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EU’s Betrayal of Allied Powers in Defence of Dark Axis Forces

“The egregious EU sanctions unjustly punish Ethiopia for waging a just war—a war which not only saved Ethiopia from total disintegration…” The Queen Of Sheba (writes anonymously)

EU _ Ethiopia

The Queen of Sheba
December 18, 2020

According to the European Commission spokeswoman Ana Pisonero-Hernandez, support to Ethiopia will be withheld until five conditions for aid are met. The last of the five conditions warned that “Communication lines and media access to Tigray should be fully re-established.”

At the Second World War, Allied Powers confronted and gravely obliterated Nazi and Fascist Axis Powers headed by Adolf Hitler who fantasized to dominate the world. The war, however, claimed the lives of an estimated 75 million people, including some 20 million in the former Soviet Union alone. The world pays unparallel gratitude and tribute to Allied Powers for their bravery and sacrifices—that may continue for eternity. 

Both powers deployed all armaments known to humanity without reservations resulting in a tragedy of biblical proportion. The United States, which was pre-emptively attacked at Pearl Harbor, dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that completely annihilated Japan, one of the Axis countries, which subsequently brought the war to an end. 

Following the conclusion of the war, the victorious Allied Powers brought the ring leaders of the vanquished Axis Forces to justice by establishing what is known as the Nuremberg Trial which meted out punishments including death by hanging. They then engineered a Marshal Plan to rehabilitate the countries—of both Axis and Allied Powers—which were devastated by the war. 

Except a few fringe entities, the world has overwhelmingly celebrated the winners and applauded the war—and the reconstruction—efforts. The Allied Powers were never a subject of denunciation or censure for the infrastructure demolished or the civilians they targeted, including those killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in their pursuit of the just war.

Fast Forward to 2020

On 3 November 2020, the TPLF Axis Forces attacked the Ethiopian Allied Forces of the Northern Command with a “thunderous” speed. Though the TPLF cabal first accused the Command as triggering the war, one of its top leaders, bombastically but foolishly, admitted it in a televised interview to the contrary. The leader further likened the cowardly assault—while the army was asleep—to similar such acts executed by Israeli special forces.

The cabal’s Axis forces massacred both the army and civilians indiscriminately, including the My-Kadra genocide which mostly targeted the Amharas. The fortunes of the war however quickly shifted as the cabal Axis Forces got routed by Allied Federal forces with a lightning speed. As it was being chased, the cowardly Axis Forces ransacked and destroyed infrastructure—air fields, schools, powerlines, communication towers, storage depos—and looted vehicles, equipment, banks—and gold bars. 

The EU Directive

As one of the five conditions to release the suspended funds, the EU directed that “Communication lines and media access to Tigray should be fully re-established”. To be sure, the communication lines and the media were not only destroyed by the TPLF cabal but they were also criminally sabotaged in Mekelle as the CCTV footage of the Ethio Telecom has clearly proven. 

The EU’s directive is utterly outrageous, if not truly bizarre and non-sensical, as it intends to penalize the Allied Forces for the acts of the vanquished Axis Forces of the cabal who wickedly dismantled, destroyed and looted infrastructure, equipment and facilities. 

Just to be sure, Ethiopia sets its own development priorities in terms of where, how, why and to what extent it builds them within its own territories, without being lectured as to when and who gets electricity, water, roads, in this case, phone and communication services. It is something to help support a development effort of the country, but completely something else to arrogantly prescribe regional locations of service delivery and development in Ethiopia. The ugly head of this brazen colonial act, masquerading as social justice and development partnership, must be decapitated—and promptly.

Pisonero-Hernandez, further reported that the decision “does not affect EU humanitarian programmes on the ground or other development actions.” When a country is emerging out of a war, such a decision is simply strange—even probably unprecedented. One may also wonder if this is not in contradiction with the undue sympathy that the Axis Forces of the cabal continue to enjoy because such a decision seems to lack an understanding that a short Euro in Ethiopia is a short Euro in Tigray. 

Oh, by the way, EU may wish to know that there are at least five times more Amharas currently and, at one point, 10 times more Oromos in the same situation as Tigrayans. EU should thus stop shedding crocodile tears on behalf of the cabal, its shenanigans and paid operatives.

In Conclusion

The egregious EU sanctions unjustly punish Ethiopia for waging a just war—a war which not only saved Ethiopia from total disintegration but a potential huge crisis in the Horn of Africa—with implications for Europe—and the world. The ugly face of injustice and double standard could not be starker. 

The Ethiopian Diaspora is known to send some 4 billion dollars in remittances. That is comparable to, if not more than, the total development packages that the country receives. To put the amount that the EU withheld in perspective, this would mean a fraction of the remittances which could be effectively bridged by active mobilization of Ethiopians around the world.

The EU may wish to shove its funds—of today and the future—wherever it wants to. Ethiopia will never succumb to a threat when it comes to its sovereignty—and independence. No amount of pressure by EU or its member states or other enablers of the Axis cabal forces would compel it to bow to this blatant injustice. 

As Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed recently stated in his speech to parliamentarians, Ethiopia’s development partners should make a clear distinction between hunger—and honor. Ethiopia has, in its history of thousands of years, always chose for the later—not the former.

The Queen of Sheba may be reached at

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  1. Humble Commentary, 18 Doc 2020

    Let us be frank, honest and correct to history.

    The WORLD POWERS — and there is no need to list them — were NEVER, NEVER, NEVER meant to help develop the underdeveloped countries. NEVER. The gimmick of appearing to help one against the other is just one of the intricacies that the advanced world powers use to keep the underdeveloped countries to the belief that they are being civilized and developed to a dream that will NEVER come to REALITY. Today, it is X against Y; tomorrow, Z against A ; B against C…..……… keeps on going for eternity.


    • HE, God in your case is an idol who allow you to kill and loot , tenkuwayoch, DOWN TRODDEN INNOCENT FOOLS ON PLANET EARTH=amhara ??? kikiki hypocrite amhara is a killer

      If you believe in God you donot massacre kids and women for their ethnicity.

  2. It certainly shows EU is using aid as a force of quid pro quo to force Ethiopia accept TPLF junta standing with people fighting for democracy and rule of law. TPLF junta is well known for its oppressive, horror, torture, hostile and corruptive rule totally controlled by <.1% total ethnic Tigrea . It is also an indication how TPLF has infiltrated and influenced EU countries and the UN through the massive amount on money looted during the 27 years rule. It feels like Ethiopia is also fighting with another TPLF disguised as EU and UN.

  3. Dear Rezen and Nat

    Thanks for telling like it is. You are spot on.

    The West has a particular grudge to settle against Ethiopia which historians should examine and the result should be included in the history curriculum of schools and colleges in Ethiopia.

  4. Thank you, Habte Selassie. Your suggestion ‘triggered’ me to pour more what I have in mind.

    In line with the view suggested by Habte Selassie, the Ministry of Education to:
    a) BELIEVE and admit the INHERENT problem of education in Ethiopia;
    b) SET-UP an appropriate Committee with a clear TASK of STUDY on the subject matter;
    c) REVIEW — IN DEPTH — the philosophy and concept of EDUCATION as it applies to ETHIOPIA;
    d) DEVELOP PLAN on the outcome of c) above for the APPLICATIOn of the study through out ETHIOPIA (1); and finally,
    e) RECOGNIZE that the application of the above is NOT being a RENEGADE to various Educational System around the Globe but only to recognize the inherent NEED and consequentially retain the identity, the history, the culture, the philosophy of the Country. A country (in this case, Ethiopia) should never be emaciated out of its own Anthropology.

    (1) I wish I could say to our entire Continent of Africa but let One State initiate it and be an example and TEST for the benefit of others. The time is way overdue for Black Africa to RECOVER from the NEGATIVE ATTITUDE that colonialisim created and cultivated to a psychological deep inferiority complex over the entire Continent of Africa. IT IS SHERE HISTORICAL CRIME of EXTRAORDINARY MAGNITUDE. We have witnessed that the World has given blind-eye to THAT CRIME and still Africa is being emaciated out of its natural characteristic and wealth. Volumes can be written about the CRIME that has been done, and still going strong, over the BLACK PEOPLE of AFRICA. The CRIME is so DEEP that WE AFRICANS have accepted the CRIME as our second nature, thus we are daily struggling to be
    what we can NEVER be. Indeed, it is a CLASSICAL TRAGEDY. THE END


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