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Sudan introduces new cabinet amid mounting protest in the country

Sudan implicated the National Congress Party for the protest across the country. Governors ordered to take “legal measures” against party members and leaders. 

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February 11, 2021 

Sudan introduced new cabinet ministers who took an oath of office on Wednesday amid mounting protest in the country.  They were sworn in the presence of  Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council, according to a report published by Sudan Tribune. 

Economic hardship in the country, which is believed to be the fundamental cause for the latest round of protest, and still underway, is a priority area for the new cabinet. 

The National Congress Party (NCP), an opposition party, is implicated in the recent protests across the country. Government ordered governors of states to take what it called “legal measures” against the party leaders. 

In some states like Kordofan, a curfew is imposed between as early as 4PM local time and 6AM local time, according to Sudan Tribune report.

State news outlet, SUNA News, reported that the governor of Nahr El-Neil state ordered relevant authorities to take measures  “against the active cadres of the dissolved National Congress Party.” 

Sudan is facing mounting internal protest as its military continues to occupy Ethiopian territories. 

On Wednesday, The Sudan Tribune reported “The Sudanese Armed Forces regained control of about 50 thousand acres of agricultural land in the border area after expelling Ethiopian militiamen.” 

Ethiopian government has briefed Ambassadors based in the capital Addis Ababa this week and one of the issues was occupation of Ethiopian territories by Sudanese forces. 

Ethiopia reiterated commitment for a peaceful resolution of any border dispute, but it underscored the importance of respecting the status quo ante before November 4, when the Ethiopian troops based in the area were relocated following the attack on the Ethiopian Defense Force in Tigray region by TPLF forces. 

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