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ESAT declared a public media with Andargachew Tsige as Director

About two years ago, there were reports about divisions within ESAT board of Directors

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The Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT), Ethiopian Broadcaster which was initially launched in the United States during the struggle against TPLF-led government, is now transformed into a public media. 

According to a report by state media, Ethiopia News Agency (ENA), ESAT is transformed from private share company to a public media in accordance with the new media regulation. 

It will work “entirely neutral from political, ethnic and religious affiliation,” it was said. 

ESAT has reportedly elected about 16 board of directors on Saturday.  No more information is provided as to how the members of the board of directors are elected and on what basis. 

What is known is that Andargachew Tsige, former secretary of Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 movement who was kidnapped by TPLF led government in Yemen during transit to Eritrea, is the Director for ESAT. 

“There was no law to organize public media before. Because the new law for mass media allows it, ESAT is organized afresh as public media,” he said, as reported by ENA. A new guideline is approved to govern the operation of ESAT, he added. 

It is organized as a not-for-profit public media. 

When it was operating only from outside of Ethiopia, ESAT relied on financial support from Diaspora Ethiopians to broadcast to Ethiopia.

In June 2019, well over a year after TPLF lost central power in Addis Ababa, there was a talk about restructuring ESAT following a dispute that is said to have given rise to schism over questions related to ownership.

There were rumors that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration is in part behind division within ESAT.

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  1. From ‘private’ to ‘public’? What does that mean? Is it now publicly traded company? What is the latest share price and where it is listed? In any case it is good to hear about a publicly traded news company from the old country and I wish them a rewarding success in years to come. I am sure they know the fact that there are a lot of things which make anyone angry and their knowledge of such facts is not enough. I am sure they understand that there is destructive animosity among harmonious people ignited and perpetuated by irresponsible bigots especially in Amhara and Oromia regions and their understanding of this harmful fact is not enough. From my Allah Blessed extended life on this good earth I have come to realize that there are many upsetting things in the world that anger will never solve or improve. Instead anger will eliminate the means to solve the issues amicably and peacefully devoid of destructive violence. In our world since the enlightenment printed and now digital media outlets have played part in the making of our history. Many times they have helped avert mayhem and utter destruction and in many instances they have helped creating and perpetuating them. Just walk around the internet and it would not be taxing to find both types. In the old country where there are more than 80 Allah Blessed ethnic groups it is very easy to ignite conflicts. It is as easy as turning the car ignition on. Let me give you an example. Let’s say I am one of those who are looking for an excuse to accuse people of a different ethnic group of hatred against Oromos like me. They could be anyone with Amhara heritage. Let’s say I bumped into this gentleman in Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis, LA, DC, Flint or Atlanta and we somehow figure it all out that we both are from the same country. We shot the breeze for about 5 minutes and departed. Then the next day I went on the internet ranting about how that gentleman reacted when I told him that I am an Oromo. I told my readers how his face changed when I told him I am an Oromo. Then I told my readers that every Amhara’s face changes when he hears someone telling him to be an Oromo. Then I started getting sympathetic responses from my readers where some of them were enraged at that innocent gentleman. He face might have changed but for different reasons. He might have been upset with himself that he did not speak Oromifaa or he was just happy/surprised. See, it is that easy to ignite suspicion and hatred among otherwise harmonious ethnic groups. But I went on to being some kind of an activist asking readers to send donations to my good cause, a 501(c)(3) non-profit outfit. Cold and crisp US dollars started coming in piles. I have a regular job employed at a private or government outfit and now I have a 2nd job that pays more than the first one but tax free. It is that easy to bamboozle others in an environment where various ethnic groups live. When you are well known media outlet your reach is much more widespread than individuals like me. I hope the founders and editors of this media outfit understand this very fact and will behave responsibly. They should be both conservative and radical. They should help eliminate those ideas that have proven to be deadly and destructive and be part of the sacred effort to perpetuate those that have served to be valuable in bringing those glorious people even closer in their march to The Promise Land where every citizen’s rights are protected by the law of the land and no one is allowed to be about such laws. Protection includes protecting citizens from malice and violence everywhere and their rights to live and make legitimate living wherever they choose. The founders of this and other media outlets should never lose sight of the ever eternal truth that everything in that glorious country, that gem of the colored, is not always absolutely right or wrong either. They should make their utmost job to help those that are right strive. They should inherit the art of self censorship from our fathers/mothers. They should be dispensers of dialogues but not confrontational journalism. Stay Blessed and God Speed! Insha’Allah!!!!


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