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TPLF opened war on Ethiopian Forces, PM Abiy confirmed

Abiy Ahmed announced that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) opened war on the Ethiopian Defense Force in Tigray region crossing the red line, and called on the Ethiopian people to stand on the side of the Defense Force. 

TPLF _ Ethiopian Defense Force _ War
PM Abiy Ahmed (file)

November 3, 2020 

Hours after a citizen’s report on social media regarding TPLF attack on Ethiopian Defense Forces from three locations, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed confirmed on Tuesday that TPLF has indeed opened war on Ethiopian Defense Force positions in Tigray region.

“TPLF opened attacks on the Military barracks of the Defense Force in Tigray. It has also attempted to loot the Northern command,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wrote on his social media page.

The Defense Force has been in the region for over twenty years to defend the people of Tigray from attacks, and is still there on the same mission but TPLF has started to attack and loot it as if it is an alien and invading army, Abiy Ahmed added in his status update. 

He also announced that TPLF has openmed war from Dansheha which is in the north west location in the region. 

“Government has been avoiding war for the sake of the people of Tigray. War can not be avoided with effort from only one entity,”  he added, confirming that his government has entered into war with Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Furthermore, he disclosed that the Defense Force is ordered to carry out “the mission to rescue the country under the leadership of Command Post.” 

“The red line is crossed,” he said.

In the closing line of his social media message, he called upon the Ethiopian people to maintain calm, follow up developments and stay vigilant against possible aggressions, and stand on the side of the Ethiopian Defense Force.

ESAT reported that there was fighting in the Soroka, Western Tigray, after the Tigray region special forces opened fire on the Ethiopian Defense Force camp in the area. 

Earlier this week, president of Tigray regional state Debretsion Gebremichal announced mobilization in  the region. The war, he said, would be “people’s war,” and that “Tigray would win the fight as was the case before.” 

The news of war came a day after 54 ethnic Amharas were brutally massacred in Guliso district of Wollega in Oromo regional state of Ethiopia. 

The recurring massacres caused uproar in the Ethiopian parliament on Tuesday and a decision was passed to take action against those who are behind the attacks. 

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  1. The Government MUST clean and clear the Country from ALL TPLF-installed cadres that are still infesting city- and rural administrative setups such as kebele, woreda and Kifle ketema. There are also TPLF-sympathizer ministers (at least one for SURE), state ministers and nearly all bureau heads and the like who were annotated by the bandit group, not because of their competence, but, rather, specifically because of their weakness and SLAVE mentality. All these are more dangerous than TPLF itself and internal security needs to do the job!

  2. It is time to get rid off the snakes hidden in the north who have been driving conflicts between Amhara and Oromo peoples for so long.

    War is not the answer but they won’t accept peace with both Eritrea and their other Ethiopian neighbors. It is time to end them for good and make peace with the real Tigrayan people.

  3. The war against TPLF can not be won while the TPLFites are everywhere in Ethiopia. The public need to take initiatives by being vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities.


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