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TPLF remnant forces operating as guerrilla routed, claims Ethiopian Army Officer

Remnants of TPLF leaders with some guerrilla forces attempting to escape to Sudan but will be impossible says a senior army officer 

TPLF _ Guerrila _ Ethiopian Army
Let. General General Bacha Debelle speaking to media on Tuesday April 13, 2021 (Photo credit : FDRE Defesne Force)

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Let. General Bacha Debelle, coordinator of army mobilization within the Ethiopian Defense Force, on Tuesday, said that remnant of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces are destroyed in different parts of Tigray. 

They were obstructing logistic supply to the Ethiopian Defense Force and for humanitarian aid along the Mekelle road, he added. 

A social media update from the Defense Force quoted Let. General Bacha Debelle was saying that the TPLF Guerrilla Forces was routed. 

He added that the TPLF force is in great desperation as few TPLF leaders now not in a position to wage war as it has lost a significant portion of its guerrilla force.

Furthermore, it was said that some members of the TPLF leadership have been attempting to escape to Sudan – something that General Bacha sees as impossible. 

It is, however, indicated that TPLF was able to open military training facilities in different parts of the region and provide three days of military training, although General Bacha Debelle claimed that the facilities are now destroyed. 

TPLF propaganda wing in the Diaspora has not yet remarked about the latest situation. 

It is to be recalled that Defense Chief of Staff, General Berhanu Jula, said that the TPLF structure was completely destroyed following the two weeks war in early November. He even claimed that there is no chance for it to wage a guerrilla war. 

News of TPLF regrouping and guerrilla war came after Ethiopia opened up the conflict region for “humanitarian accesses” following mounting pressure from the international community. 

It is not verified from other sources if TPLF guerrilla forces met with a crushing defeat as claimed by the Ethiopian Defense Force. 


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  1. Someone called me today to tell me one of the phrases this fire spitting and over qualified patriotic officer said. In his utterance he allegedly said that the goons of the TPLF and their sycophants will not make to Mekele let alone to Addis even he and the entire defense forces are in a long and deep sleep. I tell you what! If I were the one who he said so, I wouldn’t find any reason to go on living, man!!! I would just find the nearest pond and drown myself. I will stay at the bottom never to come up!!! That is the most humiliating statement ever, dude!!! O my goodness gracious!!!

    The other news I was told by my friend is that the deep pocketed cadres here among us are said to be busy offering large amounts of money to struggling websites and blogs in an effort to woo them away from the opposition side. I was not surprised by the news at all. In such distressed pandemic riddled economy some desperate editors can be tempted by a sudden sight of tens of thousands in US dollars showing up on their table. The goons and their operatives still have mountain of disposable cash from tens of billions in US dollars they pilfered from the nation’s coffers of the old country during their 27 year unchallenged reign.


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