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US state department claims humanitarian situation will get worse”without a political solution”

Announcing a 52 million humanitarian assistance,  a statement from the US Secretary of State claims “humanitarian situation will continue to worsen without a political solution. ” 


The United States of America on Thursday announced $52 million in humanitarian assistance for the conflict affected Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, called up on donor communities to respond to what he called a worsening humanitarian crisis. 

He tweeted : ” The U.S. is providing an additional nearly $52 million in humanitarian assistance for those affected by the conflict in the Tigray region. We remain gravely concerned about the worsening humanitarian crisis and call on the donor community to contribute generously to the response.” 

His office published a press statement regarding the latest donation and the situation in Tigray. It said that the situation will get worse “without a political solution.” 

The full content of the statement reads as follows : 

U.S. Announces Additional Humanitarian Assistance for the Tigray Crisis Response

MARCH 18, 2021

The United States is providing an additional nearly $52 million in assistance to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. The United States has provided a total of nearly $153 million in humanitarian assistance since the crisis began.

This assistance from the American people will enable our international humanitarian partners to help some of the estimated 4.5 million people in need in Tigray and nearly 62,000 refugees who have fled to Sudan. It will allow our partners to provide lifesaving protection, shelter, essential health care, emergency food aid, water, sanitation, and hygiene services. This funding will also help our partners re-establish contact between family members who have been separated due to the conflict. U.S. Agency for International Development’s Disaster Assistance Response Team remains deployed in support of U.S. humanitarian response efforts.

We remain gravely concerned about the worsening humanitarian crisis in Tigray. While we acknowledge public commitments and progress made by the Government of Ethiopia on increasing humanitarian access, the international community must see follow-through on all commitments, including lifting restrictions on the import and use of communications equipment by humanitarian organizations and providing extended visas for international humanitarian workers. Immediate, full, safe, and unhindered access for humanitarian organizations and workers is essential to provide timely, needs-based assistance to those affected by the conflict.

The humanitarian situation will continue to worsen without a political solution. A cessation of hostilities, the immediate withdrawal of Eritrean forces, and an end to the Ethiopian government’s deployment of Amhara regional forces in Tigray are essential first steps. There needs to be accountability for all those responsible for human rights abuses and atrocities, whether they be in the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, Tigray People’s Liberation Front forces, Eritrea Defense Forces, or Amhara regional forces. The United States and the international community are monitoring the situation closely to ensure that the Government of Ethiopia honors its public commitments to permit both independent international and domestic investigations of the abuses and hold the responsible parties accountable.

We welcome the contributions of other donors toward this crisis response and urge still others to generously support the immediate humanitarian needs created by the crisis in the Tigray region.


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  1. ubject “US state department claims humanitarian situation will get worse”without a political solution” borkena, March 18, 2021

    MARCH 18, 2021
    We welcome the contributions of other donors toward this crisis response and urge still others to generously support the immediate humanitarian needs created by the crisis in the Tigray region. UNQUOTE

    Comment, 18 March 2021
    It is a unique, admirable, magnanomous, charity gesture from the Secretary of State of the USA to Tigray, Ethiopia. No doubt about it.
    May it be an example to ALL in their charity to seemingly perpetual phenomenon in our Dear Africa — a Continent that is blessed with abundant natural resources but sadly unable to convert it into daily bread and butter. And so, our Dear Black Africa is labelled by its eterrnal poor people and consequently at the mercy of the rest of the World, for charity. It does NOT end there: The WORLD has also a deeply rooted image of Black Africans as INFERIOR RACE who ‘cannot help being the way they are’. Note: I forgot the name of the scientist who made that remark adding that it is not an insult but as a natural fact!!!!!! What do we see TODAY, in our dear Afriuca? THE END.

  2. It is beyond comprehension to know and see once more again that, the blatant and egregious AmeriKKKan hypocrisy, bullying, meddling and intimdating tactics being imposed on independent ETHIOPIA, by successive benign dictatorial AmeriKKKan administration and government, to accept an anti ETHIOPIAN, self defeating policies of AmeriKKKa, or else we will make you or brake you sentiments is the the option that ETHIOPIA is being given by AmeriKKKA, and therefore the ETHIOPIAN Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed must outright revoke and reject the AmeriKKKan proposal, right out of, from the get go, period end of the story. Look at what president Joe Biden is doing, sending to ETHIOPIA a senator, by the name of Chris Coons? to speak to Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed, which is supposed to be an intimidation and degrading posture being displayed by the AmeriKKKa, time and again. Do you remember when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed went to AmeriKKKa, to speak the then president Donald Trump, he went to golfing trip by assigning his Vice President Mike Pence to meet Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of ETHIOPIA, which was the part of Donald Trump’s speech referring to AFRICAN countries as ” SHIT HOLE countries, the late president Ronald Reagan referred AFRICANS as monkeys speaking to another late president Richard Nixon, the current president of the United State of AmeriKKKa is not saying it out right but, I will bet my life time worth of savings, he is inline with his predecessors.
    in regards to the issues in the Tigray region of ETHIOPIA? in which the head of state department Antony Blinken characterized the situation in Tigray as ethnic cleansing, how laughable is that! Antony Blinken’s forefathers middle passage voyage ( forcibly transporting slaves from AFRICA), to AmeriKKKA between 1500 to 1900 alone killed four million ( 4000000) innocent BLACK AFRICAN lives, Antony Blinken forefathers massacard to extinction the NATIVE AMERICANS. This is the guy who is trying to lecture ETHIOPIA and the continent of great AFRICA that we are committing genocide? This is the guy who does not know the capital city of Ethiopia, this is a guy who does not know the main international airport in Addis? this is a guy who does not know how to say Tigray correctly? or spell it correctly? or pronounce TIGRAY correctly? and all of a sudden talks about genocide in Tigray? and wants AmeriKKKa to get involved to rectify issues in the regional state of Tigray, which happens to be an internal issue of an independent ETHIOPIA? and a matter of law and order mission in the territorial state of ETHIOPIA? this is the guy who runs the most important American government department? Mr. Blinken Antony? what is wrong with this pictures? AmeriKKKa get your bloody & dirty hands of off THE ANCIENT LAND OF ETHIOPIA.


  3. you need to swallow your pills man mister zinegnaw congratulations for your english comment

    My view :US cannot talk about the war on Tigray because (1)the ancestors of these current leaders killed red Indians . Ridiculous point

    secondly, (2nd reason)US leaders donot pronounce Tigray and Ethiopia or any name of town in Tigray

    PM Abiy hid himself when a high ranking official came to the socalled ethiopia to talk to him personally and sent Mister Demeke Mekonen on his behalf . Konwing all those circusmstance , Amhara elites were defaming China and pretend to support USA for many years during TPLF ruling . Now, they claim they will work with India, Russia and China.

    These days, they are constantly blaming USA, EU, and UNSC and other well-known media outlets because they expose the war crime and show the atrocities committed in Tigray the World. Amhara elites insist presenting the history of colonization hoping to deter and discourage and attack the international community in order to escape accountability and prolong their stay in power. Many of their reasons and justications are illogical , unrealated and reasons that you cannot expect from educated man but rather from distorted mind.


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