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TPLF leaders list killed in action as disclosed by Ethiopian Defense Force

Core TPLF leaders yet to be captured as per information from Ethiopian Defense Force 

Ethiopian Defense Force _ TPLF

January 1, 2021

The Ethiopian Defense Force on Friday announced about Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders who were killed during the law enforcement operation. 

One of those killed in action is said to be Colonel Yemane Gebremiechael who is believed to be, according to Ethiopian government position, behind the Maikadra massacre in early November 2020. 

Former State Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Mulu GebreEgziabhier, is among leaders who were taken captive during the operation. 

Brig. General Tesfaye Ayalew, head of the deployment department within the defense force, told Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) there was a joint operation by the Ethiopian Defense Force and the Federal police to capture TPLF leaders. Some are captured live  while those who resisted were killed in action. 

There are, however, TPLF leaders who are not yet captured or confirmed to be dead. The joint operation between the Defense Force and the Federal Police is still undertaking the operation to hunt them down. 

According to Brig. General Tesfaye, some TPLF military and political leaders were captured in a monastic community in north Ethiopia disguising themselves as monks. Others were found in a cave. 

Senior military officers who deserted the army to fight on the side of TPLF have been killed after they declined an offer to surrender during the search operation, General Tesfaye added.  

Military officers killed in Action : 

Colonel Alem Gebremedhin, Colonel Benyan Gebremedhin, Colonel Ambaye, Colonel Maesho, Colonel Yirga Seyoum, Colonel Hadush, Colonel Atsbeha, Colonel Tesfaye Gebremedhin, Colonel Yohannes Kalayu, Colonel Tekle Egziabher, and Let. Colonel Berhane Tola 

Captured :

Hadush Zewge Gezahegne (the region’s audit office head)
Solomon Hiluf Nigussie (Development training office head)
Kidanemariam Gebrekirstos (Attorney general of the region)
Bahita Woldemichael (Education office head)
Hagos Woldekidan Gebremariam, (Development plan coordinator in the office of Economy plan)
Gebreamlak Yihebyo (Mekelle University faculty) 

Also, Ethiopian Defense Force announced that an unspecified number of Tigray region’s special forces and militia surrendered to  government forces. 

Furthermore, the Ethiopian Defense said that “some TPLF leaders who were killed in action were buried after their head is decapitated” to avoid public disclosure of their identity.  

The whereabouts of key TPLF leaders including Debretsion Gebremichael, Getachew Reda, Seyoum Mesfin, Alem Gebrewahid, and Abay Tsehaye  ( among others) is yet to be established. 

About a week ago, Getachew Reda tweeted, presumably somewhere from the Tigray region, that he is alive. 

Last month, Ethiopia offered ten million birr reward for information leading to the capture of TPLF leaders.

Those captured are anticipated to provide reliable clue.

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  1. This is just another sad episode in our unabated history of violence. It really saddens me to keep hearing children of the same Mother Ethiopia have not found the plausible ways of finding the middle spot where differences in opinion would be resolved before they escalate into conflicts in which lives will be lost, Some among us seem to choose to remain rigid in our opinions/conviction with ‘mine or bust’ mentality. You add that demonic ideology of Marxism/Leninism to such rigid opinion then this happens. We heard it all. Those goons on the top echelons of the TPLF did honestly believe still believe that they were the emancipators of all Oromos and Amharas that have a combined population of more than 80 million. They really believe in such twisted idea and have been poisoning their followers to believe so. You could have seen them saying that. We have seen and heard them telling us that ad nauseam for more than 30 years now. Such twisted idea drove them to look down the rest of the population in that country. That pushed them to believe that they are the only ones who can prevail in the battle field. They even had the audacity to tell us boatload of stories how they used to beat the well armed soldiers of Mengistu with just archaic bolt action rifles. For them every Amhara and Oromo is so coward that he shakes in his boots just at the sight of a Tigrayan. They also believed in the lies they tell others that they ended up believing their own lies. They pilfered AK47’d and RPG’s from the nation’s arsenals and armed their ragtag followers with these stolen properties. They told the BBC, AFP, Reuters and Al-Jaeeda that they have a well trained and battle seasoned army of 250,000 fighters. That was a runaway exaggeration and lie they told again and again which they ended up believing it. That was why they kept sneering at the PM when he traveled all the way to Mekele trying to bring them to their senses. But such commendable effort was futile. Elders consisting of community and religious leaders went all the way to Chairman Debre’s joint in their blessed effort to avert any bloodshed between brothers. But those goons did not even afford the respect those elders deserved in accordance to our legendary tradition. That is because the goons believed they were/are invincible created to rule unchallenged for a thousand years. What stupidity!! What arrogance!!! Now those who have survived so far will live the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders like a rattled up wildebeest. That is even if they will be able to continue to survive the chase by the Alula incarnate of their own.

  2. International Call for Worldwide Protests Against Abiy, Isaias and UAE – Friday, Jan 8, 2021 and Friday, Jan 22, 2021

    Also ON MONDAY JANUARY THE 4TH 2021, 9AM to 4PM

  3. The main problem is that Abiy Ahmad the foster child of woyane fascists is treading the same path that his father meles zenawi thought him. Abiy and his fascist clique are stuck in the rut , they do not seem to think that there are other ways to administer a country, what they know is the tplf’s way and they measure themselves on the scale of brutality of tplf. How much more land they invade and shared among themselves, how much money they robbed from the national bank, how many people they killed and uprooted . we have seen the level of brutality probably never witnessed in world history; people are being chopped up tom death with machette , dead bodies pushed to mass graves with bulldozers.
    there has never been a day in the last nearly 3 years when we have not heared these kinds of fascist brutality.
    Abiy ahmad has shown himself to be a brutal fascist whose agenda is orommouomma. He uses the so called change as a cover up to pursue his goal , he has surrounded himself with olf fascist gangsters all of whom have been involved in genocide and crime against humanity during the tplf era. With the coming of Abiy to the Palace, they have got a new lease of life.

    • melka your comment smells a stew from amhara . Keep on complaining . 3 months ago , you were lauding Abiy and now you are regretting since you lost your land and your militia are dead and their body is devoured by animals. If you were succeeded in killing all Tigrayians and win the war you could have lauded Abiy and his party !

      Donot cry like that anymore . Amhara elites will lead the world for eternity acc to your prophetic books written by amhara .

  4. Melka

    Abiy Ahmed treated Meles, Abadulla and many other Juntas as his lady friends for the longest since he was a teen ager . Yes Abiy Ahmed slept with each of them repeatedly at their orgy until Meles passed away. What is happening between the same sex orgy members EPRDFites after Meles died until now , only time will tell. Abiy is not their child but more like their slave who had been sodomized by them since he was in his teens.


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