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United States has interest in restoring TPLF to power, says Eritrea

Eritrea says the United States of America has interest in aggravating the instability in the Tigray region of Ethiopia  

Osman Saleh, Eritrean Foreign Affairs Minister (Photo : via ENA)


Eritrea reportedly blamed Joe Biden’s administration over interest in destabilizing the Tigray region of Ethiopia – the part of Ethiopia that shares a long border with Eritrea. 

In a letter to the United Nations Security Council that is said to be sent on Monday, Eritrea blamed the United States for working along the direction of aggravating the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, as reported by Ethiopian State Media – Ethiopian News Agency. 

The letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea further asserted that Joe Biden’s administration has an interest in the continuity of the destabilized situation in the region. 

Mr. Osman Saleh, Eritrea’s Foreign Affairs Minister, said the United States is interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and creating undue pressure. In so doing, the US is further complicating the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and being an obstacle to resolving the problem, the Minister said as reported by Ethiopian News Agency. 

The letter also recalled that the United States had been supporting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) for the past 20 years and that it is baseless to accuse Eritrea in connection with the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia 

Furthermore, Eritrea said that the United States has interest in restoring the TPLF to power.  

Mr. Osman Saleh said the TPLF is extensively engaged in disseminating misinformation with the aim to tarnish the image of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government that is administering Ethiopia.  He sees the visa restrictions against Ethiopian and Eritrean political and military officials as inappropriate and something that manifests the U.S. intervention in the internal affairs of countries. 

The United Nations Security Council needs to take measures that will ensure justice, said the statement from Mr. Osman Saleh. 

Last month,Joe Biden’s administration issued several statements condemning Ethiopia and Eritrea for what it called “deteriorating humanitarian condition” in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The United States called for an end to the conflict and a political settlement for the situation for the problem in the region. It was understood by many Ethiopians and Eritreans as a sort of tacit advocacy and support for the TPLF – a political group ,with a massive human rights violations record, which dominated Ethiopian politics for nearly three decades. 

Last month, the Ethiopian Parliament designated TPLF as a terrorist organization. It has assassinated over 20 members of the transitional administration in Tigray and kidnapped at least twenty others, according to an official statement from Ethiopia’s State of Emergency Fact Check Task Force. 


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  1. Subject “United States has interest in restoring TPLF to power, says Eritrea” borkena,, June 8, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 8 June 2021
    It is said by Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch via his Foreign Affairs Servant, the everlasting GENTLEMAN with humble dignity, honesty, dedication to the dictate of absolute monarch, the uncontested ruler of the piece of land named Eritrea.

    The honourable representative (messenger) was ordered to announce that “the United States of America has interest in aggravating the instability in the Tigray region of Ethiopia” and let the statement falls like autumn leaves.  The honourable – dignified – honest – gentleman has done his duty. The photo is a loaded meaningul witness. Words can NEVER describe the background thinking as reflected by noble facial expression.

    Whether we like it or not, WE ERITREANS are EXACTLY in that MOOD of prison. Hopeless for a way out. We are stuck. That is why we insult each other [or glorify each other) on the Internet [Eighty to Ninety Parties] out of frustration and helplessness that we are bondage of one human creature for the last THIRTY (30) YEARS — exactly the time period that took to liberate Eritrea from Ethiopia, only to find ourselves being chummy chummy with Ethiopia !!!!!!!! Bizarre or Tragedy <<<Take your choice. THE END

    • Afer yelase TPLF min tilewaleh let along now we have never seen you being proud about your identity!!!1 but we forgive you cos your last gasp of air is leaving the DUST of Tigray!!! Oromay Ayet Rezene zitefeshe agame.

  2. You amhara elites are enslaved by eritrean top dogs , I mean dogs .

    you submitted to them and sacrificied a lot for them to help you inherit raya and welkait by offering lambs and goats . Isayas is your idol and religion is prosperity gospel who helped you to cross the river. It is an evident fact that prosperity gospel will not take you t heaven but to hell.

    prosperity Gospel is a cult which is adopted by Ethiopian orthodox holy Synod bishops and perform acoordinng to its rules .

    • ha ha ha another TPLF thug who is left to lick the Dust of Tigray, How is tsadiqan how is he faring after licking the dust?

  3. It is regrettable that the current US administration instead of mending and improving its relations with Eritrea, has chosen the path of hostility and destabilization. It should realize that the TPLF is defeated, routed and has no chance of recovering and resuming its main role as its stooge in the region. The so called `golden people` who were mislead to believe in the TPLF narrative that the donkeys (non-Tigraians) are easy to defeat and subjugate should learn that the US or any other power can not revive the TPLF.


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