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Only Amhara regional state pleads Oromo regional state to end massacre in the region

Of the ten plus ethnic-based regional states, it is only Amhara regional state that called for Oromo regional state to act  along the line of ending the massacre of ethnic Amharas in the region.

Amhara massacre _ Oromo regional state


The Massacre of ethnic Amharas in the Oromo regional state has been a recurring tragic phenomenon for well over two years now. But unlike the alleged massacre of civilians in the Tigray regional state, the massacre of ethnic Amharas in Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia is not given the attention it deserves either by international human rights organizations or prestigious media outlets in the west.

The latest one happened earlier this week  Horo Guduru, Wollega. Dozens of ethnic Amhara civilians engaged in subsistence agriculture as a means of livelihood had been brutally massacred and hacked to death after they were taken captive by the armed wing of the radical ethnic oromo nationalist organization – Oromo Liberation Front. As was the case in the previous massacres, women and children are among the victims of OLF ethnic cleansing massacres. The regional state has confirmed the news about the massacre and that it is working on “holding those responsible accountable.” 

There is a widely held belief that the government structure, including in the security apparatus, in the Oromo regional state itself is not free from sympathizers and members of the radical group who are said to have a clandestine role in the coordination of the massacres. In fact, the government has admitted in the past admitted the problem to the point that some were removed from the structure. There were also cases where an arrest was made. 

But the problem does not seem to be going away. The Federal government does not seem to have a concrete political or security policy to decisively deal with the problem. The ethnic-based massacre against ethnic Amhara is rather sounding as if it is a non-issue. Prime Minister  Abiy Ahmed talked about it on Saturday when he was opening a making speech at the inaugural ceremony of the Industrial park project in Yirgalem. 

As has been reported in the past, although the constitution guarantees citizens the right to live and work  in any part of Ethiopia, as it should to say the least, that has not been the case in what is called Oromia regional state. Worse, political leaders in the region often make speeches that fuel hate towards a particular ethnicity. 

Except for a few regional states, namely Somali regional state and Amhara regional state, the seeming government structure backed massacre in Oromo regional state is not criticized. The problem has been more pronounced in the Wollega region of Ethiopia in the past few months. 

On Saturday, the speaker of Amhara regional council, Worksemu Mamo, pleaded to Oromia regional state and the regional council to end the massacre of ethnic Amharas. The Oromo regional state has not responded to the call at this writing, 

It is unclear if Abiy Ahmed led Federal Government has a plan to end the massacre of innocent civilians in Oromo region of Ethiopia. 


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  1. I hope Amharas by now decided not to vote for Abiy ahmed’s prosperity party. prosperity party aka EPRDF is oromo controlled that gives no hoot whatever happens to addition , prosperity
    party wants TPLF annexed lands to remain under TIGRAI administration.


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