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Seyoum Mesfin, Abay Tsehaye killed Ethiopian Defense Force confirms

Seyoum Mesfin was a top TPLF official, and one of the close confidants of Meles Zenawi, who served as foreign minister for nearly two decades. 

Seyoum Mesfin _ Abay Tsehaye
Seyoum Mesfin (top), Abay Tsehaye (botom left) and Asmelash Woldeselassie (bottom right)

January 13, 2021
Updated on January 13, 2021 8:38 PM

The Ethiopian Defense Force on Wednesday confirmed that former Minister for Foreign Affairs Seyoum Mesfin was killed after he resisted to surrender.

News updates from the defence force said that they were killed during a joint operation with the Federal police but did not specify when that happened. Seyoum Mesfin was killed in a cave area along the Tekezze river bank (the river is 608 kilometers long).

Some Ethiopian activists on social media speculate that it has been several weeks since he was killed and that the government is releasing the information now to divert attention away from the massacre in the Benishangul region of Ethiopia. 

Two other top Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) officials, namely Abay Tsehaye and Asmelash Woldeselassie were also killed during the operation.  

Colonel Kiros Hagos, who was said to have deserted the Ethiopian Defense Force to change side to TPLF force, was also killed, apparently in the same operation, according to information from the defense force. 

“The TPLF officials and the military officer were repeatedly asked to surrender before they were annihilated,” said Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew who is head of the deployment department in the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Furthermore, the Ethiopian Defense Force announced lists of military officers who were captured in the operation:  

1) Colonel Gebremeskel Gebrekidan (deserted from Ethiopian Defense Force)

2) Colonel Fisseha Kidane (deserted from Ethiopian Defense Force)

3) Colonel Zerabruk Tadesse (deserted from Ethiopian Defense Force)

4) Commander Gebrekidan Asgedom (was commander of Tigray Special Forces)

5) Ato Mebrhatom Kinde (Tigray region government official) 

There are still key TPLF leaders who are neither confirmed dead nor captured. Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew extended the call to surrender.   

Several TPLF leaders including Sebhat Nega and Abay Woldu were captured last week.

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  2. Now the orphans of college campuses and gudifachaas of Sebhat Nega are crying foul with the same old fantasy, a fantasy of victimization. They are fabricating news of ‘genocide’ using their social media platforms and foreign media outlets. For them when a misguided militia fire their deadly guns at the federal forces it is a legit but when the federal law enforcement forces fire back it is a genocide. It is like an armed bank robber telling the swat team ‘I am the one and only one who is supposed to kill you. Not you!’ They are using the names of well known places like churches and other historical sites as locations where the so-called massacres took place when the glaring fact is those places were where the goons ordered their misled well armed militia to dig foxholes and trenches that stretch for miles in preparation for war and assault on more than 116 million citizens. During wars foxholes and trenches are generally legitimate targets. You just don’t go in there to say hello. You go in there to mix it up and show who is in charge. During a war you as a soldier have the right to defend yourself and your buddies in ‘the Company C’. You know what I mean? These individuals like to claim full ownership of everything. When IMF and The World Bank came out with good economic news they and only they were the reason. They used to tell us time and again and churning one documentary after another that they were the sole victims of the Red Terror demonic Mengistu unleashed in the 1970’s. It is estimated that close 500,000 citizens were victimized during that bloodletting and if we believe them 499,999 of those victims were from Tigray. This strange behavior used to intrigue until I brought it up with one of my warra Chercher friends. His reasoning has some historical perspectives. It evolves out of the feeling of being like those early followers of both religions. During the early days of both Christianity and Islam their first converts were prosecuted by non believers and numerous believers were martyred. Fast forward to the 21st Ethiopia we now have individuals who fantasized with fake martyrdom. It also grabs the attention of the gullible afar, in distant places. It cut both ways for them. It satisfies their unquenchable thirst for martyrdom and it garners some sympathy from naive audience at faraway places. I bet you if you ask the head of the BBC, AFP, Reuters and may be UPI if a genocide has been committed in Tigray he/she would tell you yes it is the case. Such sympathy is usually followed by financial aid. Then there comes the vicious cycle of going back to panhandling. It becomes a lucrative tax free business y’all!!!!

  3. Is there enough words and sentences to express the feelings of the Ethiopian peoples anger, disappointment, disparities etc. to describe what these thugs have done to the population of Tigray and Ethiopia in general.
    How in havens name did we fail as a country, as a society and as a people to stop this from happening, and obliterate these thugs from the gate go, but instead we have simply allowed them to entirely, exponentially change the demographics of this historically unsurpassable ancient land of Ethiopia in such an embarrassing way for the world to see and be laughed at, may the GOD of our forefathers forgive us.
    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅህ: ዕደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::

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      Just ignore this ‘Republic’ dreaming bigot. I can tell you this what I have been telling those day dreamers like him since the 1970’s. They will never, ever be able to yank away a territory even the size of your and my hands to found their ‘republic’ to use it as their personal fiefdom. Please underline ‘never’ and ‘ever’ for me. Not now and not even on Yawm al-Qiyāmah!!! It will remain for them just as fantasy as The Wizard of Oz.

      This whole story depicted in this video reminds me what one of my friends told me in early 1980’s. Like me he knew many of those young and motivated intellectuals who perished in the bloodletting years of the 1970’s. I personally knew a few of them before and after I moved here in early 1970’s and I can confidently tell you that all of them had the intellectual horsepower to run any mega global companies. I still mourn their demise even though I don’t agree with their ideology but knowing there is nothing I can do to bring them back. Nothing. Many of them didn’t even have dignified burials. But one by one they were dead under various circumstances during that turbulent decade. What my friend told me was this. Those young intellectuals belonged to various groups who claimed to be the first to form political parties before one another. First was the bickering on theories someone else wrote decades and more than a century ago in faraway places. Bickering continued unabated and escalated to name calling and threats ending into deadly shootings. Many lost their lives and many of the survivors were rounded up by the demonic Mengistu, summarily executed and buried in the same graves. Now fast forward to 2021 what we see now is somewhat similar scenario but this time there is a much law abiding government running the country. Sebhat and his cronies used to call Jawar(Hey bigots! Go jump in the lake and don’t come up) terrorists and Jawar and his media outfit used to call Sebhat and his cronies ‘A neftegna influenced Oromo oppressor/killer’ Woyane. Now they have made a full circle ended up in saying hello in jail to each other. All these miscreants awaits them lengthy prison time as they deserve it in the court of law. Many innocent citizens have lost their Allah blessed lives because of what these guys were teaching and preaching. Finally Allah is telling them with a resounding ‘Enough is enough. My children’s blood has been crying out for justice for too long!!!!’. As the old adage goes ‘What goes around comes around!’ Ain’t karma a …..!!! You know how to finish it!!!! Every one of them is getting his/her just crème brûlée in the slammer. In a way it is déjà vu 1970’s.

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