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Ethiopia: radical Oromo nationalist Jawar claims in court he is Amhara

“I am not a murder,” Jawar Mohammed told the court in Addis Ababa during his last appearance 

Jawar Mohammed. ( Photo : The Ethiopian Reporter)

August 3, 2020 

In jail after the assassination of Oromo musician Hacalu Hundessa, Jawar Mohammed has now begun highlighting his Amhara heritage in a clear effort to extricate himself from impending legal consequence for the role his media, Oromia Media Network (OMN), played for what a report by Minority Rights Group called ethnic cleansing in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. The attack in the region targeted non-Oromos and the followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

In the first week of July 2020, over 200 ethnic and religious minorities died. In addition to civilians, some Oromo militants — armed Qeerroo — were also killed by police and by federal security, who were deployed due to the lack of response by the local security.

Jawar told the court that the charge is “untrue” and that his mother is ethnic Amhara and Orthodox, and his wife is a protestant. The issue is not about crime, he said.  “It is a political issue”, he told the court as reported by the Ethiopian Reporter on Sunday, August 2, 2020. 

Jawar’s latest revelations of his Amhara identity have triggered social media parody, particularly since Jawar’s supporters used to mock Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s mixed-Amhara heritage, often using the derogatory term “Dikala” referring to ethnically mixed residents of Addis Ababa and other towns.

Furthermore, he told the court that he reached places that are not accessible to the government in the interest of creating peace and helped disarm over one thousand armed men. “I am not a murderer,” he said. 

In addition to Jawar’s alleged role in inciting riots by politicizing Hacalu’s funeral; his Oromia Media Network (OMN) has been accused of broadcasting hate speech against Amharas, Orthodox Oromos and non-Oromos living inside Oromia. 

Jawar’s defense lawyers are reportedly scrambling to fend off multiple charges, including an old one from another ethnic cleansing in October 2019. At least 86 people were killed in Oromo region of Ethiopia when Jawar Mohammed wrote a facebook post claiming that his life was in danger as the government had removed the security details. 

Nine defense lawyers are hired. Based on a report by Ethiopian Reporter, the lawyers opposed the extension of time for investigation. However, investigators, whom Jawar Mohammed described as professionals, said the crime was complicated which requires a complex investigation process. 

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    • Menz Amhara are known for their committed and stubborn political tendencies. Maybe that is how he got that personality through his mother’s bloodline. Although he used it for narrow radicalism.

  1. When he is pushing his nationalism agenda, he is Oromo first.
    When he is accused of killing non-Oromo and non-Orthodox, he celebrates his diverse background.

    Jawar, if you had focused more on our diversity than one language based ethnicity, you might have even been leading the country right now.

  2. My issues with these extremists, such as Jawar Mohammed is not about being a certain ethnic group. In my humble opinion, rather than claiming his ethnicity, he should have stressed his ETHIOPIAWINET (ኢትዮጵያዊነት):: if he was a peaceful change seeking individual, why pursue a narrow ethnocentric political divisiveness regardless of his ethnicity, which is a dead-end political street, that will take us nowhere but to divide us further, and most definitely, achieving and fulfilling our historical and traditional enemies dreams, which is to destroy ourselves and wipe our ancient land ETHIOPIA, as well as the cradle of humanity, from the face of Mother Earth, and that’s, especially the dream of the pharaohs, period end of the story. There is always that reverting or lingering questions in my mind, why Are we ETHIOPIANS
    doing this to our selves, why are we so self destructive, in the world of togetherness, cooperations, universal unity and tranquility, why? Is it a curse?

  3. I remember one of Jawar’s interviews where he outright professed “Beware riding the tiger of ethnic extremism and terrorism. You may lose control and get consumed by it.”

    Jawar knew exactly what he was doing. Unfortunately he got what was coming to him in a way that he never envisioned. Reminds me of that song by Micheal Jackson

    Like a comet
    Blazing ‘cross the evening sky
    Gone too soon

    Like a rainbow
    Fading in the twinkling of an eye
    Gone too soon

    Shiny and sparkly
    And splendidly bright
    Here one day
    Gone one night

    Like the loss of sunlight
    On a cloudy afternoon
    Gone too soon

    Like a castle
    Built upon a sandy beach
    Gone too soon

    I don’t know about you but as for me I wish “Gone for good.”

  4. He is responsible for hundreds death blood sheed and millions lost property he deserve jail to protect countries security and restore peace

  5. On the related court case against the terrorist Mohammed……I have read the argument Mohammed (jawar purposely) and his NINE attorneys presented to the court the other day from which I could see their strategy.

    Mohammed and his attorneys seemed to advance political arguments to their cause rather than legal or criminal defense. They wanted to drown the judges and police with extraneous propaganda arguments to divert attention from the central criminal charges. Most of the talking was done by Mohammed himself rather than his lawyers, using the propaganda tactics he perfected as an ISIS wannabee.

    I was afraid the police might not be as sophisticated as Mohammed’s gang. Clearly Mohammed and his lawyers were targeting to sway public opinion by diverting the focus from his criminal acts. I hope the prosecuting police have the backing of qualified and vigorous criminal lawyers and political experts to counter Mohammed’s massive propaganda machine.

    I want to repeat my previous recommendation (another post/commentary) that those harmed by Mohammed, Geleba, and their gangs should plan to revenge against them, if the court fails to give judgement deserving of the widespread damage they inflicted. In particular, Mohammed and Geleba should face the public wrath as per the recommendation of the highest leader of the Ethiopian Muslims: an eye for an eye. In an interview given with ESAT TV, the leader repeated what the Muslim faith said about dealing with killers like Mohammed and Geleba by repeating what the Muslim faith stated about dealing with killers, as in the pending case against Mohammed and Geleba, ie essentially an eye for an eye (killing the perpetrators who participated, directly or indirectly, with the slaughter mayhem. I would like to see that verdict on Mohammed, Geleba, and their followers.

    The experiences and tactics of Italian and Irish Mafia in the United States provide good lessons for Ethiopians in dealing with the likes of Mohammed and Geleba. If the legal system fails to pass just verdict, then those who lost their livelihoods and loved ones by the mayhem planned and executed by Mohammed and Geleba should pass their own verdict by sponsoring and/or directly participating in their elimination, Mafia style and/or a la Mafia’s tradition.

  6. I have said this before and then a question after I finished my comment. I said something about this young man after watching his ‘sermon’ and finding out his family background. He looked to me that he feels(felt) every Oromo may doubt his Oromo-ness because of part of his family ethnicity. He had(has) to go to great length to prove to every Oromo that he is exactly like them. He shares the same pain and he hates Menelik and every ‘N’ boogeyman even more than we can imagine. He has that conviction that he is also a minority stuck in the back of his head at all times. So he must stretch everything that comes out of his mouth to the extreme. If he hears me as an Oromo saying that thing is ‘bad’, he will say it is the ‘worst’. If I say ‘good’ he comes back saying ‘best’. But does such identity crisis manifest itself in this young man only? No, you will find it everywhere. Can you name one moderate minority republican? You catch everyone of them making claims or calling those in the opposition names to the extreme. One called Obama a ‘Hitler’ and another one called ObamaCare something similar to the Plantation days of slavery. These individuals believe they have to act and say things to the extreme to prove to an average white republican that they are just as conservatives. One was heard saying during a primary debate that if elected as a president he will order carpet bombing knowing very well that such bombing will kill more innocent civilians than enemy soldiers. You could see his republican friends cringing in horror. He did not stop there from embarrassing himself. He doubled down his cruel promise by relating it to a surgery where the patient may endure certain discomfort or even pain but at the end the problem is done with. As a well read man he should have known that such military raid is widely condemned by military leaders of our day and the Geneva Convention. But he thought he had to say that to prove to his white party colleagues he is just as a conservative like them. The same twisted conviction afflicts this young man. When he lambasted ‘Ethiopia out of Oromia’ as a well read man from Ivy schools he should have known better that such reckless act comes with rivers of Allah created sacred human blood. He should have known better that when Ethiopia is driven out of Oromia it also means millions of Oromos. But he feels that he has to go to that extreme to allay any doubt about his ‘genuine Oromo-ness’. And that paid off for him handsomely. Right? Greens started and kept coming by the shovel and in sacks. Taxi driving, 2 shifts at gas stations? No sir!! Such noble jobs are for those below his station, way below. But they must send part of their hard earned income as donation. The more they send the sooner ‘Ethiopia will be tossed out of Oromia’. It is an extremely lucrative ‘career’, if you can call that a career.

    Hey, this is for those who may be interested. I have this idea for quite some time. I want to start a movement lambasting ‘Ethiopia out of Ethiopia!’ and as a backup ‘Blue Nile is Oromia’ and a 3rd back up ‘Rents are too damn high in Minnesota!’. You have to send your donations immediately to a non-profit I just set up-(501(c) (3), baby!) What? What did you just say? You must be one of those ‘N’ people. What? Don’t you know that I can tell what you gonna think now or 50 years from now? I can tell that in your mind you don’t like me just because I am …….. You finish the rest. Don’t forget to send your donations. Pronto!!!!

  7. It seems that both the government and the accused jawar Mohammed are politicizing the artist’s death for their political gain. Highly probably statesman in Ethiopia are power thristy when I see them divided hold no firm goals and vision. As a youth I demand the government to take those misleading,and motivating people’s against each other’s to account at any cost. Each ethnic based political party have to go we are tiered of hearing ethnic violence.

  8. It also shows how this young man was so puffed up with utter confidence that when that innocent victim Hachalu was heard ruthlessly gunned down, he went into a theatrical rage. Then he issued a verbal order to his ‘military commanders’ to kidnap and execute a number of notables inside and outside the country. He was 100% sure in his mind that the day has come for him to create an Oromia perfectly cleansed of Ethiopia and that was to take place the very next day. The gullible and his loyal beast of burden Bekele was convinced that was a dead giveaway. Why not? Millions of ‘pure’ Oromos will be ordered to gather in the center of the capital, more than 20 million of them including those in Kenya(Sorry you Oromos in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Cameroon, the two Congo’s and Mali were not invited), they would be given brooms to keep the city squeaky clean of the ‘N’ people and everything that smells and tastes Ethiopia. Then this young man would be anointed the new president of the republic of Zangaro, am sorry, Oromia.

    All kidding aside, this young man is in deep creek now. All those who received his list of citizens to be kidnapped and murdered have begun spilling damaging beans on him. It is going to take a miracle for him to see sunshine outside the prison gate any soon again. Wait a minute! How about the militia being put together by the Gabisa’s, Gebissa’s, Segni’s and Kermit the Frog with Miss Piggy screaming and flipping two birds at Abiy on his side? O boy!!! It is Abiy who is in deep creek now and not this young man!!!!

  9. One of those self designated ‘heir apparent’ can be seen intensifying his ‘political’ agitation in irreconcilable fashion and extreme manner. That is because his fellowship permit is about to expire. He is using this young man’s incarceration to justify his application for a protection and be allowed to stay. This is what I have been telling you all along. These so-called ‘human rights advocates’ are nothing but connivers who uses my dignified and upright people of Oromia as commodity. It has been an extremely lucrative and rewarding business for them. And bigotry is their means to deliver their demonic goods. Yesterday he was Sebhat Nega’s house nigger and today he is a human rights advocate. Just like his friend who was Mengistu’s house nigger and very trusted Uncle Tom in the 1980’s who now turned himself into a rabid ‘advocate’ for the prosecuted. Go figure!

  10. Well We all Ethiopians knew who the neftenya or Amharas is Amhara is the most hated ethnic group in Ethiopia it is not because of ya guys are Animals it is because of what you wish think do and did it is not because of your success than other Ethiopian it is the badness of you than other Ethiopians you can write what ever you want to but you can’t change the truth you may fight you can’t win the fighters neftenya accept or not Jawar fought and win still it is not you who put him down it is the deniers the cheaters it is dictator even if jawar dei he did his part he is our hero that world witnessed we don’t expect positive thoughts from our enemy


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