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Sudan attempts to ethicize border conflict with Ethiopia

Sudan related the border conflict with Ethiopia to the ethnicity of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen

Ambassador Dina Mufti, Spokesperson of MFAE (Photo credit: MFAE)


It is evident that ethnic politics, which has a constitutional basis with a support administrative structure, made Ethiopia weaker in terms of dealing with domestic political and security issues, and also in the face of external aggression.  It is not secret some state actors were funding radical ethnic nationalists movements against the state of Ethiopia. 

The task of ensuring security in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, among other areas, seems to be getting murkier despite the Ethiopian Defense Force giving a blow to Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s project of restoration to power. 

The development in the region provided Sudan with the opportunity to invade Ethiopian territories from which Ethiopian forces withdrew to respond to the TPLF forces. 

Ardent ethnic Tigray activists are busy trying to give the story of TPLF’s irresponsible and badly planned attack on the Ethiopian Defense Force a twist to make it sound as a war declared on ethnic Tigreans. The organization’s spokesperson Getachew Reda said, after TPLF lost the war, that it does not matter if the Ethiopian Forces took control of Mekelle and all the cities in the region. He said Tigray will be ungovernable. And pro-TPLF activists seem to be doing that through their advocacy works for which they are spending left, right and center to have media personalities and non-state actors on board. 

Sudan playing ethnic politics 

Perhaps Sudan is the first state actor to play the ethnic-politics card, for purposes of international politics, in the post TPLF Ethiopia. 

The Foreign Ministry on Sunday published a statement regarding the border issue. But it rather tried to frame it as a matter relevant to Amhara, not Ethiopia. 

The gist of the statement is cited by the Sudan Tribune : “The Sudanese foreign ministry issued a virulent response to this statement, hinting that Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, Demeke Mekonnen who is an Amhara seeks through this conflict to defend the interests of the Amhara Region and jeopardizes the interests of Ethiopia.” 

For Sudanese Foreign Ministry, the border came to be a source of conflict after Demeke Mekonen became Foreign Affairs Minister. 

“The Sudanese-Ethiopian borders were never a source of conflict (between the two countries) until the coming to the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of someone who uses it to serve interests and purposes of a specific ethnic group. To achieve it, he is ready to gamble with the great interests of the Ethiopian people, their security and stability (…),” Sudan Tribune quoted the statement from the Ministry. 

Indeed, there was no border conflict between the two countries. It happened after Sudanese forces took control of Ethiopian territories following a TPLF attack on Ethiopian Defense Force. 

The statement from Sudan was supposedly a response to the Ethiopian position that ” the conflict being trumpeted by the Sudanese government’s military wing could only serve the interests of a third party at the expense of the Sudanese people.” 


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  1. Subject: “Sudan attempts to ethicize border conflict with Ethiopia”, borkena, February 23, 2021

    Commentary, 23 Feb 2024
    Politic has always been the dirty side of humanity. And it will continue to be so for ever.
    So, if that is our natural and permanent phenomenon, we have (must) be able to learn how to deal with it without liquidating each other from the surface of Mother Earth. But Alas, we had all the world wars everywhere and anywhere regardless of our knowledge of History. That is our Nature; we can’t help it.

    And so, the friction between old friends, Ethiopia and Sudan, for a piece of land over which they never had inclination to waste human life, all of sudden, are ready to do so!!! The root cause is NOT in either of the two countries. There are other elements who wish to use ‘innocent’ countries to strike the match and create a fire for the own agenda (excuses) to strike a bigger war. In a sense, the two countries — Ethiopia and Sudan — are ponies in a political chess game. Who said that the World is clean?!?!? It is as dirty as it can be!!!!!!!! Take it or leave.

    One may laugh at the above statement or even get angry for insulting the United Nations Organization and other endless organizations that were established for rational, civilized discussion and protection of the ultimate Ivy League of Creation I.e. Human Beings. That is a laugh and against the facts of history. We Human Beings show an inclination to endeavour for good Life but turn around and DESTROY what we achieved. Do you remember your childhood ?!?! >> > build houses on the sand and destroy at the end of the Day. I BETTER STOP HERE’.


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