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Kejela Merdassa, Top OLF man thinks radical groups get support from govt

Kejela Merdassa ( Credit : Ahadu Radio )


Kejela Merdassa used to be a spokesperson of the OLF before he parted ways with chairman of the organization Dawud Ibsa with whom difference over strategy proved to be irreconcilable.  Dawud Ibsa’s faction is implicated in resorting to a mix of forceful and peaceful struggle as a means to achieve its political objective “self-determination up to  secession” , and it is linked to several assassinations and massacres. 

Last week, the faction led by Ararso Bikila to which Kejela Merdassa belongs, announced formally that it has ended its relation with Dawud Ibsa as a leader. It also announced readiness to take part in the election.  

The radical and militant group of Oromo Liberation Front continues to wreak havoc carrying out massacres and war against civilians. 

Kejela Merdassa, who had an interview with Ahadu radio earlier this week, revealed his thought about the militant group.  He said the death squad of Oromo Liberation Front (Aba Torbe) gets support from authorities in the government structure. 

He went further to say that it is government special forces that are massacring people in Ataye – where there was a security crisis since last Friday. “There is no OLF -Shane in Ataye. its name was mentioned because there is interest for OLF shane to move to Ataye area,” he said. 


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