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Ethiopia, South Sudan enter into Military cooperation agreement

Defense Chief of staffs of South Sudan and Ethiopia signing military cooperation (Photo : ENA)


A day after South Sudan’s army chief of staff General Johnson Juma Okot led a delegation to Ethiopia for an official working visit, the two countries on Friday have signed a military cooperation agreement.   

According to state media, exchange of information on military security, controlling human trafficking and controlling illicit arms trade along the border between the two countries are some areas of cooperation. 

General Berhanu Jula, Ethiopian Defense Chief, and his South Sudanese counterpart signed the agreement in the capital Addis Ababa. 

South Sudan has been attempting to meditate on the border dispute between Ethiopia and Sudan. The border dispute started after the Sudanese forces took control of Ethiopian territories after November 4, 2020, as the Ethiopian Defense Force was battling over 250,000 Tigray People’s Liberation Forces. 

Ethiopia stated the dispute could be resolved through bilateral talk with the government Sudan using a mechanism that the two countries agreed upon. However, Ethiopian demanded a precondition  that Sudanese forces withdraw from Ethiopian territories that they controlled after November 4, 2020. 



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