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Nine more top TPLF leaders including Abay Woldu in Addis after being captured

Two military generals who deserted the Ethiopian Defense Force to join fight alongside TPLF killed in action

Abay Woldu _ Ethiopia _TPLF

January 11, 2021 

Just two days after the founder and ideologue of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Sebhat Nega, was captured and brought to Addis Ababa, nine other top TPLF political and military leaders were captured alive on Sunday and brought to Addis Ababa,on Monday, where they will be appearing in court.

Abay Woldu, former Tigray region president and Ethiopian Ambassador to the Netherlands, and deputy president of the region, Dr. Tekeste Abrham, are among leaders captured in the latest joint search operation by the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

“The ongoing search operation by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Defense Force continues to bring the treasonous junta leadership to justice. Today, we handed over Abay Woldu and other leaders of the destructive leadership to the criminal investigation department of the Federal police,” the Defense Force said in a brief statement  published on social media. 

Captured TPLF leaders on Monday were flown to Addis Ababa in an Ethiopian Air force plane. State media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, aired a video of their arrival at Addis Ababa  Bole international Airport. 

Stubborn  and belligerent look of the former Tigray region president, Abay Woldu, is not one reads on his face. In his battered pants and TPLF guerrilla time trademark  shoe, Abay looked frail and distressed. 

Lieutenant Seyoum Turbo, commander of the 28th division of the Eastern Command, reportedly said that it took extensive search effort and ups and downs, to capture them. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force also announced that top military leaders,  who deserted from the Ethiopian Defense Force as the TPLF launched an attack on the northern command on November 4, 2021, were killed during the operation. Major General Ibrahim Anduljelil, Brigadier General Gebrekidan Gebremariam, ten other senior military officers and two junior officers, and deputy commissioner of the region’s police were killed during the operation. 

People in the Tigray region of Ethiopia have been supportive during the search operation, as disclosed by the Defense Force. 

On December 18, 2020, the Ethiopian Defense Force announced a 10 million birr reward for information for the capture of top TPLF leaders. 

So far, it is unclear if the capture of two top TPLF leaders came due to information provided to the defense force. Informants will receive the reward anonymously for security reasons.  

There are  dozens of TPLF leaders who are not captured or confirmed dead. 

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