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Tigray provisional administration introduced measures to restore normalcy

Dr. Mulu Nega, head of Tigray provisional administration introduced a number of administrative measures to restore normalcy. For him, public servants in the region have a responsibility to deliver service not to implement a political agenda 

Dr. Mulu Nega _ Tigray provisional Administration head
Dr. Mulu Nega, Tigray provisional Administration head

December 13, 2020 

Tigray provisional Administration cabinet reportedly kicked off government services as of Sunday this week – a day during which Abiy Ahmed visited Mekelle to meet with new regional government leaders and commanders of the Ethiopian Defense Forces. 

The provisional administration was established by Abiy Ahmed’s government after Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) lost the war it started when it attacked several bases of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force on November 4. 

And it will run the region only until the next general election – which is believed to take place within a year. 

Dr. Mulu Nega is head of Tigray provisional administration. In what seems to be a measure to restore normalcy to Mekelle city and the rest of Tigray region of Ethiopia, his administration introduced a range of measures. 

He passed a decision that public servants in the Tigray region are required to resume work as of this Monday or else the risk of losing their employment for the administration has disclosed that no show up may mean voluntary resignation. He sees public servants from the point of view of principle of neutrality from politics.  “Public servants deliver public service, and they are not in the public service to implement political agenda.”  

Businesses are also required to reopen and provide services. The administration vows that it will act on those who do not comply with  the requirement to resume services. 

Collection of firearms is another task that the provisional administration will be undertaking – and it is something given priority in the interests of peace in the region. Dr. Mulu told local media outlets in the country that residents of the Tigray region who are armed are required to surrender their firearm (legal or illegal) to authorities or to designated law enforcement bodies. And it has to be done by Tuesday. Also, the administration called on people in the region to cooperate in the effort to restore normalcy in the region. 

As part of the enforcement action  there will be house-to-house search for firearms after Tuesday, according  to Dr. Mulu. 

Meanwhile, phone and power services are restored. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed paid a visit to Mekelle on Sunday and met with commanders of the Ethiopian Defense Force and Tigray region Provisional administration. 

He said his government is committed to the reconstruction of the region and called on the people of Tigray to cooperate in the effort to bring what he called criminal elements to justice. 

“We have won the war hundred percent. But it will not be complete unless we bring those TPLF cliques to justice,” he told the military commanders. He encouraged them to continue the effort to capture criminals. 

Apart from service resumption, government humanitarian aid has been arriving in Mekelle and other parts of the region in the past few days. 

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