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Oromo regional state claims “measure taken against 782 OLF forces”

Oromo region authorities  say the measures taken against OLF forces and government authorities in Wollega region of Ethiopia “addresses concerns that the regional government is not doing enough to ensure peace in the region.” 

Getachew Balcha, Oromo Region Communication Office Head (Photo :EBC)

December 16, 2020 

The Oromo regional state on Wednesday claimed that it took action against 782 Oromo Liberation Front forces. The region’s government communication office head, Getachew Balcha, further claimed that the regional government is “working to ensure peace and security in the region,” as reported by state media – Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC). 

Furthermore, the region’s government said that it took measures against government officials on district and kebele levels who are said to have collaborated with Oromo Liberation Front forces to unleash attack on innocent citizens based on ethnicity. It is unclear, however, as to what kind of measures were taken against OLF forces and government officials who were a party to the massacre in Wollega. 

The statement from the Oromo region government came days after a reported massacre in Wollege against ethic Amharas. It admitted that there was a security problem in the region but it described it as a “clash.”  

Authorities in the region believe that the incident in Horo Guduru and other zones in Wollega region was the work of what it called “mercenaries of TPLF Junta.” 

From the FBC report, it is indicated that authorities in the region believe that the actions taken address the criticism that the region’s government is incapable of ensuring peace in the region. 

It has been customary, as seen in the past two years, for Oromo region authorities to offer a statement to assert commitment for peace and security in the region. 

Earlier this week unspecified numbers of ethnic Amharas were reportedly slaughtered in the Wollega zone of the region and in Benishangul Gumuz region.  

Federal government authorities are yet to remark on the development in both regions

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