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Jeffrey Feltman , U.S. Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa, travelling to the region

Jeffrey Feltman , who was named as  U.S. Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa  in April of this year, is visiting as Ethiopia is preparing to undertake the second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam during the rainy seasons

Jeffrey Feltman _ Sudan _ Ethiopia _ Egypt _ Eritrea
Jeffrey Feltman during the London Conference on Afghanistan on December  4, 2014 (Photo: Patrick Tsui FCO Free to use photo via Wikipedia)


The U.S. Department of State announced over the weekend that U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa Jeffrey Feltman is travelling to Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan between May 4 and May 13, 2021

He will be holding talks with government officials in the region. Also, he will be meeting with African Union and United Nations officials as well as “political stakeholders” and humanitarian organizations. 

Regarding the purpose of this trip, the state department said “The Special Envoy’s travel underscores the Administration’s commitment to lead a sustained diplomatic effort to address the interlinked political, security, and humanitarian crises in the Horn of Africa, and he will coordinate U.S. policy across the region to advance that goal. ” 

The United States has been putting immense political pressure on Ethiopia in connection with “what it calls humanitarian crisis and human rights violations” in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The United States wants an end to the conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia – which has been described as a law enforcement operation and an internal affairs by the government of Ethiopia – , and a political dialogue between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Ethiopian government. 

As well, the United States wants the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Last month, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited Asmara to meet with president Isaias Afeworki to discuss the same issue. 

In a statement from the US State Department last month, The United States has demanded that the troop withdrawal has been to be verifiable. 

Furthermore, the US government has been expressing concern about alleged human rights abuse in the region. Ethiopia invited international investigators to investigate the claim. Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the United Nations Human Rights Commission have agreed an agreement to conduct a joint investigation. 

Mr. Jeffrey Feltman  is also expected to discuss the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – about which there is no agreement between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt after ten years of negotiation. 

The U.S. government, under president Donald Trump, demonstrated a tendency to support Egyptian position on the issue of operation and filling of the Grand Renaissance Dam. Ethiopia withdrew from U.S. brokered GERD negotiation in February 2021 as the US began to dictate the terms of the agreement. 

It was following that development that the African Union began to take a leading role in facilitating the GERD negotiation. The latest round of negotiation took place in the Democratic Republic of Congo in early April 2021 only to be stalled again as Sudan and Egypt proposed to elevate the U.S.’ observer role to the level of the African Union – something Ethiopia rejected out of respect, as it calls it, to the African Union led process. 

It remains to be seen if Mr. Jeffrey Feltman discussion with the leaders of Ethiopia will change Ethiopia’s position or not. Ethiopia has currently zero share from the Nile River also more than 85 percent of the water originates from Ethiopian soil.

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  1. What a travesty! An appalling phenomenon being created by the Joe Biden administration, for our beloved country MOTHERLAND ETHIOPIA, which is an exact carbon copy of the wicked administration of honky-tonk talking ex-president Jimmy Carter and Jeffery Feltman is a cloned of Herman Cohen, who is in the inner circle of an anti-Ethiopian gangster and a pervasive zionist, who has been sworn to continue Herman Cohen’s anti-Ethiopian strategy, sentiment, philosophy, and audacity to accomplish what Jimmy Carter and Herman Chon has started.
    My Ethiopian fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, if you love your country and you’re not a traitor (BANDA), there could not have been any other time where your MOTHERLAND ETHIOPIA could have called upon her children to come forward expeditiously at her rescue and stand together wall to wall, side by side fore there will not be the slightest opening between you the children of ETHIOPIA and therefore my enemies cannot sleep through the spaces that you have created, though must standup together very tightly to defend your MOTHERLAND ETHIOPIA.


  2. Ethiopia is motherland of killers and liars like you ye goons, ZENEGNAW ETHIOPIAWI, Abiy , Demeke , simegnew
    Down with Prosperity party(terrorist organization), full of hooligans hell bent on destroying ethiopia and inciting violence among tribes by simply putting the blame on a politcal party members who reject its genocidal approach.

  3. It looks like, the bilateral integration mow taking place between eritrea and sudan must have come order from the recent foreign vister to eritrea. So it lookslike tge rest if HOA inion against Ethiopia. What is ethyiopia/ the govvernment saying? Eritrea itself is a controlled nation thatlretends to be more powerful but its power is given and designed by foreigners against ethiopia. While i suppott the peace between ethiopia and eritrea, can it be trusted as its own survival and power is given by the foreignees itself. It looks like tye powers are trying to isolate ethiopia and attack it using Sudan, Egypt, Djinouti, Somalia and now Eritrea, never mind about the internal enemies: olf and tplf.

    It is also shame that how ethiopians or thise supporting the current government are not prepared and not preparing the educated and young internationally especially media. Recent discussion on France 24media discussions brought tge tplf well english spoken tplf and neocolonial propoganda speaker who is young woman by the last name Gidey, the well educated, english spoken olf and neocolonial propoganda mouth piece young man Henok Gabissa, and Ethiopian representative older, struggling to debate with anger ( because the other two were clearly lying and are taking advantage on media) what this shows, ethiopia does not have the trend young who speaks on her behalf. Older Neamin Zelleke struggling, angry, to defend ethiopias case failed because the other two anti-ethiopians repsenting neocolonian, pretending to be victims when it is a lie, once again know the current trend of debate taught in their neocolonian schools of thought new how to debate and attract international audience. This is not about i am talking against Neamin zeleke, but the ill preparedness, continuing business as usual, how do tyey not find ONE Ethiopian young and well spoken, calm and collected that could crudh the debate that the other two spreading lies? Shame

    • I cannot emphasise enough that ethiopia in the past during kingdoms ( minilik and H/selassie) prevailed not militarily but because of diplomacy and negotiation especially with colonialists. Since derg and tplf, the relation with other nation especially those pretending to be ” ethiopia relative historically” but Not they are the product of ( colonialists, nazis, etc) deceiving ethiopians since the killing of H selassie are completely enslaving and making ethiopians to bow down even for egyptians who are trying to take our nile.


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