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Tigray cabinet members named, Provisional Administration discloses

Cabinet members of Provisional Tigray administration

December 24, 2020 

Tigray region Provisional Administration disclosed names of new cabinet members who will be part of the administration until the next election — which is expected to take place in about a year’s time if all goes well. 

Head of the region’s administration office, Gebremeskel Kassa, told Ethiopian News Agency, as reported by EBC, that eleven of the sixteen cabinet members have started work. 

Furthermore, the report said that the members of the cabinet who have not yet started work are expected to start in the weeks to come.  It is unspecified why they were unable to start work with the rest of the cabinet. 

The lists of appointed cabinet members for the provisional administration and their roles is as follows :

1) Kahsay Birhanu (Finance Office Head)
2) Alula Habteab (Road construction and Transport office Head)
3) Fasika Amdeselassie (Health Office head) 
4) Abera Nigussie (Justice Office head) 
5) Etenesh Nigussie (Government Communication Affairs Office head)
6) Yosef Tesfay (Trade, Industry and Urban Development Head)
7) Tesfaye Solomon (Education office head)
8) Gebrehiwot Legesse (Water Research and Design Office Head)
9) Solomon Abera (Water Resource Office Head)
10) Abraha Desta (Social Justice Office Head)
11) Gebremeskel Kassa (Head of Provisional Administration Office)

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  2. I wish good luck to:
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    b) in general, to the PEOPLE of Tigrai as whole who tuned themselves to peaceful development for THEIR OWN BENEFIT and eventually for ONE RICH PEACEFUL ETHIOPIA in TOTALITY. What is wrong with that? What is wrong in benefiting ALL together? What is wrong if ALL are happy together? What is wrong with being an example to each other?

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