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Tigray : Hunger, Humanitarian crisis looming in the region — reports

Humanitarian organizations estimate 4.5 million people in Tigray region (nearly the entire population) are facing the danger of starvation 

Tigray _ Mekelle _ Ethiopia

January 18, 2021 

BBC news reported on Monday that there is a looming hunger crisis in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. It cited what it called a leaked copy of notes from a meeting of Humanitarian workers to report that “Hundreds of thousands might starve to death.”

The United Nations three days ago reported that the humanitarian situation in Tigray is “dire.” 

The statement it released said that “… the humanitarian situation of the population is dire after nearly two and half months of fighting. With supply routes cut-off and the harvest season impacted by the conflict, reports indicate that food is not available or is extremely limited in markets, posing increased risks of malnutrition.” 

Some activists from the Tigray region are calling for help to tackle the humanitarian crisis in the region. Amdom Gebreslasie is an activist and a member of Arena Tigray party. 

He wrote on his Facebook on Sunday that over 4.5 million people in the region are affected by the war and need emergency aid. “Let us help the people of Tigray,” he said. Food, medicine and other goods, he said. Regional leaders, people in different cities and Ethiopian in the diaspora are expected to support the people of Tigray — he said in his message.  Tigary is said to have about five million people. 

There has been a military operation in the region since November 4. Government said that the major law enforcement operation in the region was completed when the Ethiopian Defense Force controlled Mekelle in early December. However, there are reports, based on narrative from Humanitarian organizations,  of pockets of resistance in different parts of the region — which the government did not confirm. 

The region’s health office disclosed last week that the security situation has complicated the delivery of medicine to the region.  

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian Disaster Management Commission on Monday announced that it has delivered about five hundred quintals of nutritional food and medicine to shire and its region. It said that it used an Ethiopian Air force cargo plane to deliver it. Furthermore, it said that so far 1.8 million people have been supported with food aid in the region. 

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  1. QUOTE: “BBC news reported on Monday that there is a looming hunger crisis in the Tigray region of Ethiopia” UNQUOTE, borkena January 18, 2021

    Humble Opinion, 19 Jan 2021
    Again?!?! Again!?!? Again!?!?
    There is something wrong in that region.
    Is it a NATURAL “CURSE”?!?!
    IS the mighty GOD, up IN HEAVEN, also affected by the ugly phenomenon called DISCRIMINATION based on the colour of the skin ?!?!?!?! ….I better NOT go into that dangerous analysis.
    So, here is a safe ground for discussion, analysis in our convenient atmosphere — listed in a) b) c) d) e) and finally in “f”) (as conclusive FAILURE).

    a) First and foremost, let us concentrate on the MIGHTY TPLF;

    b) TPLF should have DISSOLVED itself after its mighty success in liquidating the DERG from the fertile land of Ethiopia;

    c) But alas! The success of TPLF was such a phenomenon that the self-anointed leaders of TPLF were inherently and deeply INTOXICATED by their success;


    e) In short, ambitious individuals anointed themselves as that EARTHLY GOD with their DiSCIPLES and finally,

    f) DISASTER came-in with confidence and determination to fulfil its natural task <<<>> CLASSICAL TRAGEDY. THE END

  2. I see this sentence in this article ‘However, there are reports, based on narrative from Humanitarian organizations, of pockets of resistance in different parts of the region ..’ My question is reports by whom? Activist folks at BBC, AFP, Reuters and Al-Gahba have not heard from their sweetheart Chairman Mao Debre in weeks now. I can make search claims sitting here more than ten thousand miles from Tigray because I know there were bloody battles not too long ago. So who is reporting what? You see, those who do not want that gem of the colored to succeed who do not want to witness it has finally got its mojo working will concoct and cook up any story to ‘herald’ its demise. They had said ‘this is it’ in 1974 and again in 1991 and again 2018. Just about 3 months ago they were writing its obituary. They had no doubt that gem of the colored would go asunder by now and take the entire region down with it. That was in October. Well, well, well!!! It is January 2021 and after calling everybody to the wake and funeral service for a dead Ethiopia, there is no dead country and no one showed up for the service. They are fabricating one fake news after another to make the world believe that Ethiopia is no more, dead and gone. What we see now is a silhouette, a mirage in the place used to be called Ethiopia. I think those psychiatric experts should come up with a new classification of daydreamers!!!

  3. congratulations for those of you who were disseminating hate and speech inciting genocide against Tigrians! The time has eventually arrived for you to get together and wash with wines and all sorts of drinks you might prefer to clean your throat uttering hate outloud.



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