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Ethiopian PM explains Eritrean troop presence in Northern Ethiopia

. Issue of human rights abuse in the Tigray region of Ethiopia to be discussed with Eritrean government, Ethiopian PM Abiy disclosed

. Pro-TPLF elements in civilians cloths attacking Ethiopian soldiers in towns and cities in Tigray region 

Abiy Ahmed


Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday explained the circumstances under which Eritrean troops entered the Tigray region of Ethiopia following counter-offensive by the Ethiopian Defense Force against Tigray People’s Liberation Front whose forces attacked the national army on the night of November 4, 2020, in unsuspecting circumstances. 

“The way the people and government of Eritrea treated,and supported members of Ethiopian Defense Force, who experienced a treasonous attack, who found themselves in Eritrea after the attack will make us indebted to Eritrea,” he said. 

He added, Ethiopian history will always remember how our soldiers were taken care of in Eritrea after the TPLF attack. 

His remark came in response to questions by parliamentarians in connection with the security situation in Tigray, northern part of Ethiopia, and allegations of human rights abuse and presence of Eritrean troops in the region. 

Moreover, PM Abiy Ahmed explained, in a way admitting the claim by pro-TPLF groups and media outlets, the circumstances under which Eritrean troops took control of the area in the northern part of Tigray that was under the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

He insinuated that his government has nodded to their presence. The Eritrean government, he said, had a national security concern to not control the border area with Ethiopia after the Ethiopian army abandoned the position following the attack on November 4. 

” The TPLF force, apart from what it had been doing for the past twenty years, fired a rocket against us even when it was at war. As you [Ethiopia] go after TPLF forces further south in counter-offensive, it could find a way to deploy its forces along the border area which is why we took control of the border area. If Ethiopian army is returning to the border position, we will withdraw the next day,” he said. 

Last month, Head of Indoctrination within the Ethiopian Defense Force, General Mohammed Tessema, said Eritrean Troops are not in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The PM also addressed allegations of human rights violation by Eritrean troops in the Tigray region. Just like we do not accept violations by Ethiopian  troops, we do not accept any form of violations by Eritrean troops, he added. 

He said “The campaign is against a clearly defined enemy. It is not against our people.”

The Prime Minister revealed that his government had been consulting the Eritrean government about four or five times regarding the allegations of violations.  The Eritrean government , according to Abiy Ahmed, has condemned it and that it will take measures against soldiers engaged in such acts. 

The two governments are working on a joint-forum to discuss the allegations. However, the Prime Minister did not disclose the timeline. 

Ethiopia has been facing mounting pressure from human rights organizations and governments alike in the West.

However, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government believes that much of the allegations is due to misunderstanding the operation to enforce the rule of law in Tigray region. 

His government also invited international human rights groups, including the UN Human Rights body, to take part in the investigation of human rights violations in Tigray.  The UNHRC has agreed to take part. 

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has also been investigating reports of human rights violation in the region, and is expected to release a report. 

Ethiopian soldiers had been killed in different parts of Tigray even after the completion of the major military operation. Pro-TPLF elements in civilian clothes ambush and kill Ethiopian Defense Force members in unsuspecting circumstances in cities and towns. The situation, according to Abiy, angered the Ethiopian Defense Force who responded to the killings. 


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  1. There is another bombshell yesterday. The country’s own human rights commission had issued a report confirming that innocent civilians including those who were attending religious sermons at a church in Axum were savagely murdered by troops from Eritrea. I looked at the map and discovered that Axum is well inside the country’s territory. This is a big no no. This will change the game in the most undesirable ways. First one, it will start eroding the popular support the current regime has been enjoying so far. Similar atrocities are taking place unabated in Oromia, Amhara and BeniShangul regions. I am having my worst fears for the peace mongering people there after reports of tensions between unruly militias of Amhara and Oromia regions. Both Amhara and Oromo Intellectuals with extremist and war rattling views among us must cool it and cool it now. Let’s not tinkering around an extremely destructive device that we can’t control from our comfy homes. This is not an ‘I don’t care’ matter! This is not a laughing matter! It is not funny at all! These two regions have militias armed to the teeth under their command and with a combined population of more than 80 million. My other fear is the possibility of a military coup. If that happens we all will blow a kiss and say goodbye to that gem of the colored.

  2. This is absolutely terrifying, baffling and bewildering to me as an Ethiopian. NO>>>>>>>NO>>>>>>NO, this is completely unacceptable and guts ranching to me personally, and I will not remain silent and idled while innocent Ethiopians are being murdered and violated in the hose of GOD while praying and celebrating or anywhere else in our country. If Pm Abiy Ahmed is to remain a respected leader of our country Ethiopia, there has to be a throw explanation, investigation and actions taken against to those who have committed this heinous crimes. As I have been very vocal on this forum to the TPLF’s crimes and atrocities, I will remain as vocal to the atrocities & crimes committed by the Eritrean troops in the Ethiopian Tigray region of our country and against our innocent law abiding citizens Ethiopians.
    My heart is broken and bleeding to those innocent precious lives who perished and their families grieving.

  3. Now it is being discovered and reported that we in the Diaspora are being hammered with a barrage of fake news spewed around by both sides. We know the running dogs of the goons of the TPLF are best at it due to the fact that they have been honing their skills for more than 45 years. It all started with them when they ordained themselves with the mother of all fake news called Marxism/Leninism/Maoism. The fake news at the top they were deafening us with during their fiefdom was the economy growing by 2 digits year after year. They were also telling us that they had successfully fought corruption but what they hid from the world is such fight did not include them and their running dogs. That was to the tune of more than billion in US dollars. Those goons and their running dogs are one of the worst type of humanity. They even left their own region just patched up. It was just a facade like those downtown scenes at Universal Studios. It did not withstand even a 20 Mph wind gust. That is what that demonic Marxist/Leninist/Maoist philosophy does it you. Didn’t they tell us that by 2020 every citizen there will be able to have 3 meals a day? Excuse me!!! Hello!!! How about the middle class status? Don’t start me with that one!!! Please don’t!!!

  4. I am appalled to learn about the Eritrean troops crossing over into the Tigray region of Ethiopia and the killing of innocent church attendees in celebration of Zion Mary”s day. If this story is true, this heinous crime must be condemned to the strongest label of condemnation and appropriately bringing to justice those who have committed the alleged crimes. It’s also imperative to stress the fact that, the egregious criminal TPLF Junta’s ruling of Ethiopia for 17 plus years with extrajudicial killings and mass incarceration of innocent Ethiopians and imposing ethnically divisive ethnic federalism effectively creating tensions between ethnic groups as well as triggering an unwarranted war between Ethiopia and Eritrea is most definitely can be the cause of these types of atrocities to happen.
    It is a historical fact that the Ethiopian Benito Mussolini TPLF leadership to mention a few, the late Meles Zenawi, Abaye Tsehaye, Sibhat Nega, Debretsion, etc., has deliberately deep sedded for these types of revenge like reactions to happen from within our country and Eritrea. An ethnically divided country is bound to have such malignant problems and unable to protect itself from such incursions of a family member country Eritrea. in a retrospect, we must go back to our tightly, solid unity as a country as a people to have our country back together as our forefathers have handed us and gave us the most responsibility to keep Ethiopia intact at any rate of the highest integral regard and at the same time let us remember that preserving our past is our gift to our future.


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