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TPLF Intrigue Master Sebhat Nega captured, Seyoum Mesfin hide out identified

Sebhat Nega is believed to be at the center of much of TPLF intrigues against Ethiopia, and Ethiopians

Sebhat Nega ( Photo :screenshot from EBC)

January 8, 2021 

For some ardent Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) supporters, the fact that TPLF lost the war in a span of three weeks — a war that it thought would win it without  — was not convincing enough that TPLF is a thing of the past. 

The hope was the leaders would reorganize and do a miracle to defeat the Ethiopian Defense Force whom TPLF attacked on November 4 which turned to be a trigger for the war. 

Reality on the ground does not seem to be that way.

The Ethiopian Defense Force revealed the past two days that two key members of TPLF leadership were killed as they were trying to escape. 

And several others are captured including Sebhat Nega who was one of the founders and key ideologue of TPLF. He wielded strong power for so long within the TPLF which enabled to do whatever he wanted including building a business empire of his own. 

Sebhat Nega, who is said to be 86 years of age, was captured in a mountain hideout in the wilderness of Tekeze on Friday, according to an Ethiopian Defense Force statement. 

News of his capture has been trending on Facebook and Twitter among Ethiopians. 

Meanwhile, emerging news on social media indicate that the hide out of Seyoum Mesfin, who served as a Foreign Minister of Ethiopia for about two decades, is identified. He is said to be hiding in a mountainous area about 18 kilometers from Mekelle, and that his guards were exchanging fire with Ethiopian Defense Force. However, the Ethiopian Defense Force is yet to confirm the news. 

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