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Dozens massacred in latest targeted attack on ethnic Amhara in Oromo region of Ethiopia

Massacre of ethnic- Amhara in Oromo regional state of Ethiopia has been ignored by international human rights advocates and state actors alike 


Dozens of innocent ethnic-Amharas are reportedly massacred in the latest string of radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group, Oromo Liberation Front, gunmen attack in the Wollega region of Ethiopia. 

A report by DW Amharic said that the attack happened on Tuesday in the evening in Babo Ganbel district, Bone kebele in West Wollega Zone. 

The source cited residents from the area to report that 28 people are confirmed dead, but the number could be much higher. Several others are wounded.  Victims from the attack have been admitted to Nedjo hospital. 

Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) on Wednesday said that it got reports from residents that dozens of unarmed civilians have been massacred in Babo Ganbel region. 

The source added that security forces arrived on the scene around 10:00 P.M. – about three hours after the massacre. They are said to have advised residents to protect themselves as they are not given orders from authorities to respond to the attackers. 

Oromia regional state on Wednesday issued a statement confirming the news that at least 28 innocent civilians have been massacred, as reported by state media – Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate. Initially, it said that the number of victims was unknown. Latest report on the incident from AMMA indicates that the number of people killed in the attack reached over 40 people.

The gunmen gathered more than 50 people from the area before they unleashed the massacre around 9 P.M. At least 12 of the victims are reported to be women. 

The Oromo regional state claimed that it had killed three Oromo Liberation Front gunmen who were involved in the attack. It has been claiming in the past that the armed wing of OLF has been weakened to the point that it would no longer pose a threat. 

However, it was only two or so weeks ago that the radical Oromo nationalist group carried out a horrific massacre against ethnic Amhara in Horo Guduru region of Ethiopia. 

Last week, the same group ventured to take the massacre to north central Ethiopia  when it attacked residents of Ataye and Ephrata Gidim, among other areas. 

As much as the law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia has become a rallying point for international human rights activists and state actors, the series of massacres against ethnic Amharas in Oromia and Benishangul regional states have been ignored.

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  1. Subject: “Dozens massacred in latest targeted attack on ethnic Amhara in Oromo region of Ethiopia” borkena, March 31, 2021
    QUOTE “Dozens of innocent ethnic-Amharas are reportedly massacred … “UNQUOTE

    Commentary, 1 April 2021
    a) I didn’t need to read farther.
    b It is a glaring Classical Tragedy.
    c) Amharas are haunted down wherever they may be!?!?!?
    d) It was only “YESTERDAY” that babies were proudly baptized by Amharic names;
    e) It was taken for granted that the language of communication — the language of survival — was Amharic throughout the schools and
    in every aspect of Life
    f) It was only ‘YESTERDAY’ that Ethiopia was ruled by Amhara in every aspect of governance, sociological, psychological, anthropological etc aspect of Ethiopian Life.
    g) Now, The Ethiopian Globe has rotated to another face of Life in quasi-full bloom; and the inhabitants are in no mood with the status quo
    h) And the question is clearly displayed on the Ethiopian Globe >> ‘WHAT IS NEXT’ ?
    i) The inherent choices are also glaringly written on the surface:
    j) What will it be? It is a challenge to Ethiopian maturity and inherent
    ጨዋነትና ኣርቆ ኣስተዋይነት

    k) It should be noted that the effect of the wrong choice by Ethiopia upon other brethren African countries, is too immense to simply ignore it as an Ethiopian choice, only. It will add to the malaise of our Africa — and we know where that leads i.e. giving others the opportunity to say: >>> WE TOLD YOU SO, ABOUT SAVAGE “DARK” BLACK AFRICA <<< A perfect justification of past demeaning history and an excuse for future ugly action by so-called ‘civilized’ marauders !!! And we know, very well, where that leads into. History will never excuse Ethiopia with the trend that it
    is following to the gallows.

    l) What a tragedy!?!? It is all glaringly fact on the face of countless many — with top most distinction of Doctor of Philosophy Degrees bestowed upon them — with the inherent HOPE that they will do their very best to emancipate their beloved countries from backwardness to glory. It looks like it was all hallucination, as opposed to the so-called MODEN EDUCATION, tailored and glorified by Western History & Civilization. It was a perfect historical scheme to keep Africa hypnotized and tragically inflicted by consequential INFERIORITY complex to mimic the Western Civilization but Alas! in vain. And so — be honest and judge yourselves — we are what we were LEAD to be i.e. hopelessly confused and lost.

    m) Colonialism was NEVER only physical occupation but also, criminally and cruelly, the ARRESTING of the MIND, for ever!!!! It is the top most Criminal Act on Black Africans on Earth. If “Educated” Africans are uncomforrtable with that finality, as the Amharic saying goes: ሜዳውም ይሄው፤ ፈረሱም ይሄው ።


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