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Human Rights Commission investigation reveal massacre in Axum by Eritrean Troops

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission claimed “Grave Human Rights Violations committed in Aksum city” , and Eritrean Troops perpetrated it.


The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission on Tuesday released 11 pages of a preliminary report regarding reports of rights abuse in Axum, north Ethiopia, in November 2020. 

The commission claimed grave human rights violations were committed in the city on November 28 and November 29, 2020. It came up with the report after deploying a team of investigators in the city between February 27 and March 5, 2021. 

Furthermore, it was said that information about the incident was gathered from families affected by the rights’ violation, eyewitnesses, local administration officials, religious leaders and hospital sources. It is also claimed that the commission collected audio-visual and photographic evidence. 

The rights abuse committed in Axum city November 2020 “calls for a comprehensive human rights investigation  in the region,” said Ethiopian Human Rights Commission. 

Rights group and state actors in the west have been pressuring the Ethiopian government to investigate the alleged abuse to which the government responded affirmatively. It has invited international expertise to be part of the investigation process. 

The finding also claim that Eritrean troops carried out the attack. Last month, senior officer in the Ethiopian Defense Force denied that Eritrean troops were in Tigray.




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