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Horo Guduru : Amhara massacre confirmed, NaMA accuses gov’t

NaMA accuses Prosperity Party officials following a new massacre in Horo Guduru and other parts of Wollega region. It said Prosperity Party Officials in Oromo region incited the massacre against ethnic Amhara.   

Horo Guduru
Google Map of Ethiopia, Horo Guduru


Days after reports about another round of massacre against innocent ethnic Amhara living in Horo Guduru  zone of Oromo regional state of Ethiopia, Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) on Wednesday confirmed it from survivors of the massacre. 

According to reports earlier this week, at least 29 civilians were killed and several others wounded. The armed group has also kidnapped people whose number is unspecified. 

AMMA spoke to some residents of Jarte Jardgana and Dabe Dengo districts of Horo Gurudu who survived from the attack by gunmen who are believed to be  an Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) group. 

However, the residents are cited as saying that they are not sure about the identities of the gunmen who unleashed the attack on unarmed civilians. Only Oromo Liberation Front has armed rebel groups operating in the region – based on reports so far. 

On Tuesday this week, two other young men were killed with bullets, according to a report by AMMA. Residents reported security concerns before the incident happened, but the authorities in the region did not act on it, it was reported. 

AMMA said that it reached out to government communication affairs offices and Security offices in the region, but authorities did not answer the phone call. 

The Federal government has not yet remarked regarding the latest round of massacre against ethnic Amharas in the Wollega region of Ethiopia. 

National Movement of Amhara (NaMA), an opposition party, on Wednesday released a statement. It linked the massacre not just to the armed wing of Oromo Liberation Front but to some leaders of the prosperity party in the Oromo region of Ethiopia who are said to have made public ethnic profiling against ethnic Amhara. 

The incident happened during a support rally for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The leaders called for “Neftegna” (which is understood to be a reference to ethnic Amhara) to leave the Oromo region which NaMA sees as an open incitement of violence against ethnic Amhara.  The party also claimed that it warned the government against possible attack against ethnic Amahra in the region following the incitement. 

According to the NaMA report, the number of ethnic Amhara who have been massacred since March 6, 2021, in Horo Guduru and other parts of Wollega is over 60. They were brutally hacked to death and tens of thousands of people have been displaced, it was said. 

Statement from the party expressed conviction that Prosperity Party led government structure is intoxicated with hate to ethnic Amhara and does not have interest to end what it called “genocide on our people.” It went on to call up on Ethiopians to stand together to end the ongoing genocide against Amhara. 


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