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Ethiopia offers 10 mln birr for information leading to capture of TPLF leaders

The Ethiopian Defense Force will give the reward secretly to protect privacy of informers

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December 18, 2020 

Nearly two weeks after the Ethiopian Defense Force took control of what became the political centre of  Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders in the past two years, Mekelle, Key leaders are still at large. And their whereabouts is unknown despite massive search efforts. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force on Friday announced a 10 million birr reward for information leading to the capture of key TPLF leaders, state broadcaster EBC reported. 

 Let. General Asrat Denero is head of the Information department in the Ethiopian Defense Force. He said the offer is introduced to help the effort to capture TPLF Junta leaders, as he called them. 

“Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the TPLF leaders could inform the nearby Ethiopian Defense Force members  in person or make a phone call.” 

Two phone number have been provided : 09 43 47 13 36 or 012 5 50 43 48 

The identity of the informer will remain anonymous as the reward will be transferred in a way that observes the privacy of the informer. 

Perhaps this is the first time in  the history of Ethiopia for the government to introduce such an amount of financial reward to capture criminals. The US employed such an approach during the “war on terror,” and the during the war in Iraq. 

When Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited Mekelle this past Sunday to meet with military leaders and provisional administration in the region, he said “we have won the war 100 percent but it will not be complete unless the criminals are captured and brought to justice.” He told them that the criminals must be hunted and arrested. 

He also expressed his belief that the people of Tigray do have a responsibility to help the effort to capture the criminals. 

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  1. Please help me . I tried to talk to INSA with the number they gave us , 09 43 47 13 36 or 012 5 50 43 48 , but no one is responding . I thank it is busy nombera
    Tikomaa lemestet neber 27 amet yeketeketunin enzihun asalife le mahibrekidusan lemestet neber

  2. Check it out! Check it out!!! I got a live one for you patriots(bigots notwithstanding). The ever patriotic people of Tigray have started talking to their own Alula incarnate. They have led the indomitable defense forces to 2 spots where the goons were hiding more than a quarter of a million liters of gasoline from the people of Tigray. The fuel was in 22 giant fuel tanks buried in huge concrete bunkers. The army has already spotted Toyota Land Cruisers and Range Rovers abandoned on roadsides by the goons running for their lives.

    Hello BBC!!! Where are you? You missing the action or are you sand bagging news like this?

    Hey bigots!!! Eat your crow whole!!!! nana nana nana !!! Hey, hey! Good bye!!! You hear me? Good bye is good bye!! Adios, hasta luego, out of my sight!!!!

  3. Ok Bigots! Silence!!! I said silence!!! The Chairperson of The African Union Commission Brother Moussa Faki Mahamat is talking. Shut up and listen you door knobs! He said this: ‘In Ethiopia, the federal government took bold steps to preserve the unity, stability and respect for the constitutional order of the country; which is legitimate for all states.‘. Then he asked the IGAD member countries to SUPPORT Ethiopia in its effort to help those citizens displaced by the law enforcing campaign. You hear that, bigots! He did not even mention the word TPLF. If I were you I would commit suicide by now! Where are those two fire spitting patriots who have been torching these piles of human refuse on this website? Where are you two?! Come on and join me! I’m dancing in the streets. Commissioner Moussa just called those goons at the top shelf of TPLF, criminals who broke the law of the land not only in Ethiopia but Africa itself. Ooooooooweeeeeyyyy!!! It can’t be better than that. I bet you BBC, AFP, Reuters and that Wahhabi outfit Al-Jaeda are crying their eye balls out!!!

    O Ethiopia! O My Sweetheart Ethiopia!
    O You My Butter Cup Ethiopia!
    O You My Pride And Joy Ethiopia!
    Allah Done Cast His Grace On Thee!

    I’m good now! I’m good for weeks now!!!!!!!

    Here is the link for you to savor the moment with.


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