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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed in Asmara amid allegations of rights abuse by Eritrean troops

Addis Ababa and  Asmara reportedly discussing Human Rights Violations in Axum and other parts of Tigray region of Ethiopia 

Abiy Ahmed with Eritrean president Isaias Afeworki after arrival at Asmara International Airport (Photo : EBC)


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Thursday arrived in the Eritrean capital, Asmara. The Minister for Defense, Kenea Yadeta, and the Minister for innovation, Abraham Belay, are part of Abiy Ahmed’s delegation to Asmara. 

They were greeted by Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki upon arrival at Asmara International Airport. It is going to be a two days working visit, according to a report by Ethiopian State Media. 

Picture ( Eritrean Ministry of Information )

Eritrean Minister for Information, Yemane Gebremeskel, announced on his twitter page “The two leaders will discuss bilateral matters as well as regional developments.  The Prime Minister’s delegation consists of Defense Minister, Dr. Kenea Yadeta, and, Minister of Innovation and Technology, Dr. Abraham Belay.” 

Abiy Ahmed’s visit to Eritrea came days after his appearance at People’s House of Representative where he admitted that Eritrean troops were in Northern Tigray along the border between the two countries following the withdrawal of Ethiopian forces from the area due to what the Ethiopian government called law enforcement operation against TPLF forces. 

Based on his latest speech at the Ethiopian Parliament, the Eritrean forces will remain in the region until the Ethiopian Defense Force is ready to “take over border security” along the border of the two countries.  There are, however,claims that Eritrean troops are in different parts of the Tigray region, not just the border area, and implicated in massacres. 

Abiy said that a discussion is underway with the government of Eritrea to investigate alleged human rights violations. 

On Tuesday, Ethiopian Human Rights Commission released a preliminary report on the  alleged human rights violations in the historic city of Axum where more than 100 people are said to have been killed by Eritrean troops in a span of two days. 


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  1. I am lead to believe that Pm. Abiye Ahmed’s trip to Asmara to talk to President Esayas Afewerki in regards to what has been alleged of crimes being committed by the Eritrean troops inside of Ethiopia in the regional state of Tigray. In my humble opinion, it’s a positive move by Pm. Abiy Ahmed in cooperation with president Esayas Afewerki to have an open discussion of what exactly has transpired in this for what seems like daunting allegations since both leaders have a responsibility to explain with a great transparency the alleged incident to their constituency and the rest of the world.

  2. We’re greatly appreciative of the the Eritreans for their help during our time of need dealing with the terrorist tplf…


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