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Ethiopia says Sudanese forces continue looting, displacing farmers

Ethiopia still committed to “amicable” solution to the border issue as Sudanese forces continue looting

Ethiopia _ Sudan
Dina Mufti, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ of Ethiopia during press conference this week (Photo : MFAE)

January 26, 2021 

Ethiopia on Tuesday reaffirmed commitment for a peaceful resolution of the border dispute with Sudan. 

In his weekly press briefing, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Dina Mufti, said that Ethiopia still believes in a peaceful solution to the border problem.

But Ethiopia’s position did come with a precondition. 

“Before the commencement of any negotiation, we demand the Sudanese army to evacuate the area that it has occupied currently by displacing Ethiopian farmers as of November 6 2020, and respect its agreement to keep the status quo,” he said.

The spokesperson accused Sudanese leaders of beating war drums. The situation in the areas occupied by the Sudanese forces within the Ethiopian territories are getting worse.

Ambassador Dina Mufti said that Sudanese forces continued looting and displacing Ethiopian farmers. 

Ethiopia tend to think that Sudan is pushing itself for a proxy war.

Sudan has not responded to Ethiopia’s position regarding the precondition for negotiation, which Ethiopia wants to be rather a bilateral one, at this writing. 

Sudan has recently been sending conflicting messages about the land which Ethiopia said is occupied by Sudanese Forces after Ethiopian troops were withdrawn from the area for a law enforcement campaign in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The leader of President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and General Commander of the Armed Forces, Abdul-Fattah Al-Burhan, first said his forces occupied the Ethiopian territories with invitation from Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. 

When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia clarified the issue last week on Tuesday saying that Ethiopia invited Sudan for cooperation on border control not to allow criminals leave the country, Abdul-Fattah Al-Burhan came up with a different narrative which sounded a bit belligerent for politicized Ethiopians. 

He said his troops are deployed within Sudanese territory, and SUNA cited him as saying “Sudan stance that it does not want to go to war with Ethiopia or with any of the neighboring countries, but it will not abandon an inch of its territory.” 

SUNA, Sudanese state news outlet, reported on Monday that Andrew Young who is the Deputy Commander of the US Military Command in Africa arrived in Khartoum on Monday “to discuss ways of enhancing the relations between Sudan and the United States in different fields.” 

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  1. Sudanese leaders will come back to their senses sooner than later. What concerns me is the other news about Eritrean soldiers’ presence in Tigray doing the search and destroy/capture operation alongside their Ethiopian counterparts. It is reaching the point where the news may stick. It is not only the activists’ dens like the BBC and their look alike talking about this but it is being raised by government officials both here in the USA and Europe. It will be a no no for me to see any foreign troops foraging in the old country. If they(Eritrean soldiers) have reoccupied the territory they were awarded by the Boundary Commission in 2002, then that is ok and legit. They have to remember that the same commission had awarded territories under their control now to Ethiopia. They have to turn over those territories also. But if it is true, they have no business in doing any fighting in Ethiopia. None!!!!! PM Abiy and his administration officials should come out clean on this allegation. They have to be level with everyone on this one. There is another news that somehow disturbed me. It is the killing of a journalist in Mekele. The local government in Tigray should also come out clean on this one. It is a serious allegation going around about the death of this reporter. If this countryman was targeted and murdered in cold blood just for being a journalist then it is going to be the start of the undoing of the runaway support PM Abiy administration has been enjoying so far. I have heard that Mekele is understandably under curfew. In a war zone where there is a curfew, you could put your life in danger if you go out and wonder around. Curfew is curfew. We have seen it here in the USA during riot. Wondering around during curfew is strictly prohibited and you could jeopardize your life if you break it. So PM Abiy’s and the city officials in Mekele should tell us what actually happened. What is the local human rights commission saying about it? If there are individuals with a cowboy mentality and would not hesitate to use humans as target practice, they should be weeded out and face the military tribunals. Such crime is a crime against humanity to which Ethiopia is one of the signatories. So dear officials!!! Speak up!!!!

  2. idiot . It is good that you are admitting teh war crime because US, your masters , and EU told you . However, you ittu farda fara making curfew as a lame excuse. Idiot puppy. Stop brainwashing . They are killing civilans house to house. They are creating new story never heard of it before-TPLF raped Eritrean women during 1998-2000 war which is false. all of you were supporting the then war in 1998.Many from Amhara, Oromo and other ethnics flew to Tigray to fight with ERItreans. Amhara soldeirs raped and killed Eritreans during Derge regime, but no eritrean speaks about this except a fabricated story to tarnish TPLF.

    Stop committing crime against tigrainas whom you call patriotic ethiopians .


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