security council the interference of US in the internal affair Ethiopia should be condumed.

    1. When it says Election should be delayed
    2. When it says Amhara should leave from their ancestral land occupied by TPLF by force
    3. When it says don’t change regional boarder
    4. When it officially deals with terrorists who killed thousands

  5. USA is contriving to save its fucken ass from the rise of the EAST BLOCK.
    Being the DEVIL fearing country in the while world,enjoys and sacrifices the poor ETHIOPIA by pressing it down in a mud of all back breaking challenges ETHIOPIA has ever been facing. I personally believe ETHIOPIA(GOD FEARING NATION) will eventually win the war against the devil USA should it be in thousands of years or whatever, then our generation would dig out the current Democrat bones and extract our stolen souls and everything stolen from motherland AFRICA

    • It is not U.S, the good people, it is ocvupied by sone forces that is even threatening the fabric of U.S, and the people. Stop generalizing

  6. Mister samrawit what are those amhara militi and fanos doing right now ? are they protecting nonamharas or exterminating them ? Do you have moral sens to condemn TPLF while you are killing Tgerau and Oromo, Kimant and gumuz ? killing is a killing. TPLF killed thousands according t you and you are killing thousands in a broad day light and while world is watching . How could you tell us about the past 27 years for the coming 10000 years being in the same mood of massacring non amharas ???

    Please help me understand ? I lived with you guiys and told like you but find it rusty nasty and fake story to knock down TPLF but not being in favor of any one including amhara !you are putting amhar in danger and deceiving the amhara living in th entire country . Youn have no mercy for priests , monks ,nuns , imams , Shieks and your neighbors except for power and money. I grew watching mahar killing amhara for piece of land and no wonder to seee amhara killing Tegrau, kimant, agew etc because massacre , posioning and defamtion is ingrained in the cuture .Amhara kings poisoned many of their counterparts. Massacre and poisiong is in our history for long time. Repent and leave the land of your neighbors for them donot put your people in fire . The next war will be a civil war , hope almighty God change what we fear honestly speaking . I donot want hear innocent people dying from every tribe in a darty war! The politics of Prosperity party will not save you from the imminent danger and donot keep on deluding yourselves and your people. God save the innocents Amen!!

  7. It is always racism, period. Africa is not a place to develop and feed its people but must remain to wxreact resources. Soon, black Africa will becreplaced from North by Arabs and Europe, which alreday set up via arab migranst, from south, it is startedby western South Africa changing the reality. It is amazing, recently l read, South Africa being Western axis from the side of West hiving support and voice for West in UN!. South Africa mo longer votes on the interest ofAfrica but West. Egypt and Norther African tunizia, moricco, etc vote on interest of Midfle East and Arabs and not Africa. Heck, our own ” Eritrea” votes for Arab league even , hahahaa. Africa is doomed.

  8. How is changing one’s country border the business of other countries? When TPLF completely destroyed the 13 provinces by making an ethnic zoo which Europeans or America said anything? When TPLF took Amhara Wolkait land from the Province of Begmeder and Raya and Kobo from Wello Province by force and without any constitutional arrangements or public consent no West country made any noise.

    As a sovereign country it is Ethiopian’s business and no foreign country should interfere. Now the sign is clear as crystal that Europeans and the west wants TPLF back in power without Ethiopians choice. Ethiopians have already spoken three years ago by throwing TPLF out of power and voting for Dr. Abiy few weeks ago. TPLF has been known for its cruelty, greediness, repressive and brutal nature.

  9. What the Humanitarian organizations the the west are saying is a pure and complete contradiction from its past history and policies. TPLF right now is mass murdering Eritreans, Raya Amharas, non Tigreas and Tigreans that do not support them in Tigray every hours and every day while the West and the those so called Humanitarian agencies are staying quit because it is contaminated by TPLF relationships, agents and those that have evil association with TPLF.
    Humanitarian agencies must not be bias and must be clear off TPLF supporters, relatives, associates and beneficiaries.

    TPLF is arming and sending under age children to war by ignoring the cease fire and by using humans as a shield while the west kept on protecting, supporting, enabling TPLF that is ousted from power for its inhuman and repressiveness form power three years ago.

    Amharas land, Wolkait Tegede and Raya and its people right must be protected!!!! Foreign countries must stay out of Ethiopia’s business. No West should interfere in Ethiopia’s boundry or any business.

  10. Secretary Blinken, just in case you do not know, please try to know the boundaries of Wolkait and Raya Amharas before making quick conclusion. For centuries those so called west and south of Tigray have never been part of Tigray but bodies of Amhara land.

    The map of Ethiopia 30 years ago are still fresh memories that can be found anywhere and restored. The forceful and illegal without any consent and constitutional arrangement land grab was done by TPLF only 30 years ago and that will never be accepted by any Ethiopian especially by the proud yet humble Amhara people. Law and order as in any civilized country must also be respected and applied in Ethiopia. TPLF is a real terrorist group that Ethiopians love to forget and never see those murderers in power.

    Please do not stand with the nightmare evil group of TPLF and show respect for the peace loving people of Ethiopia as a whole. As a friend of Ethiopia, please let Dr./PM Abiy do his job. Running, protecting his people and governing Ethiopia

  11. Tigray has no West or South. It is Part of the North and East Amhara Zone. Just because TPLF stole Amhara land and name them west and south it does not mean it is true and accepted. It all rejected and unacceptable to every Ethiopian.

    The 27 years of TPLF Tigre controlled terror and murder has been removed at the backdrop of Amhara and Oromo protest and all its its illegal, land steal and abusive rules shall be removed as well.


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