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Court set free Lamrot Kemal in connection with Hachalu Hundessa assassination

The late Hachalu Hundessa


Court on Thursday released one of the suspects in the case of Hachalu Hundessa killing saying that no evidence was presented that she took part in the assassination.

On the other hand, the court said that it has verified evidence presented by the prosecutor against Tilahun Yami, who is said to have shot and killed Hachalu, as reported by BBC Amharic. 

It was reported in the past the Lamrot was in the car with Hachalu Hundessa when he was killed.

Four suspects have been in custody following the assassination in late June 2020. 

It is to be recalled that over 180 civilians were massacred across Oromo region following news of Hachalu’s death and the killing did seem to have religious and ethnic cleaning motives, as claimed by many activists at the time. 


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  1. Who is this Tilahun Yakima? He must have been known to others beside the law enforcement folks. I politely ask the dear editors of this esteemed website to use their enormous capabilities in finding out who this person is. What did he do for a living at the time or before the assassination of Hachalu? The assassination was carried not long after the artist was grilled on a media outlet owned and run by those daydreamers of a ‘republic’. We all recall how it did not take these daydreamers and connivers a minute to call it an assassination and blame absolutely innocent group of upright people they call ‘Neftegnas’. They must have known there was a plot on Hachalu’s life. At least they must have gotten the wind of it. We should find out the background of this suspect and others who are ordered by the court to defend themselves in the trial. For me it would be best if this suspect chooses to spill the beans and tell all about it in order to save himself from the noose at the gallows.


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