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Tadios Tantu in police custody in the capital Addis Ababa

Tadios Tantu _ Ethiopia
Tadios Tantu (Photo : SM)


A day after the news of Tadios Tantu, a staunch critique of radical ethnic Oromo nationalist forces, missing following the 80th victory day celebration, emerging reports indicate that he is in police custody in the capital Addis Ababa. 

He is jailed at the police station near Mexico square. Police did not officially confirmed the news.

The government, at this writing, did not explain why it has arrested the elderly man. 

What is known so far is that he was arrested soon after having an interview with “Abe Tockichaw,” ( Abebe Tolla Feyissa) in the streets of Arat Kilo following the completion of the victory day ceremony. 

He was asked questions that require political correctness, as he puts it during the interview, but he unflinchingly adhered to what he called historical facts. 

Many Ethiopians in social media are expressing anger over governments’ action and demanding an immediate release of  Tadios Tantu. 

Others are concerned about the safety of the prison condition due to the spread of the coronavirus disease in the country. Tadios Tantu has been a very persistent and consistent critique of radical ethnic nationalist forces including during Tigray People’s Liberation Front dominance over the central government. 

Some activists on social media are calling for a fundraiser to support his family. 

There has been mounting criticism against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government due to the strength of the radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist Forces from within Federal level of government and within the Oromia regional state.

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  1. Dear Borkena,
    You need to get back to the business of reporting instead of taking the occasion to spread innuendos. You tie Tadios Tantu’s situation to “radical ethnic Oromo nationalist forces” and then to “mounting criticism against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government.” So 1/ what was the question “Abe Tokichaw” asked Tadios and 2/ what was Tadios’s response?

  2. Ato Tadios Tantu is an honorable Ethiopian citizen and whom I personally respect and admire, he is a treasure for our country, very straight forward and a principled gentleman, who will not budge from his principles, beliefs, and historical facts, if his arrest is confirmed, I will have a serious of problems with PM Abiye Ahmed’s administration, to which I have been a supporter of.
    As a matter of fact, Ato Tadios Tantu should be honored for his historical knowledge of Ethiopia and his unsurpassable reporting skills, for his services to our country and contributions, his extraordinary love for his country and people. Only a brutal dictator can arrest and imprison a person like Ato Tadios Tantu, what wrong could he have done to be arrested at his current age, an outspoken, and most honorable Ethiopian I have ever met. I urge Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed to personally get involved and release Ato Tadios Tantu immediately and without any preconditions, this is totally unacceptable and an embarrassment to Ethiopia’s current global political standings and while Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administrations are being questioned by many for claiming “freedom of speech and expression is deep-seated in the land of Ethiopia”. I urge my Ethiopian fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters around the world and from within the land of Ethiopia to massively protest Ato Tadios Tantu’s arrest and for his immediate unconditional release.


  3. The Ethiopian Defence forces military gathered thousands of people on the center of the city of Dembi Dollo at the roundabout and killed Gamachu a young man in public while his own mother was watching right there and then amongst thousands of people, so this arrest of Tadiyos Tantu in the streets of Addis Ababa is a cake walk for most Ethiopians who currently got no assurance that we will live to live through our days without getting murdered.

  4. Tadiyos tantu is an honor who fought ethnic based Nazism and fascism, the Ethiopian government must respect the Ethiopian citizen who are not related to blood line politics. release mr Tadiyos tantu. be honest.


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