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Amhara regional state seeks Ethiopia’s Federal gov’t action in Wollega

Targeted attack against ethnic Amhara is part of a plot to disintegrate Ethiopia, said Amhara Regional State president Agegnehu Teshager 

Amhara Genocide _ Agegnehu


A day after the latest round of massacre of innocent civilians targeting ethnic Amhara in the Wollega region of Ethiopia, Amhara regional state formally requested the Federal government for a law enforcement action against those who perpetrated it. 

Agengnehu Tesahger, head of Amhara regional state, who recalled that the victims were massacred only because they are ethnic Amhara, demanded the Federal government to take action in response to the massacre in Wollega and Benishangul Gumuz region. 

Hundreds of innocent civilians including children and women were massacred in Wollega in the evening of Tuesday. The gunmen are said to be Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) fighters. 

Targeted attack against ethnic Amhara in different parts of the country is part of a plot to disintegrate Ethiopia, said Mr. Agegnehu, as reported by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC.) 

Furthermore, he said that Amhara regional states condemns ethnic-based human rights violations against Amhara, including children and women, by the radical Oromo Liberation Front – Shane group and Gumuz rebels. 

“Despite dying the people [Amhara] never loses hope and  prioritizes brotherhood,” Mr. Agegneu said in a statement he released on Thursday. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has reacted to the incident amid widespread criticism from Ethiopia that his government has repeatedly failed to defend the right to live of Ethiopians in any part of the country. 

“We condemn the attack on innocent civilians in Oromia region west Wollega zone,” he wrote in Amharic and his mother tongue Oromogna. 

He saw the attack as the work of Ethiopia’s enemies who are organized in the country and abroad, and the purpose is, he said, to “derail us from our journey.” 

Even while paying sacrifice, he continued, “we will foster Ethiopian unity and continue our march.” 

Furthermore, he said that the Federal government and the regional government are jointly taking retaliatory action against the perpetrators. 

He pleaded with Ethiopians not to fall prey to what he called “the traps of destructive forces.” 

Conversations among Ethiopians on social media openly pointed finger to Abiy Ahmed’s party, and the government structure in what is called Oromia region as facilitators of the attack for the radical ethnic Oromo group – Oromo Liberation Front. 

Former spokesperson of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), and currently vice chairman of one of the OLF faction, Kejela Merdassa, last week said that the radical group is getting support (financial and arms) from government structure. He said so in an interview with Ahadu Television. 


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  1. Did anyone of you watch today’s news cast by BBC? There was a video allegedly made by soldiers of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces while summarily executing innocent civilians in the most barbaric ways. In the video a soldiers was shown throwing a victim off the cliff. Did that really happen? I politely ask the dear editors of this esteemed website to use their journalistic connections to verify if this horrifying atrocity had really taken place. My confidence in BBC has been shaken for quite some time now. I would really appreciate your valuable input.

    Stay safe!!!

    • Just so you remember; the “graphic” video was supplied by Tigray Media House and seconded to CNN and others by Tplf ‘plants.’ BBC had already discovered it had been had by “digital woyane” The so-called massacre at Axum was photo-shopped from a Nigeria page I could go on but you get the point.

      It is unfortunate that “Ethiopian” website publishers are so lazy and incompetent that they end up serving Tplf disinformation agenda. And doubly unfortunate that Abiy Administration appears to be in complete ignorance of the power of media in the second and equally important phase of its operation to rid the country of Tplf criminals.

  2. Dear Borkena Publisher:
    You wrote “Former spokesperson of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), and currently vice chairman of one of the OLF faction, Kejela Merdassa, last week said that the radical group is getting support (financial and arms) from government structure. He said so in an interview with Ahadu Television.” What you missed is this; just because Kejela Merdassa said the statement you quoted on Television does not make it true! As a publisher you should have been the first to always check your sources before presenting it to your readers. In other words, you quoted Kejela because he is Oromo accusing Abiy (who you say represents Oromo) in order to present the Amhara as victim. The irony is that excepting for extremist Amhara groups such as Eskinder Nega’s Balderas (which calls itself the only party for “true democracy”) most Amharas support Abiy. The same is true for the Oromo (except extremists such as party of Kejela) most Oromo support Abiy. By “most” I mean ordinary Oromo and Amhara. In short, support for Eskinder and such is limited to a tiny groups in Addis and Bahir Dar.


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