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Mekelle returning to normalcy, Federal Police in the City

 Places under the control of Ethiopian Defense Forces including Mekelle city will be accessible to UN humanitarian agencies  

Federal Police _ Mekelle _ Ethiopia
Members of Federal Police special forces. (Photo credit : FP commission)

December 2, 2020

 Federal Police Commission criminal investigation team and special forces on Wednesday arrived in Mekelle City.

 According to a report by the state media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC), the special forces have already launched hunting criminals in coordination with the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Federal police deployment to Mekelle was difficult in the past due to a militant from Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). In July 2018, about 40 highly armed Federal Police members were reportedly detained upon arrival at Alula Aba Nega International Airport. They were deployed with a court order to arrest TPLF leaders implicated in criminal activities.

The Federal police undisclosed specificities of criminals for whom the operation is needed. It is, however, understood that the Ethiopian government has been searching for TPLF leaders who refused to surrender to the Ethiopian Defense Forces.

The Ethiopian Defense Force took control of Mekelle City on Saturday after TPLF forces lost the war to the Ethiopian Defense Forces.

Meanwhile, residents of Mekelle city on Wednesday told an EBC reporter that normalcy is restored to the city. A resident who did not tell her name said “we were scared when the planes were hovering. Now it is peaceful and businesses are re-opening.”

Another resident of Mekelle said that the Ethiopian Defense Force has been peaceful but looting in the neighborhoods has become a problem. He said that the government needs to do something about it. 

The Ethiopian government granted access to the UN nations humanitarian agencies in areas under the control of the Ethiopian Defense Forces. 

There has been a communication blackout as the Ethiopian government was undertaking a “law enforcement operation” to hunt TPLF leadership which turned out to be a full-fledged war with TPLF forces that lost the war in a matter of two weeks.

TPLF leaders justify the loss with the claim that they were facing Eritrean armies as well. They vow to launch guerrilla warfare.

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  1. “Looting in the neighborhoods of Mekele has become a problem”. Looting is something TPLF does. The noble disciplined people of Tigray are known for their honesty all throughout history and it is not in the golden Tigray civilians nature to commit looting.

    TPLF on the other hand had mastered looting over the past decades so this looting that went on in Mekele highly suggests TPLF is still active in Mekele. The Federal Police and the Federal Defence Forces need to do a complete sweep to flush out these TPLF looters from Mekele, to catch them before they loot all of Tigray and even beyond ,to stop the cycle of same as TPLF had been looting for decades.

  2. Eyarusalem Mebratu , bootlicker of Abiy … what are you trying to do here ? are you brainwashing the entire nation ? The world knows who is looting and invading and violating human rights !! you are kiiling innocents. go and tell to yoir family this story and your master .

  3. The youth should steer clear from those looting and from those commiting any petty crimes because the police and the defence forces of Ethiopia are given orders to “enforce the law” without any tolerance to crimes being committed out of desperation or poverty.

    The white collar crimes are not the biggest concern in this new operation conducted by the new coalition of the Ethiopian Military and the Amara police law enforcement operation, which is created to “enforce the law”, their order specifies the biggest priority of this new NO TOLERANCE policy is terminating “extremists” and the unemployed.

  4. when are we going to put the junta in prison ? I am very sad we gave our land to Sudan. Could we still regain our land ? We could establish a wonderland , Amhara state , soon .
    Abiy systematically killed our Amhara militia in Tigray . We could regain our borders and make Amhara state the most powerful state in the world. Our fathers were ruling until Yemen and the recent USA. We can make it !!All teh history of ethiopia is the history of Amhara .isn’t it ??? where are you my brother and sisters Amharas !!Proud to be Neftegna , fruit of Heros!!
    Thank you mekelakeyachin , Defense force , who could potentially defend our land and border .

  5. Amharas do want to control the entire world ,although they got thier land snatched by Sudan , and claim they will unify the world with one language, king and religion. Amarikawiyan, ya lem zegoch hulu saykeru we de yitopibiya yisededalu silu yeminegrun yamara bahtawuyan tebiyoch altefum. Yawum yamarina yewetetuwa ager Gojam kikiki narration from extremist fanos

    There is still a risk that BBC , CNNand Reuter recently might be closed by Abiy and temesgen Tiruneh !!!!


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