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Who is responsible behind ESAT dispute?

June 4,2019

Ten ESAT journalists based in the Washington DC studio have recently issued a statement regarding the dispute with the management. They assert that they did not work for a political party and that ESAT need to be transferred to the public.

The Board of ESAT on the other hand has laid off five journalists from the DC office on grounds of budgetary deficit.

On there other hand, there is a claim that the Board’s decision is informed by political motivation. Some even go to the extent that prime minister Abiy Ahmed is involved in engineering the dispute within what was once Ethiopia’s premier source of information at a time when there was crackdown on media in the country. Watch the following report from Andafta media.

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  1. Go ahead we will have a new media. It has to be under the Ethiopian diaspora Board.

    We are behind you. The Revolution is not yet started, Weather you come in agreement or not,

    have a knew Media.

    WE shall be victorious !!!!

  2. Go-Ahead We shall have the knew Media.. The public Media is necessary, Above all let the Esat Board be audited as soon as possible. The revolution is not yet satisfactory. We still fight for our freedom.

  3. G7/Berhanun /Esaten mekawem kemeta lik TPLF keseltan siwerd neber. Gin mekawem keyazu endet eskahun yet neberu letegel hone derejet makuakuam? Derejetu befesum bezer yadela mehon yelebetim. Demo Esat yetekuakuamew beityopianoch enji baand beher aydelem. G7/Esat/Berhanu leityopia beleow yetederaju nachew. Ahun TPLF werdual, ayasfelegum egna enewsed yetagelin yimesel niw negeru? Asafari sira. Yemekawemew, tegelu yetekeyere kehone, askedemew mezegajet neberebachew endezih aynet yemeshereb zede endeminor eyetaweke kehone weyem endemihon. Ethioian Review be Youtube yeweta neber, ke Shabia yemeta meleket Esat Shabian/Ertran eytekaweme niw, minalachew/Ermia yihn yihen belewal silu, yetereterkut, Shabia kehone likefafel yechalew meknyatum Esat gazetegnoch Shabian metechet yasaye yenebere, minalbat kesu newey chigiru? shabia genegnunet alewey ke esat gar?Lelaw demo yezare ye Esat mewezageb teteyakiw Tedros Tsegaye Weyane, bedenb yemiyawek yeityopian/lib tirita niw, hulunim admachochun yegeza be Ityopia negn bemalet beteley amarawen.


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