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Joe Biden statement on “the Crisis in Ethiopia”

Statement by President Joe Biden on the Crisis in Ethiopia

White House

I am deeply concerned by the escalating violence and the hardening of regional and ethnic divisions in multiple parts of Ethiopia. The large-scale human rights abuses taking place in Tigray, including widespread sexual violence, are unacceptable and must end. Families of every background and ethnic heritage deserve to live in peace and security in their country. Political wounds cannot be healed through force of arms. Belligerents in the Tigray region should declare and adhere to a ceasefire, and Eritrean and Amhara forces should withdraw. Earlier this week, the UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs warned that Ethiopia could experience its first famine since the 1980s because of this protracted conflict. All parties, in particular the Ethiopian and Eritrean forces, must allow immediate, unimpeded humanitarian access to the region in order to prevent widespread famine. 

The United States urges Ethiopia’s leaders and institutions to promote reconciliation, human rights, and respect for pluralism. Doing so will preserve the unity and territorial integrity of the state, and ensure the protection of the Ethiopian people and the delivery of urgently needed assistance. The Government of Ethiopia and other stakeholders across the political spectrum should commit to an inclusive dialogue. Working together, the people of Ethiopia can build a shared vision for the country’s political future and lay the foundation for sustainable and equitable economic growth and prosperity.

The United States is committed to helping Ethiopia address these challenges, building on the longstanding ties between our two nations and working with the African Union, United Nations, and other international partners. U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa Jeff Feltman is leading a renewed U.S. diplomatic effort to help peacefully resolve the interlinked conflicts across the region, including a resolution of the dispute over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam that meets the needs of all parties. Special Envoy Feltman will return to the region next week and keep me apprised of his progress. America’s diplomacy will reflect our values: defending freedom, upholding universal rights, respecting the rule of law, and treating every person with dignity.

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  1. It seems to me that we have two sovereign countries. allies historically and in principle, talking past each other rather than to each other.
    Why don’t the two leaders (President Biden and PM Abiy) sit down/pick up the phone and cut out the conflict entrepreneurs in the middle.
    It is fundamentally wrong to view Ethiopia as an adversary when this country has slogged so much for the USA in the war on terror, has little to show for it and is reaping the repercussions of Mr. Cohen’s ill-conceived Bantuization approach. Its not moral to preach “one nation, indivisible under God with freedom and prosperity for all” yet failing to walk the talk when it comes to Ethiopia who yearns for the same.
    My plea to PM Abiy – You have proven your proclivity towards peace not only in Ethiopia but also in the broader HOA. Ethiopian centuries old honed culture of civility and deep respect for others should motivate you to pick up the phone and make the call. Blessed are the peacemakers, … for they will be called children of God – Holy Bible Matthew 5:9.

    • neftegnaw alex ,Is Abiy and amhara elites making peace and fighting socalled terrorism or terrorising thier own people, masscaring and raping children and innocent civiliaans of all age ?

      are you blessed too ?

  2. I don’t see any malice in this statement. It shows the President is aware that atrocities are not confined in one region but have happened throughout the country. Wars are always destructive and civilians are bound to fall victims in the mayhem. That is a dead giveaway. But it does not mean such victimization should be justified. Even in the chaos of wars those who harm innocent civilians and abuse prisoners must be held accountable. Yes atrocities during wars are rarely committed by soldiers who were insane at the beginning of the conflict but by those who have gone mad after going through the bloodbath in battles. I remember what one countryman who was lucky enough to escape Mengistu’s wrath told me back in the 1980’s. He told me how someone he knew very well changed after he joined one of those groups that supported Mengistu and he became a monster as the verbal rancor escalated into bloody confrontation. For those in wars the rise and fall of normal daily hustle bustle are long gone and replaced by constant fear and raw anger. To deny the presence of such brutes in the current conflict is the denial of facts of bloody wars. I am encouraged to learn that the regime there is admitting atrocities have been committed on innocent civilians. It has reported the prosecution of those soldiers found guilty of atrocities but there were no details of their names and sentences. We should all remember that even Adolf Eichmann had his rights to an open and due process in court before he was sent to the gallows. Rounding up of soldiers and hand them quick verdict was Mengistu’s way of delivering justice. It ain’t gonna fly. This is one serious failure. This latest fallout with the USA is the result of complete diplomatic disaster by the PM Abiy’s Administration and it must fix that ASAP. Enough with playing victim. We heard that nuff already! 1936 this 1896 that will not cut the mustard. But I tell you this. If this diplomatic failure gets worse and end the regime up in complete control of either Moscow or Beijing expect a takeover by a military clique sending that country into a dizzying tailspin of countrywide civil wars. Then we will see the entire 120 million people on the move. Just thinking about that scares me witless.

    Yes I feel sad about this fallout but I am not giving up hope yet. With savvy and capable diplomacy it can be fixed. First stop crying over shoulders with this ‘sovereignty’ thing. Belarus despot is telling us that hijacking an airplane was done to protect the sovereignty of his country. So stop the nonsense and engage the West diplomatically. Your foreign. Diplomats should get off their lazy laurels and do some work for a change. Get up! GET UP!!!!!!!!!


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