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Tigray : Ethiopian Human Rights Commission confirmed 108 cases of rape

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) recommended that the government ensure perpetrators of rape in Tigray are brought to justice and to ensure that victims receive the appropriate support and assistance

February 11, 2021

EHRC on Thursday released what it called a follow-up report on the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

It is based on monitoring, but the commission admitted that some monitoring works were conducted remotely due to the security situation and lack of social basic social infrastructures in the region.  

The Federal police commission has  deployed forces in the region, but the number does not seem to match the level of needs for providing security to all parts of the region, it was indicated. 

The commission has also contacted, it is indicated in the report, the Tigray region interim administration as part of the work of assessing the situation in the region. 

Government structures that are not functioning are part of the problems, it was said. 

For the interim administration, “the presence of Eritrean soldiers in the North-western and Eastern Tigray, and the fact that the former Western and Southern Zones of Tigray are now under the Amhara Region’s administration, adds to the challenge of fully re-establishing the regional governmental structure.” 

The overall finding, from the commission’s view point is that “the war has left the regional governmental structures in shambles and caused physical damages to key infrastructural systems.”  

The impact is that it has “led to serious gaps in provision of local administrative, safety and security as well as basic social services,”  it was said. 

The  report also sees the rise in gender-based violence in the region as part of the consequences of the dismantling of the regional administration. 

It is claimed that a total of 108 women were raped. 52 of them happened in Mekelle, 22 in Adigrat, 7 in Wukro and 27 in Ayder.  Human rights claims are based on information, as indicated in the report, from the health official and regional health bureau. 

EHRC made further claims that the number could be higher had structures like police and health facilities, to where victims turn to for help or to report them, were operational. 

Only 30 percent of health facilities are said to be operational by the time the report was released. On the other hand,  Lia Tadesse, the Minister for Health, on Thursday said “restoration of services by health facilities in Tigray is progressing with increasing number of health facilities functioning fully or partially, and commencing their routine activities.” 

Who is behind the alleged rape? The report left is unspecified. What is confirmed,however, is that convicted criminals from ten prison facilities in the region set themselves free following the law enforcement operation in the region and that the interim administration in the region could not trace them as prisoners documentations have been destroyed. 

On a different note, EHRC remarked that there have been improvements in terms of provision of humanitarian assistance

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  1. This is a big no no. That last thing I want to hear is the raping our blessed women. This is where I will not shed tears if some soldiers are found guilty of rape, court-martialed and executed. They should face the hangman or the firing squad just like the US army did to its soldiers who were convicted of rape during and right after WWII. PM Abiy and his administration should not and be allowed to dance around this most cruel crime. This is not a damaging stain on the glorious army but also on that gem of the colored. Women in that war zone should be given a hotline where they can get both medical help and psychological help. How dare you? How dare you? Catch those demons and string them up on the gallows or give them the hot rods right on the heart!!! How dare you? Dear My Countrywomen!!! Rally up and denounce this savage crime!!! Put PM Abiy’s feet to the fire!!! You want justice now, not tomorrow, next week or next month but now as we speak.

  2. Subject: “Tigray : Ethiopian Human Rights Commission confirmed 108 cases of rape” borkena
    February 11, 2021

    Commentary, 13 Feb 2021

    RAPE: It is a crime, cruel, savage, and any other ugly terms that can be found in Dictationary.

    Cause: I am NOT a psychiatrist, psychologist, criminalogist, and any other ‘…logists’ Full Stop

    What I wish to say is that it is part of UGLY Human characterisitic — especially in an atmosphere of WAR and lawlessness where the natural urge of Humans is aroused by so many factors in the middle of ‘acceptable’ norms [war] where taking the life of another human being is sanitized !!! And so, RAPING becomes a manifestation of Man in the frustration and hidden fear s etc in war becomes a ‘shelter’ and all sorts of psychological phenomenon. I better STOP here

    But, as just a reader, I wish to say a few words about the unfortunate war between two brotherhood of Ethiopia and Tigray. As a first stage of fact, it cannot be denied that Tigray is part and parcel of Ethiopia for time immemorial. Otherwise, History will be modified, savegely. In any case, was it really necessary to sacrifice the LIFE of thousand of innocent human beings? Was there a democratic narration, discussion and decision by the people of ETHIOPIA to annihilate each other at the whims of individual egotists leadership? Let us stretch the debate a little farther: Today, the friction is with a Northern State. What happens if a Southern State or Eastern State or Western State or Central State wish to have their own preferences of separation — aroused by individual egotist?

    And so, the whole thing rests on the immortal Ethiopian humble saying goes >>> ሳይቸግር፣ ጠርቶ ጥል።


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