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Tigrean activists oppose GARE mobilization to support people in Tigray

As GARE director calls on Ethiopians in the country and abroad to help those displaced from Tigray and Benishangul, Tigrean activists oppose the move.

February 9, 2021 

Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians (GARE ) launched a fundraising campaign to support Ethiopians impacted by the law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and those displaced from Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia, where several hundreds were slaughtered in a span of five months. 

Tamagne Beyene, director of the GARE ,a 501 c organization based in the United States established to defend the rights of Ethiopians around the globe, on Tuesday announced the campaign from Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. 

“Who takes ownership for the crying mother in Tigray? Do we have to be Tigrean? For the suffering father in Metekel, do we have to be Amhara?” he said during his speech during the presser. 

And he called on Ethiopians in the country and abroad to respond to the call.

Some Tigrean activists do not seem to like the campaign. Samuel M. Gebru calls himself, and he has a personal website, as an “Ethiopian American social entrepreneur, community organizer, and consultant.” 

On Tuesday, he tweeted opposing GARE efforts to mobilize resources to assist those displaced in Tigray.

He said, “No. #Tigray & Tegaru don’t need this. We need a ceasefire, withdrawal of troops, & unfettered humanitarian access. UN, intl NGOs, & Tigray diaspora are more than ready to help. Don’t donate to this @gofundmepage.  We don’t know where the funds are going. #TigrayGenocide #Ethiopia” 

GARE opened a GoFundMe account on Tuesday and has already raised over 43,000 US dollars. The first milestone that it is expecting to raise is $100,000, but it is expected that it will push the bar up.

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  1. Oh sure, some money stolen from Ethiopians is going to find its way back to Tigray from the Tigray Diaspora. What a shameful way of being aloof when you really need the help. And by the way, the stolen money should be returned first before we talk sense.

  2. We donot need those fundings we have no control over those contributions. PP cadres could hajack them and use them to sponsor their goons and kill us . We already seen indications-revenue gained thru foreign investors and export income still applied to this war in one way or another .

    You men if you support this war in one way or another you are aginst your own people; You donot have to be a genius scientists.Most of you might think if you win you will get the land you dream for yrs and riches from other regions and create a unified maharnized ethiopia and control the entire tribe, but if you loose you will harvest a blood feud for generations to come .

    ye aba chegorew teret ?? if you listen to Abiy, yetekuway lij nefsegeay ye us and its org cia kitregna you will vanish and ethiopia will cease to exist ? choose the one you want but not the best answer ??

  3. Tamagne’s stand of lending a helping hand without ethnic background evaluation need to be commended and practiced by all , that is for sure.

    Though at this point in time as weird as it sounds in this case I agree with both, Samuel and Tamagne. I personally don’t know what to do because both of them are making sense to me. Maybe I should just take a risk and donate my last penny to GARE. I don’t know if donating to GARE brings unforseen negative side effects such as pro longing the stay of the “troops” in Tigray , prolonging Tigray’s stay without “unfettered humanitarian access” or pro longing when the ceasefire will be declared.

    This is mind boggling . I am confused to say the least. Anyway I feel like I am taking such a big risk . What to do? What to do?

    I wonder what Ittu A. F. suggests .

  4. help Tamagn and PP cadres you are the exact copy of derge . he killed Tigreans and others and was receiving donations from abroad and inside which he used to enrich himself.

    The same is true amhara elites and pp cadres from oromos

    recent reports are emerging not only eritrean army but also the oromo people , fans of pp and hired to kill Tigrayian , are committing atrocities .The majority of ethiopian soldiers are Oromos. this donot exclude the amhara militia who killed thousands in Maikadra and other parts of Tigray.

    Donot brainwash the ethiopians and other citizens, there is no Higdef serawit or PP soldiers , ethiopians and eritreans are killing Tigray people. America and EU demand the withdrawal of eritrean army but donot adress them as isayas serawit or higdef(PJDF)army . eritrean diasporas stop brainwashi,ng people to escape the resposiblity and future danger . Eritrean army is killing tigreans to protect your family from revenge and looting our property to enrich eritrea and impoverish Tigray. It is all for your benefit.
    tamagn is eternal enemy of Tigray. where was he for 100 days ? amhara elites they do collect moeny to help churches and people in their own region and at the end you find them in brothel and hotels.
    The world know Eritrean army but not higdef
    ሕግደፍ ሠራዊት ወይን ከኣ ናይ ኢሳያስ ሠራዊት ዝበሀል የለን፤አለም ናይ ኤርትራ ሠራዊት ጥራይ እያ ትፈልጥ ፤አተደናግሩ፤አታታሉ አለም የ ኤርትራ ሠራዊትን እንጂ የኢሳያስ ወይንም የሕግደፍ መንደፍ ሠራዊት የሚባል አታዉቅም፥፥የ ኤርትራ ሠራዊት፣ራሱን ምርጥ የሰዉ ዘር ብሎ የሚጠራዉ የአማራ ሠራዊት እና ከሁሉም ብሔር የተውጣጣ ለሆዱ ያደረ ትዉልድ ነዉ ወገኑን እየገደለ ያለዉ፤፤

  5. What a Shame !!
    How dare you say do not help the people who are suffering from the messiry and hardship that is caused by Weyanes own makings.. It shows sons and daughters of Bandas are always the same Bandas.
    You know that Weyane kept the Tigray people handcuffed, seal their mouth for the last 30 year
    s under tyranny worse than the rest of Ethiopia.They robed the whole country and keept us under the poverty line.
    More than 1.9 million Tigrians were living with only FOOD FOR WORK !! They were not made self-supporting.
    Keep them dependant on their charity. . When they got shattered from their power the food for work got lost
    aand left the people to starve right away from the first day of their demise..
    That is the result of your Weyane butcher and scavengers that causes all these sufferings .
    So it is inhuman to ask not to help the innocent people of Tigray who are starving and displaced!! It is inexcusable by all parameters for those sons and daughters of those Weyane parents who are living in the west lead a luxurious life with the money that was robbed from the Ethiopian people spray Fake propaganda in social media are enemies of the people. They are criminals and should be accountable for all evils that is going on to stop the timely assistance for the needy people. We are Ethiopians and we will never abandon the people. We will not retrite from the barking dogs of Weyane !!


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