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Captured TPLF leaders appeared in court in the capital Addis Ababa

Police told court that captured TPLF leaders attempted to overthrow the constitutional order through violence 

TPLF Leaders _ Sebhat Nega
TPLF leader, Sebhan Nega, arriving in court in the capital Addis Ababa (Screenshot from EBC)

January 15, 2021

Twenty top  captured Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders on Friday appeared in a Federal court in the capital Addis Ababa. They appeared in Arada first instance court. 

The Federal Police told the Federal court that Sebhat Nega, Abadi Zemu, Abraham Tekeste, Keriya Ibrahim, and seventeen others attempted to overthrow the constitutional order through violence. 

Furthermore, police are accusing them of organizing an illegal armed group in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and attacking the Ethiopian Defense Force — an incident that led to a fully fledged war that lasted for three weeks. 

Establishing contact with other countries — outside their constitutional rights — to collect funds for the war they planned against the Federal government and firing rockets at Bahir Dar and Gondar International airports — an action that claimed innocent lives, are some of the charges they will be facing as reported by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC). Before the end of the war, the Ethiopian government did not disclose that lives were lost due to the rocket attacks at Bahir Dar and Gondar Airport. 

The Federal Police Investigation department also told the court that the nature of the crime they committed is a complicated one and that fourteen more days is needed to complete the investigation which the court granted. 

A video released on the state media shows the captured TPLF leaders with invigorated physical condition compared to the one shown when they arrived in Addis Ababa. And the government distributed to them an active wear – a privilege that is not extended to other suspects of a crime that are in police custody.

Sebhat Nega and nine other TPLF key officials were captured last week during a search operation in the wilderness along Tekeze river , and flown to Addis Ababa on Friday (last week) in an Air Force plane. 

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian Defense Force announced earlier this week that three top TPLF leaders (Seyoum Mesfin, Abay Tsehaye and Asmelashe Woldeselassie) were killed in a cave near the Tekeze river during a joint operation by the Defense Force and the Federal police. 

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  1. This whole story reminds me what one of my friends told me in early 1980’s. Like me he knew many of those young and motivated young intellectuals who perished in the bloodletting years of the 1970’s. I personally knew a few of them before and after I moved here in early 1970’s and I can confidently tell you that all of them had the intellectual horsepower to run any mega global companies. I still mourn their demise knowing there is nothing I can do to bring them back. Nothing. Many of them didn’t even have dignified burials. But one by one they were dead under various circumstances during that turbulent decade. What my friend told me was this. Those young intellectuals belonged to various groups who claimed to be the first to form political parties before one another. First was the bickering on theories someone else wrote decades and more than a century ago in faraway places. Bickering continued unabated and escalated to name calling and threats ending into deadly shootings. Many lost their lives and many of the survivors were rounded up by the demonic Mengistu, summarily executed and buried in the same graves. Now fast forward to 2021 what we see now is somewhat similar scenario but this time there is a much law abiding government running the country. Sebhat and his cronies used to call Jawar(Hey bigots! Go jump in the lake and don’t come up) terrorists and Jawar and his media outfit used to call Sebhat and his cronies ‘A neftegna influenced Oromo oppressor/killer’ Woyane. Now they have made a full circle ended up in saying hello in jail. All these miscreants awaits them lengthy prison time as they deserve it in the court of law. Many innocent have lost their Allah blessed lives because of what these guys were teaching and preaching. Finally Allah is telling them with a resounding ‘Enough is enough. My children’s blood has been crying out for justice for too long!!!!’. As the old adage goes ‘What goes around comes around!’ Ain’t karma a …..!!! You know how to finish it!!!! Every one of them is getting his/her just crème brûlée in the slammer. In a way it is déjà vu 1970’s.


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