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Human Rights situation in Northern Ethiopia as revealed by gov’t

Having investigated Maikadra and Humera region massacre, Ethiopian government indicated that it is investigating human rights violations in the rest of north Ethiopia including in Axum 

A partial view of Axum city (file)


There are still allegations against Ethiopian government regarding human rights violations in Tigray, northern Ethiopia. The latest came from UN High Commissioner for Human Rights,Michelle Bachelet. 

She claimed serious violation  of International law – perhaps something that amounts to “war crimes and crimes against Humanity.” The claim is based on a preliminary, as the report by the commission put it, analysis of information gathered. Also, the commission claimed a “credible” sources for the information, but  sources are unspecified. 

It is implied that the violation is committed by all parties involved in the conflict, as reported in the UN news update. Ethiopian Defense Force, Tigray People’s Liberation Front, Eritrean Armed Forces and Amhara Regional Forces are implicated. 

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has not yet released a statement regarding the allegations. 

On Wednesday, the government of Ethiopia released a statement regarding the situation in the northern part of the country including the human rights situation. 

It said that the government has  “taken concrete steps to address human rights abuses that have occurred within the context of the conflict triggered by the TPLF.” 

It is stated that one of the major human rights violations was in Maikadra where hundreds of civilians were massacred by TPLF militia. Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has confirmed that the massacre was committed by TPLF youth structures organized as Samri.  Arena Tigray, an ethnic Tigray opposition party, confirmed this week about the massacre in Maikadra in the statement it released. But it also called for investigation and disclosure of other human rights abuses in other parts of the region, Northern Ethiopia. 


The statement from the government said that the Federal Police and Federal Prosecutor investigated the atrocities committed in Humera and Maikadra

Furthermore, the report said that 250 witnesses have given testimony to the investigating team. 

Two hundred suspects linked to the massacre are in detention. Many more suspects have crossed to the border to Sudan, it was indicated. 

Rights violations in Axum 

Regarding the rights violations in the Axum area, the statement said that “federal investigators are conducting investigations in relation to other credible allegations of atrocities and serious human rights abuses in other parts of the region, including in Axum.” 

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission indicated readiness to collaborate with the UN agency in the investigation of human rights crimes in Axum and other parts of the region. 


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  1. Quote “The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission indicated readiness to collaborate with the UN agency in the investigation of human rights crimes in Axum and other parts of the region.”Unquote

    Humble Commentary, 4 Mar 2021
    I have a question: Why is it that Ethiopia keep bringing the need “to collaborate with the UN agency in the investigation of human rights crimes in Axum and other parts of the region.” ?!?!?!???? To expand it, why is it that the Continent of Black Africa is dependent on something that they can do themselves. Can anyone conjure that the USA and/or a tiny European Country rushing to the UN Agency for help in finding a culprits in their own countries ??? Why is it that WE Africans are hopelessly so dependent ———— I better not dare completing the sentence. AMEN INSHALLAH (in alphabetical order).

  2. What I rather see is the need for the Abiy’s administration a better and robust diplomacy. To be honest I am not sure what many of its emissaries are doing these days. May be that is due to a lack of coordination and clear directives. But I don’t feel comfortable with the officials there getting into a debate with Good Ole USA. The Biden administration thinks/believes serious crimes against humanity have been committed on innocent civilians. I don’t see a problem with that claim. As a nation that provided shelters, protection and opportunity for bisieged millions throughout its history it has to monitor humanitarian violation wherever it allegedly happens. It is up to the accused to prove its innocence beyond the benefit of the doubt. Just ‘I did not do it’ or ‘lecturing about ‘sovereignty’ would not cut the mustard. The current regime there must allow verified independent group to carry out an extensive investigation and find out if the alleged serious crime was committed and by whom. Were the victims enemy combatants or unarmed innocent civilians? That must be hammered out. I don’t think everybody is gonna believe such investigative report by the domestic human rights body. If there are armed forces in Tigray other than those of the federal government, they must leave immediately. The current provisional administration of that region has ordered/demanded such forces to leave the region and that must be heeded with no further delay.

    And there is another scenario that has been bothering me lately. This back and forth exchange between Abiy and Biden administration seems to have precedence. I am afraid it may end up to be 1976-77 all over again. Then it was like ‘No I didn’t do it. Yes you did. No I didn’t , yes you did’. That is what we see now. What worries me is this mild exchange of words will escalate into arguments resulting into frosted diplomacy. Then Abiy will feel besieged and cornered and will throw himself into the hands of the heathens in Moscow and Beijing. That will be the worst thing that can happen to that country and it’s more than 120 million citizens. The burden is on the prime minister. He had told the world that civilians were not intentionally targeted/victimized and he has to tax himself to prove that to the world. I believed him. He told the world that Ethiopian defense forces and the police are the only ones that have been doing the law enforcement tasks. I believed him. As a man of The Holy Scriptures he was speaking with a 100% assurance. He has to prove to the world that his forces were/are innocent beyond the benefits of the doubt. His officials should have a sit down with the UN officials and come up with a plan on how to investigate the allegations. He better watch his steps with the goons in Moscow and Beijing. He can’t be in both houses. He has to be in Beijing or Moscow. He can’t be both. Otherwise he will be toast. The time Putin sees him all in with the Chinese he is gonna see coup at his doorstep. The time the commies in Beijing realize he is all hands on deck with the Russians one of his trusted generals will be staring at him with handcuffs. So he better stay in good terms with Good Ole USA. Nobody has the right to take away the blessed human life that Allah so intricately created. It is quite clear that the Abiy administration is losing on the diplomatic front. The only way out of this quagmire is to prove it is innocent. It has to prove that there were no foreign armies on the Ethiopian soil in Tigray. BTW, I don’t consider Amharas to be foreigners in their own country. I hope and pray that the Biden administration will continue engaging the current regime there and will not let history repeat itself.



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