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Addis Ababa new mayor Adanech Abiebie sets priorities

Addis Ababa new mayor to carry on with Takele Uma’s projects in the city

Adanech Abiebie (Photo : FBC)

August 20, 2020

Adanech Abiebie disclosed her priorities days after she was appointed Addis Ababa’s new mayor.  It was during a meeting on Thursday with relevant stakeholders that she announced her priorities.

Prevention against the spread of the Coronavirus disease, improving the efficiency of service deliveries in all sectors in the city administration and ensuring justice, especially in connection with land registration and issuance of ownership certificate for farmers, are priorities areas in the next two months, as reported by state media, Fana Broadcasting Corporate.

The new mayor also said that she will work on revenue collection, job creation, completion of projects, and on the issue of peace and security in the city.

Takele Uma, her predecessor, was widely criticized on matters related to the repossession and allocation of land, and the transfer of condominium units in the city.

Changing the demographic composition of the city in a way to enhance the number of ethnic Oromo speakers was something that the administration was criticized for. Along that line, there were allegations that thousands of condominium units were clandestinely and illegally transferred to youth groups from Oromo-speaking parts of Ethiopia.

New “illegal settlements” and demolition of houses belonging to residents who lived in the city for ages were also issues that Takele Uma’s administration was criticized for.

As in Takele Uma, the new mayor is an appointed one. The city is said to have close to five million residents — much higher than the population of some regional states in the country — but the residents do not still have a privilege for electing their own mayor.

Baladera for genuine Democracy, a party whose founder and leader is Eskinder Nega who is incarcerated in connection to the unrest in the aftermath of Hachalu Hundessa’s assassination, has been advocating for the rights of Addis Ababa residents for several months now.

On Friday, the party demanded a regional status for the city — a question that the government of Nobel Peace Prize-winning Abiy Ahmed does not seem to be ready to entertain.

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  1. She is not bringing any change what makes me angry is since a came back from abroad to my country know it’s two years after the change I saw the worest leadership in government officials and about the illegal land graphing don’t talk about it every day when am on my way to work I see 5 or more than that new illegal biulding . When even trying to go for investment specially oromia regional office it’s like the office is family office if you don’t speak oromina they don’t talk to you or serve you what so am ashamed by this leadership thier is no change it’s just the worest


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