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Does Abiy Ahmed sees the series of demonstration in the past three days as an attempt to usurp power?


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Thursday had a meeting with heads of regional states and National Electoral Board of Ethiopia officials.

The sixth general election, faced with low voter registration, was the topic of the meeting. In the video shared below, inputs from the participants of the meeting are not observed. Abiy Ahmed dominated the meeting and talked about the election in a sense of urgency and priority.

The Prime Minister tended to paint the security crisis that claimed hundreds of lives in central Ethiopia (Amhara region) and public anger in the form of demonstrations differently. He emphasized “the way to power is only election.”

He described forces that are massacring Ethiopians, and it has become clear that it is primarily targeting Amhara, as “sell outs who are sneaking in bypassing security apparatus.”

“The Ethiopian Defense Force, Federal Police and regional security forces are paying sacrifice every day in an effort to defend citizens, the people and ensure security,” he said.

His understanding of the demonstrations in several cities in the Amhara region seems to be rather misleading. Does he paint as attempts of usurping power? Watch the video below and the judgment is yours.

Video : embedded from Fana TV YouTube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Borkena,

    I think modt ethiopian journaludt pretend as if there is democracy just like the West and burn what they have left. I dont know what your target is or, you have 100% certain this govt is bad because. L wouldnt entitle your article this way as you might know that the project of tplf to disibtegrate ethiopia at its end, even if it is not perfect, remove, Abiy then, no ethiopia. I think masters are deceiving ethiopia a better govt will be replaced for ethiopia, all l say is kkkkkkkkkkk, who established tplf or olf or shabia? There is your answer

  2. I had said this more than once before and I am gonna say it again as out loud as I can. That country, that gem of the colored, that love of of my love, that glorious nation never ceased to give me ravaging goose bumps in pride has been wobbling towards one bloody chaos to another since 1974. During those long years it was deemed doomed on more than one occasion. But it somehow found its own ways to chug along even though badly battered. But this time it has reached the end of its long and painful journey. Before the culprit was the Cold War. Then it was the Post Cold War syndrome. Now the perpetrators are its own bigoted children who are heavily armed and well organized. There will be no more 2nd chance. There will be no strong opposition deeply rooted in the society. You better make the best with what you have now otherwise this is it! Ain’t no more 2nd chance! Many of you intellectuals who should know better! Shame, shame, shame on you! You so-called Oromo and Amhara activists! You must be ashamed of yourselves. It enrages me and also bleeds my heart in utter sorrow reading your comments on social media where you justified massacres as necessary to gain respect militarily. What are you thinking? I can tell you this with certainty. That your dream of a Republic of Oromia will never come to be in a way you make it sound. That hypnotizing Republic of Amhara will never come to be in the way you make it sound with all your concocted past glory. There were no Republics of Oromia and Amhara at any point in history and there will be none whatsoever! You can beat drums of war cries with your gerersas and zarafs but it ain’t gonna happen. In stead you are leading that gem of the colored towards an abyss where the entire 120+ million citizens will be on the move. You better get your marbles back and sit down to talk sense to each other. This is it!

  3. US waged war on Ethiopia by reluctantly letting Eritrea to invade Ethiopia; The truth will emerge no matter how it s now veiled.

    The Board of Vision Ethiopia is by Amhara for Amhara . It does cast doubt on the authenticity, trustworthiness of EOTC foundation against genocide . Because, they are only concerned for Amhara in the guise of Christianity. We are in the 11th hour, don’t side for a single tribe. Better speak up for any one who is in danger.
    Every foreign military action is known to US through its Embassies and security staffs residing outside US.Period!
    People live and stutter out of fear. The truth cannot be smothered by gun or by any one who claim to have his finger on the nuclear button !

    God is Great! Anshallah!!!!!!!

    Ethiopia is destroyed by double CIA agents :Abiy and his teacher Isayas Afewerki !
    Did anyone promised Colonel Abiy to crowned him if helped westerners to destroy Ethiopia and kill his own people ??
    NO powerful man can hide and smother the truth! Every Mighty Empire will come to an end, eventually!!

  4. My friend just shot me an email to tell me what that fire spitting patriot General Bacha bin Debele called the goons of the TPLF. He knows I get a kick of this patriot occasionally calls those demons. This time he was quoted calling them rats. I tell you what. If he calls me a rat I will find no reason to go on. I will just find a place to be alone and kill myself. Calling me a rat? I will find a pond with a deep end and go down to never, ever come up!!! Calling me a rat? That is cold, dude!!!!

  5. Ittu aba farad you are bahaving like a child; You why , experts say people retain child mentalty twice in their life: one when they were a child and other when they got old; You are insulting people here in sacrcatic manner. You must be a rat hiding himslef among little building in DC.
    You are fan of Abiy. Abiy is a killer. You are an accomplice of a killer. Hence, you are a killer.


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