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South Sudan sends letter to Sudan over border tension with Ethiopia : report

It is for a second time when the president of South Sudan is attempting mediation effort to resolve the border dispute between Ethiopia and Sudan.

Leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea when they visited Juba in March 2019 ( Photo : Screenshot from EBC video)

February 12, 2021

South Sudanese president, Salva Kirr, reportedly sent another message to Sudanese leader Lt-General, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, in connection with the border tension with Ethiopia.

A report published on Thursday by Sudan state media, SUNA, said he received a South delegation led by Tut Galwak, who is adviser to the South Sudanese president. 

According to the report, Mr. Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan indicted his interest in  peace and stability in the region and with neighboring  countries while describing the situation in Sudan’s eastern border as “a re-deployment of the Sudanese army inside its recognized territories.” 

The Leader of the South Sudanese delegation is said to have a press statement after he met with Al-Burhan, and he is said to have stated that the Sudanese leader  “welcomed the content of the message which deals with ending the border tensions between Sudan and Ethiopia” 

Meanwhile, Sudan Tribune on Thursday reported that Lt Gen Yasir al-Atta, a top military general who is also a member of the Sovereign Council, whose head is Abdel Fattah Al Burhan, visited troops in what the news source called “on the border with Ethiopia.”  Local sources from Ethiopia claim that the Sudanese forces have entered up to 50 kilometers inside the Ethiopian territory, and Ethiopia has been demanding withdrawal of Sudanese forces from the area before any bilateral dialogue over the border. 

The Sudanese General visit to the region came after “reports of troops build-up from the other side of the border [Ethiopia].”  He told his forces that “the army is committed to retaking control of all Sudanese areas and then will establish permanent military bases at the international borders,” as reported by Sudan Tribune. 

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