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Ethiopian PM met with army generals in Tigray, provisional administration

December 13,2020

About a week after Mekelle fell in the hands of Ethiopian Defense Forces, PM Abiy Ahmed met with army generals in Tigray region’s capital.

He commended the generals for a successful and quick completion of the military operation in the region, and reminded the army to remain united.

He also met with the provisional administration which is tasked to run the region until the next general elections.

It is OBN- Oromo region based media that covered the news and the video is shared below

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    True leaders are always leaders, organizers, worriers, peace makers, ambassadors and so forth. However, indifference terrorists, fascists, killers, looters, troublemakers, like woyane juntas
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  5. GOD bless you Ittu Aba Farda, it’s ironic you remembered but anyhow “we are all Arabs” boiled my blood as well, I remember it vividly.


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