23,000 condo units clandestinely transferred in Addis Ababa, says a report by Wazema

Condo units are transferred to children and grandchildren which was not what was decided by the Addis Ababa cabinet, as per Wazema Report. And the transfer process was clandestine.

November 4, 2019

23,000 condominium units are transferred to individuals in Addis Ababa and its outskirts clandestinely, according to Wazema Radio report on Monday.

Koye Feche, Tulu Dimtu and Kara Kore are parts of the city where the condo units were distributed.

Wazema said that it has confirmed from individuals who have been given these condominium units.  The units were given to farming communities, or their descendants (children or grandchildren) whose land has been allegedly acquired by government for public use on grounds of what is known in the US as “Eminent domain.”

The source added that a raffle draw was scheduled to be held at the Millennium Hall several weeks ago but it then got cancelled, and the draw took place clandestinely.  The source did not say anything about why the raffle draw was cancelled or why it was held clandestinely.

However, Wazema cited what it called credible sources that the distribution and transfer of the housing units was not in line with Addis Ababa city administration cabinet decision. Initially transfer of the condo units, as compensation, was meant to be to head of the family whose land was acquired for “public development” purpose. 

The implementation is a whole new story. In addition to the family head, children, no matter how many they have, are given condominium units. And it is unclear why the cabinet decision was reversed.

It is to be remembered that transfer of condo units in Koye Feche was halted after a draw was administered as individuals who claim to be activists for ethnic Oromo incited a protest calling for the delay of the transfer until Addis Ababa and Oromo region border issue is settled.

For more information about his report, check out Wazema Radio report (in Amharic.)

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