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Green Legacy : Ethiopia hopes to plant 7 billion trees

Green Legacy third year project in Ethiopia aims for 7 billion trees

Green Legacy _ Ethiopia
Some of the regional leaders during the launching ceremony of Green Legacy on Tuesday (Photo : ENA)


This year’s Green Legacy program was launched on Tuesday. It was launched when the prime minister led a discussion with regional state leaders and speakers of the two houses. 

The plan is to plant seven billion trees. One billion of them will be planted in neighboring countries. This is the third tree planting campaign – which is Prime Minister Abiy’s flagship project.  

Adem Farah, speaker of House of Federation, remarked, as reported by Ethiopian News Agency, that the green legacy has a regional relevance in the Horn of Africa. 

He also said that it could be useful in terms of minimizing conflicts over water and grazing lands.  In that regard, he called for presidents of regional states to jointly plan green legacy in the areas they shared. 

Tagesse Chafo, speaker of the House of Representatives, on his part called on Ethiopians to hold hands to one another to ensure that the Green Legacy project is a success. 

On Wednesday, Ethiopia engaged the business community (specifically expatriate investors) in Addis Ababa in an effort to explain the relevance of the project. 

It was Seleshi Bekele, Minister for Water, Irrigation and Energy, who explained the project to them. The government engaged them with the intention to make them play their role in the project. 

Twenty-five million Ethiopians are expected to take part in this year’s Green Legacy Project.

In the Second Green Legacy Project Ethiopia claims to have planted about 5 billion trees.  

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