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Ethiopia : Buildings with no known owners in Addis Ababa

It is a corruption story. Addis Ababa City administration says it will follow-up investigations on buildings with no owners, and misappropriated lands 

January 27, 2021 

Addis Ababa City Administration on Tuesday has released a report from research conducted on illegally appropriated lands and illegal transfer of condo units built for low-income families in the city.

The study was initiated following public complaints about illegal land grabbing in the city especially since prime minister Abiy Ahmed took office in April 2018, and a considerable number of residents in the city tend to see a political motive. 

The findings from the study revealed that  misappropriated land and condominium units. 

The acting Mayor Adanech Abiebie, who has been in the position for the last four months after her predecessor Takele Uma was removed for what some observers say was related to misappropriation of land and condo units, announced to the public that 1,338 hectares of land was transferred to the city’s land bank.

About 322 houses and buildings were found to be with no known owners.  Mrs. Adanech said that the houses were demolished. 

Furthermore, it was established with  evidence that 21, 696 condominium units built in different parts of the city for low-income families were transferred illegally to those who were not registered, and hence not in the waiting list. Those who registered were making payment for required savings through the designated financial institutions. 

It is public knowledge that the illegal transfer of Condo units happened under the Takele Uma administration. The speculation, as some Ethiopian activists bluntly express it, is because of clandestinely planned demographic change favoring growing ethnic Oromo numbers in the city. 

What seems to be a question is that city authorities who either coordinated or made the misappropriation of land and illegal transfer of condo units will be held responsible or not.  The former mayor of the city, Takele Uma, is already appointed as Federal Minister for Mining and Energy when a considerable number of residents in the city, and beyond, believe he should have been held responsible for the grand theft of land and condo units during his tenure as acting mayor of the city. 

In her presser on Tuesday, the Mayor said that the finding of the study is transferred to the Federal police and the office of the Prosecutor general for an investigation. Also, she said that the city administration will follow up with the investigation. But that does not seem to have subscribers, based on reactions on social media, as there is a growing public trust problem. 

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  1. Corruption and theft on massive scale. AA Administration should be commended for the research. But what is equally important should be what to do with the research? Are the properties going to be nationalized and sold to investors? And how should the money to be collected from sales to be used.

    The federal government should very quickly organize a group of exports to deal with all the properties.

    And while I am at it, I would like to see all real estate (houses, commercial buildings, etc) nationalized by the Derge to be privatized immediately. The inefficiency and corruption of the government’s “housing agency” that administers such properties must be huge and very costly to economic development.

    • corruption ke TPLF gar altefam ende jal ? I thought you have now a prosperous country led by 7TH king amharanized Akkab , his excellency trafic man Abiy . During H.E Abiy , buchilaw , There should not be corruption and story of corruption at all .

      Mark my words, there will not be a king or PM who is not corrupted and killer in any african country let alone among cursed habesha men who kill a kid based on ethnicity.

      perhaps they found the kid outside , according to Mister abbo Ittu Farda

      I disagree too. Eritreans are still in Tigray changed into civilian clothings. They are like Treacherous Chameleons and perfect example of cruelty. People speak sometimes about the “bestial” cruelty of man, but that is terribly unjust and offensive to beasts, no animal could ever be so cruel as a man, so artfully, so artistically cruel. Fyodor Dostoyevsk. Eritrea trained these criminals for years to take revenge on TPLF and Tigrayians. There is no reason behind their revengeful motives and actions except their defeat at border war between 1998 and 2000 . Furtheremore, they were deported to their country when they declare their Independence and set up an autonomous country , officialy known as State of Eritrea.They describe the deportation as brutal ; because they want to stay in our country without declaring themselves as refugees or legal residents-paying taxes and meeting all other requirements like any resident living in sovereign country . They simply want to live by stealing jobs and enjoy lives like any ethiopians and decalring eritreans at the same time. These days, they are making and dessiminating videos to defame TPLF and Tigreans as if their women were raped by TPLF during 1998-2000 border war. It is like we are raping your women because you were doing it which yopu could not expect to emanate from people leading a nation.Their IQ is running low and gonna stop thinking like an ordinary humanbeing. I have never heard of the later claim except this week which is fabricated to deceive the international community and incite their people to accept the attrocites committed on our people.The cruelty of these Eritrean soldiers is not limitted to the killings of civilians in the streets, looting, burning houses and fodders but also they were massacring the entire family members by going from house to house.


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