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Ethiopia’s law enforcement in Tigray region legitimate, says AU Chairperson

IGAD member states are encouraged to support Ethiopia address humanitarian crises caused by the law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia 

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December 20, 2020 

Chairperson of the African Union, H.E. Moussa Faki Mahamat, said on Sunday that Ethiopia’s law enforcement operation in Tigray region was legitimate. 

He said so during the 38th IGAD Extraordinary Summit of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government in Djibouti. 

“In Ethiopia, the Federal government took bold steps to preserve the unity, stability and respect for the constitutional order of the country which is  legitimate for all the states,” he said during his speech at the Summit. 

Heads of states from Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti  – among others – were present during the summit, and the regional body seems to have supported the Federal government’s operation in the Tigray region – which started on November 4 after the TPLF forces attacked several military bases of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed gratitude for the clarity that IGAD has regarding Ethiopia’s military operation in the north which is said to have been completed following the capture of Mekele although hunting TPLF leaders is still underway. 

 “I express my deepest gratitude to IGAD leaders for understanding and acknowledging our law enforcement measures as legal and legitimate, as well as for expressing commitment to supporting Ethiopia,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wrote on his social media page on Sunday. 

Ethiopia has been under pressure from the international community like the European Union and big media in the western world in connection with the operation.

The AU chairperson did not, however, downplay the humanitarian challenges that the law enforcement caused, and he encouraged members of IGAD to support Ethiopia to address the problem. 

 “It cannot be denied however that the crisis in Tigray has provoked large-scale displacement. We encourage IGAD to support Ethiopia in addressing the humanitarian dimensions. Particular attention should be paid  to refugees and displaced people. It is necessary to recall the important role that Ethiopia plays in peacekeeping operations in the region, and I hope that this effort will continue,” he said.  

Based on Sudanese news sources, the number of Ethiopian refugees who crossed to Sudan following the law enforcement campaign after November 4 has reached over 52,000. 

This week, the Ethiopian government announced that it will start working with Sudan to restore Ethiopians who were not involved in crime to return to their homes. 

According to a report by Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check Secretariat, Redwan Hussien, some of the people who are claiming refugee status in Sudan are criminals who were involved in crimes like the Maikadra massacre. On November 9, more than six hundred ethnic Amhara residents of Maikadra were savagely slaughtered by retreating Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) army. 

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Sudanese leader Abdalla Hamdok are opening a border meeting next week, according to a report by Sudan Tribune. There was an incident last week along the borders of the two countries involving clashes between Sudanese Military forces and  Ethiopian militia in the region. 

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  1. IGAD the toothless and the set of dictatorship leaders.
    the man is talking nonsense while people are killing by merciless slave eri soldiers and amhara militia.

  2. Ok Bigots! Silence!!! I said silence!!! The Chairperson of The African Union Commission Brother Moussa Faki Mahamat is talking. Shut up and listen you door knobs! He said this: ‘In Ethiopia, the federal government took bold steps to preserve the unity, stability and respect for the constitutional order of the country; which is legitimate for all states.‘. Then he asked the IGAD member countries to SUPPORT Ethiopia in its effort to help those citizens displaced by the law enforcing campaign. You hear that, bigots! He did not even mention the word TPLF. If I were you I would commit suicide by now! Where are those two fire spitting patriots who have been torching these piles of human refuse on this website? Where are you two?! Come on and join me! I’m dancing in the streets. Commissioner Moussa just called those goons at the top shelf of TPLF, criminals who broke the law of the land not only in Ethiopia but Africa itself. Ooooooooweeeeeyyyy!!! It can’t be better than that. I bet you BBC, AFP, Reuters and that Wahhabi outfit Al-Jaeda are crying their eye balls out!!!

    O Ethiopia! O My Sweetheart Ethiopia!
    O You My Butter Cup Ethiopia!
    O You My Pride And Joy Ethiopia!
    Allah Done Cast His Grace On Thee!

    I’m good now! I’m good for weeks now!!!!!!!

  3. There are reports that several of the goons had met their ends during after the battle. Those demons had done mountain of wrong to innocent citizens during their grip to power that spanned more than 4 decades that goes back to their days in the bushes. They had done grievous wrongs to sons and daughters of those devoutly religious people and now they have grievously answered it. It is a matter of time before the surviving thugs met their terrible ends too. Those who are still hell bent to cause trouble on the rest of the people of the old country they will do nothing for the benefits of the people of that region but only to bring unbearable chaos and misery to their kin and kit that they don’t deserve. Those goons had already sent their children and grandchildren here and Europe. The young people who will bear the brunt of the death toll and lifetime bodily and psychological scar are those born to those who could not afford such a privilege. It is not Mengistu’s time when most of the people of that country were in the middle of passive resistance. This time is categorically different environment. The entire people of the country are behind the federal defense forces. That was why I told you early on the goons have picked a fight with the wrong dudes, man!!! It ain’t 1975, 80 or 90. This time it is totally different Sherriff in town. Finally, you have met your ultimate master in the field, the incarnates of Dinagde, Tekle of Gojjam and now Alula. Jumping through the roof to the tunes of Laloye won’t bring the hardware home. That fire-spitting patriot PM Abiy bin Ahmed was extremely courteous to give you a 72 hours grace period so you can lay down your guns and rejoin the citizens of the country but you have squandered it away. You are on your own, bud!!!

  4. Currently Ethiopia is one of the very few countries who did not employ all the available physicians within their own country, Saharan African countries got their eyes on these physicians. They want Ethiopia to fall into civil war so these unemployed Ethiopian physicians migrate to Saharan Africa countries looking for work.


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